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Monday, April 19, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep 12 Grandius

Blonde hair and swords dances in the swamp on the third level.




"Such an attack would never hit me!"


Kaito, the blond elf, brilliantly evades the troll's fist and slashes his side with his sword as he moves past.

However, it was not a fatal wound as the troll can regenerate.


Trolls are more than two meters tall, and like orcs, they are protected by thick fat, hard muscles, and bones that make them difficult to cut through with a sword.

However, as an elf with level 1,500 and a powerful sword in his hand has made Kaito, a powerful opponent.

With defensive capabilities that surpassed those of orcs and ogres and the ability to regenerate, these trolls would normally require many adventurers fighting together just to defeat them.

Despite this, Kaito continued to challenge the trolls alone.


"This is the last one!"



Kaito chopped off its head with his sword and then split the chopped off head into four pieces in the air.

No matter how great the troll's regenerative ability is, it will die if it is chopped up like this.

He wiped his sweat lightly and checked his status.


"It's still not rising....... Damn it! I'm supposed to be the chosen one with the Master's blood flowing through my veins! Why ......?"


 After entering a dungeon, he didn't return to the surface world but kept hunting and killing monsters to raise his level.


He is staying inside the dungeon to raise his level, but there's another reason. He has stolen the national treasure of the Elf Queen Kingdom, the sword Grandius.

It's a great sword that was used by "the Master" in the past.


Weapon and armor are ranked from top to bottom:

Genesis class

Mythology class

Fantasy class

Epic class


Relic class

Rare class

Common class


The sword "Grandius" is the third fantasy class from the top and is a very high-level sword in this world.

Currently, the Elf Queen Kingdom is looking for Kaito. That's why he has chosen to hide in this city. This city is ruled by the dwarves that fought the elves many times for years.

Kaito stole a treasured sword and is now being hunted by his own nation, but honestly, he doesn't care.

The problem is--


"It's impossible for a hero with the blood of "Master" like me to stuck at level 1500! It can't be!"



Kaito emotionally slammed the treasure sword "Grandius" into the ground with one hand.

The corpse of the troll and the ground was sliced in two.


"I am the youngest person ever allowed to join the white knight army, the strongest in the Elf Queen Kingdom. I am a hero! But why.....?"


In fact, Kaito's level has risen rapidly since he was a child, achieving excellent grades in swordsmanship, horse riding, learning, tactics, and strategy. People thought he would have a promising future.

The people around him praised him, and he had many supporters.


As a result of his continuous success from a young age, he has become arrogant. He's calling himself "Boku-sama" and looking down on everyone else, even his own race. He continues to produce results that silences everyone else.

As Kaito mentioned, he was the youngest person to join the White Knights, the strongest army in the Elf Queen Country, and was a top candidate for the next leader.


However, Kaito's glory days ended suddenly.

At level 1500, he reached his growth limit.

The Knight Order's senior members, his peers, and other followers who had high hopes for him disappeared like a wave and turned their backs on him.


"He was called as a candidate for the next leader, but his growth limit stuck at level 1500."


"It's funny that he was only half as talented as the current leader, yet he is so arrogant and got carried away.


I've always hated that guy.

"I've always disliked him. He's always looking down on me, and then he's always talking about boring stories that make him feel good about himself."


"I get it, I get it! Besides, he has excessively high pride, so if I point out even the slightest mistake, his face would turn red and get mad. He would immediately start talking about how everyone else was less talented than him. Seriously, he is the worst."


"Is that the best you can do? You're the one with the least talent, aren't you?"


"Kaito doesn't know, but there are a lot of people who don't like him. My colleagues also..."


"Shut up, shut up! Shut up! SHUUUT UP!"


The voices he heard before he left his home are still haunting him.

He took his hands off the "Grandius" sword stabbed in the ground, and pressed his ears with both hands, but the voices didn't stop.


"I'm the one with the most "Master"'s blood in my body! Just because I'm stalling a little bit on the way up, everyone is turning their back on me! I'll break through right away and prove that I'm not at my growth limit! I'm going to make them admit that I'm the next leader, the hero candidate!"



He shouted out the anger, jealousy, resentment, and despair that swirled inside him.

His scream was more intense and fierce than a wild beast, and it had a power that raised fear.


However, he believed if he gets a strong weapon and keeps hunting monsters, his level will rise. He is not at his growth limit. It's just a bit of a standstill. He believed that if he worked a little harder, he would be able to break through......

But recently, no matter how many monsters he kills, he doesn't feel like he can break through anymore.


"I've been trying to keep a low profile because it would be harder for them to track me down, but I guess I can't keep doing that. Instead of monsters, I'm going to switch to kill the humans."


To be precise, he would switch from killing monsters to killing humans, beastmen, dragonmen, elves, dwarves, and demons.

And he had decided to focus on killing humans.


During his time as a knight, he overheard a rumor about an elf knight was struggling with his growth limit.

One day, when a human slave misbehaved, the knight slashed the human slave to death. The knight broke through his growth limit, and his level raised.

Not just human, he heard this kind of story happen on beastman, dragonman, elf, dwarf, and demon.


However, since the elf knight had broken through his growth limit and increased his level by killing a human, he decided to target the human race.

He's going to kill anyone who gets in his way, even if they are from other races.


"The human race is just a bunch of worms that will breed like flies if left alone. Why is it a sin to kill them! In fact, they can serve as provisions for the next leader candidate and the future hero. You should gladly offer your body to me!"


"Oh, I see ..." Kaito claps his hand.


"So the race is a livestock race created by the goddess to be my stepping stone! No wonder they're conveniently weak, easy to kill, and numerous like insects. I see! Then there's no problem if I kill them!"


Kaito, who had been suffering from hallucinations, turned around and smiled brightly.


"For the Goddess's sake, as the next hero and heroine, I'll kill the human race from now on! The human race must die for the sake of my future! Hahahahaha! Hihihihihi! Khihihihihihihihihihi!"


His abnormal obsession shifted from the monsters to the human race.

Kaito's eyes changed to the color of madness, like a bright red moon.


Translator note :



Boku = I, me

sama = honorific calling for master, superior, lord, God

so Kaito is consider himself higher than anyone else when he call himself "Boku-sama".



  1. Thanks for the chapter. What scum.

  2. thanks for the chapter .yes it's scum

  3. Alright let's kill that scum

    Thanks for the chapter

  4. looks like the little team the mc met a while ago will get killed.

  5. ¡Gracias por el capítulo!

  6. im worried about the begginer adventurers

  7. Wasn't Boku used by little kids(male)? And wasn't the term 'Ore-Sama'?

    Its legit curiosity not blaming mistakes.

    1. Well... you are not wrong. But many japanese still using the word to call himself, even when they already grown up.
      Boku & Ore has the same meaning... but 1 thing for sure is
      Boku is more polite than Ore.
      Maybe in this case he used to says "boku" because of his family background. In my opinion he is just a brat inside an adult elf man body.

  8. He is just mob. He will be gone in just couple of chapters, I bet.


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