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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C11: Today's profit and space storage


Chapter 11: Today's profit and space storage



I went back to my house through the closet and immediately used my Equivalent Exchange skill.

Currently, I have 6 silver coins and 2252 copper coins.


"Small money change for tomorrow is .......hmm.  Most of the customers paid with copper coins, so 300 copper coins should be enough.


First, I'll set aside 300 copper coins for tomorrow's change.


"Next, the equivalent exchange skill... Ei!"


The silver and copper coins disappeared, and 25 notes 10,000 yen bills and 5 notes 1000 yen bills appeared in their place.

Two 100 yen coins also appeared.


The money I originally had was 24,100 yen.

The skewers were 300 yen.

Aina's flowers were 3,300 yen.

6500 yen to buy matches.

5,000 yen for the 5-day registration fee.


The profit is 216,000 yen.


".................. For real?


One day...no, I think it's an extraordinary amount for an hour's earnings.

It's more than my monthly salary at the black company last time.

And I earned it in just one hour.


"If I can earn 200,000 a day, I can earn 3 million a month just by working for an hour once every two days. The annual income will be over 36 million... Does, doesn't that mean I won't need to find a new job anymore?"


This ideal semi-NEET life makes me excited.


"Maybe I can get a dream life where I can play games and read comics all day long ..."


Oh, no. I shouldn't daydream now.

I need to get ready for tomorrow.

I got on the bus and heading for the home center in the next town.




"Matches, matches, matches. ...... Oh, here it is.


I found the matches section at Home Center and threw it into the cart as many as possible.


"Heee. There are even survival matches?"


I found survival matches in the match section.

According to the description, they are water and wind-resistant.


It looks like it would sell well to adventurers. I'll buy some of these.


The total cost of the matches was 127,500 yen.

I'll pay for them from the profit I made from selling the matches this morning.

I never thought I'd be buying 130,000 yen worth of matches, but thinking that the money will be multiplied tomorrow, I don't regret it.


"Thank you."


After finishing the payment, I faced a big problem.


"... It's a huge amount."


When I look at the stock, I just realized that it is a huge amount.

How do you bring it home?

I think I should catch a taxi to bring these back....


"Wait ..."


A bolt of lightning strikes my brain.


"If I can use the Equivalent Exchange skill, that means I can use the [Space Storage] skill, right?


I rolled the cart to the rooftop parking lot.

I look to the right and left to make sure no one is around.




Inwardly I wish for the contents of my cart to be stored.

Then, suddenly, a small floating black-hole-like gap appeared in front of me.

It must mean that I should store them inside this black-hole-like gap.


I put all the matches I could find into the black-hole-like gap.

When I finished putting them all in, the black-hole-like gap immediately disappeared.


"Oh, I'm done. Now let's try to take it out."


Inwardly I wish to take out the matches

Then, a storage list appeared in my mind.


[Storage list]

Small matches 600 boxes.

Big matches 200 boxes.

Survival Matches 100 boxes.



Of course, the list is full of matches.

I imagine that I want to take out one survival match.

Immediately, a black-hole-like gap appeared.


I put my hand in, and I felt something solid there - a survival match.


"... Great. Space storage is great."


Once I got the hang of it, the rest is easy.

It became possible to freely put in and take out matches.


"I don't have to worry about my luggage anymore. Isn't this the strongest skill to do business in another world?"


Equivalent exchange and space storage.

With these two skills, I'm sure I can make a lot of money.


"OK. First, I'll sell matches for five days. After that, I'll seriously think about the business.


I go to bed early to prepare for tomorrow.


[Current amount of money]

0 gold coins

0 silver coins

300 copper coins



 88,200 yen



Translation note:


NEET, an acronym for "Not in Education, Employment, or Training", refers to a person who is unemployed and not receiving an education or vocational training.





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