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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C13: Today's profit is


Chapter 13: Today's profit is


"I'm sorry, we're all sold out for today."



Today is the second day since I opened my stall at the market, and it's already sold out.

Aina and I are both exhausted from serving customers continuously.



"Shirou Onii-chan! I'm so glad we sold out!"


Aina is smiling at me.


"Thanks to your help, Aina-chan. Now, let's count today's sales."


I count the copper and silver coins that accumulated incredibly.


"Let's count today's profit......"


600 small matches ( price: 4 copper coins) were sold 2,400 copper coins.

200 big matches ( price: 40 copper coins) were sold, 17 silver coins and 6300 copper coins.

100 survival matches priced at 50 copper coins each were sold, earning 34 silver coins and 1600 copper coins.

The total sales are 51 silver coins and 10,300 copper coins.


In Japanese yen, that's 1,540,000 yen.

Since I spent 127,500 yen to buy the matches, my net profit after deducting that amount is 1,412,500 yen.


Oh my God.

I thought I made 200,000 yen in one hour yesterday, but today I made 1.4 million yen in three hours.


"It's 460,000 yen per hour or ....... What kind of wealthy person am I?"


I muttered in dismay in front of a large amount of money.

Oops, I shouldn't daydream.

I need to pay Aina for her help.

I took out an envelope, and put 10 silver coins in it.


"Here, Aina-chan. Today's salary."


I handed it to Aina.


"Thank, thank you very much."


"Eat delicious food with your mom with that money. Thank you very much for today."


"No, thank you. Aina is the one who should thank you! Thank you so much for letting me work for you... thank you so much, Shirou Onii-chan!"


"I'm embarrassed to hear you say thank you when I'm the one who was helped. So no more thank you."


"Booo! But Aina wants to thank you more!"


I turned my back to Aina to hide my embarrassment and put the silver and copper coins into my backpack.

It was pretty heavy to carry on my back.

I could have used the space storage, but I did not because I thought it is better to not use the skill in public.


"To be able to sell all those matches...... Shirou Onii-chan is amazing."


Aina repeatedly said.




Aina watched happily as the matches rapidly decreased in front of her eyes.

It was quite a new experience for her to see the matches selling like crazy.


"Haha, it's the matches that are amazing, not me."


"No, that's not true. Shirou Onii-chan is amazing!"


Aina holds my hands tightly and assures me.

But maybe she has been working so hard...




Aina's stomach rumbled.

Aina's face is blushing red.

She hurriedly holds her stomach and turns her head down from embarrassment.


"Oh, this is, that..."


"We've kept working since this morning, so you must be hungry. Aina-chan, would you like to eat this?"


I take out sandwiches and rice balls from my backpack.

Both were bought at a convenience store in the morning.


"Is this... bread?"


Aina points her finger to the sandwich and asks.


"That's right. It's bread with ham and egg."


"This is the first time Aina have seen white bread."


"That's right. Try it."


"…… Are you sure?"


"Yeah. I'll eat too."


"...... Thank you."


"Ah, you said "thank you" again."


"That was a different thank you, so it's fine."


Aina laughs and holds the sandwich with her tiny hands and bites it.

Aina's eyes instantly shine.


"Hehihihoou! Shilo honiihyan, this is hehihihoou!"


Said Aina, munching on her sandwich.

I'm so happy that she's so happy.

While watching Aina's happy face, I am also eating a rice ball.


"Excuse me. Can I have a minute?


A beautiful woman spoke to me.

I guess she's a bit older than me.

She looks so cool and beautiful.


"With me?"


" Yes. Am I correct in assuming that you are the one selling matches in this market?"


"Yes, I am. But...I'm sorry, we've sold out all the matches for today."


"No, I'm not here to buy matches. I'm here to talk with you."


"You want to talk with me?"


"That' right. Ah, I haven't told you my name yet."


She laughed coolly and continued to speak.

My name is Karen Schwartz. I'm the Mayor of this town.


The cool beauty turned out to be this town's Mayor.


[Current amount of money]

0 gold coins

51 silver coins

10,300 copper coins





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