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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C12: Aina and Shirou


Chapter 12: Aina and Shirou


Early morning in another world.

I went to the market at 7 o'clock in the morning,


"Good morning Shirou Onii-chan!"


Aina is already there waiting for me.


"Good morning Aina-chan. I was surprised that you're already in this market. Did I make you wait?"


"No. That's not true. Aina has just arrived."


"…… Really?"


"......... Maybe, I was just been waiting for a short while."


Aina tilted her head and smiled.




"Shirou Onii-chan, more importantly...."


Aina turns her eyes to the front of my stall space, and she continued to speak.

"The customers are already waiting."


That's right.

Even before the stall opened, there was a long queue of customers.

Some have the priority queue number that was handed out yesterday, while others don't have it.

If someone told me that all the town residents are gathering here, I would believe him.


"......There, there are so many of them."


"Let's do our best, Shirou Onii-chan!"


I am stunned even before the shop opens, and Aina is already very excited.

I wanted to take my time getting ready, but I couldn't afford to do that when I see this long queue.


"It can't be helped. Aina-chan.... Let's get ready to open the stall."




I unzip my backpack and take out the picnic mat.

I could have stored it in the space, but I thought it would be better if people didn't see me using my skills.

I don't know anything about skills in this world, so I had to be careful.


I spread out the picnic mat and takes out some matches from my backpack.

As I am taking out the matches, I can hear people in the queue whispering, "Oh......" or "That's the rumored......".


"Aina-chan, if I say 'small', give me the small matches' box. If I say 'big', give me the big matches' box. OK?"




"Then I'll say the quantity. Can Aina-chan put the quantity I said in this paper bag and give it to the customer?"


I take out paper bags from my backpack and give them to Aina.

I also bought these paper bags at Home Center.




"OK. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Well, let's open the stall.




"Thank you for your patience. We will now open for business today. Let's start with those with priority queue number!"


And so the second day of the stall began.


"Aina-chan, three small boxes, and two big boxes."

"............ Yes, thank you for waiting!"

"Next, 1 big box and 1 small box!"

"Hmm............. OK!"

"5 small boxes!"

"...... Yes! Here you go!"


I am in charge of payment and Aina is in charge of handing over the goods.

The number of customers is much larger than yesterday.


But thanks to Aina's help, it was much easier than yesterday.

After 3 hours had passed, all the matches were sold out.





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