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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep 8 Dungeon Battle


"Gold, Nemumu, it's a wolf hunt."

"Roger, Dark-sama!"


"You, are you guys going to fight? You're against the Great Bush Wolf, the boss of the first level!"


"Hahaha! In our eyes, a monster like this is nothing. This is a great opportunity to teach the youngsters how to fight with sword and shield!"


Erio and the others looked surprised at our choice to fight.

Gold ignored their reactions, and with great enthusiasm, golden shield and his sword he stepped to the front line.




The great Bush Wolf's and ten Bush Wolves are growling at Gold in front of them.

He kept his relaxed attitude and called out to Erio and the others behind him.


"I've seen your fight with the goblins, but...."




Three Bush Wolves run through the grass and attack Gold.

Their fur is a grassy green, making it difficult to see them as they run, but Gold blocks their attack calmly.


"You guys used shield to defend and sword to attack. Just like this!"


He uses his shield to block one of the Bush Wolves from jumping on him, and swing his sword to suppress the other two. Because of that, the other two wolves are forced to hold back.


"Protect with shield, attack with sword. It's not wrong, but it's not right either. Do you understand? There's no rule that says you must use your shield for defense and your sword for attack. For example..."




He swings his shield at one of the Bush Wolf as it jumps at him.

The shield hits the Bush Wolf in the nose, causing him to scream, then Gold crush his skull to death.


"You can strike like this. The shield's role is not only to protect. You can't just swing your sword, you have to read your opponent's movements and hit them. You have to use your head and think about what your enemy scared of and what you can do to catch them off guard. Just swinging a sword and hiding behind a shield will not make you stronger."


While lecturing, Gold slaughtered the Bush Wolves one by one without losing a breath.

I can't lose too!


"Fire Arrow!"




I released the attack magic "R, Fire Arrow" and killed one of the Bush Wolves.

Then, I killed two or three more with the same attack magic.


(During the Race Union time, I always admired people who could use magic, and its fun to be able to imitate a magician, even if I only pretending to be one using the Infinity Gacha card."


There are humans who can use magic, but the number is small.

So it's actually quite a rare case for a beginner party like them to have a magician member.

Miya, the younger sister, was stunned and mumblings in surprise.


"Ah, amazing...... You, you're about my age but you able to use magic without chanting......."


Normally, when using magic, one had to concentrate and chant a spell to activate the magic, just like Miya did.

If you are a skilled magician, you can use magic without casting spells.

Even though I'm the same age as her, she can't use battle class magic without chanting. As a magician she is amazed by my abilities.




"Howling? Is he calling more of his friends......? No, that's a signal to escape?"


One of the annoying things about the Great Bush Wolf is their habit of howling to gather his fellow Bush Wolves.

When I fought a pack of Great Bush Wolves during the Races Union time, even if they were defeated their friends kept coming to attack.

However, this time after howling, the Great Bush Wolf rushing off into the woods.

Seems that he realized that he couldn't win and gave the signal to run away.


"I'm not gonna let my prey get away!"







I quickly use a 'SR, Firewall' and create wall of flames to block their escape route.


"No way! He's using a tactical class magic!"


"Mi, Miya?"


Miya shouted so loudly with a shocked expression that her eyes wide open.

For first time in her life that the quiet girl had raised her voice so loud.

Her brother, who was standing beside her, seemed to find Miya's shouting unusual and turned his attention to his sister, even though he was watching Gold's battle.

Without paying attention to them we continue the battle.




"Leave it to me, Dark-sama!"


Nemumu, holding a knife in each hand, quickly chopped off the head of the stunned Great Bush Wolf.

With this, the Great Bush Wolf and all the Bush Wolves has been slaughtered.


When the battle was over, the little sister Miya, who had been the quiet until now, excitedly grabbed her shoulder and shook her brother back and forth.


"Oh, Onii-chan, did you see that? A human boy, no older than me, not only he battle magic, but he also used tactical class magic, the Firewall spell!"


"Calm, calm down, Miya. Is that a great thing?"


"Of course that's a great thing! I'm sure there are old elves, demons, and dragons that can use it, but I've never heard of any human that can use a tactical class magic! We're now witnessing a new history in magic."


"Mi, Miya-chan, a new history, are you serious......?"


"I'm serious! It's amazing; you're like a hero or a brave man!"


Miya, who has a quiet personality, stares at me with her sparkling eyes.

In response to her reaction.


"Fufufu, to be able to understand how wonderful and great Dark-sama is. You have good eyes"




Somehow, Nemumu was bragging about it as if it was her own greatness.

Nemumu's reaction was cute and flattering, but also embarrassing, and I can't help but let out a slight chuckle.


"I know you're happy to hear someone praise our Lord, but it won't be funny if the enemy notice the commotion and calls for reinforcements. Stop puffing out your flat chest. Let's just collect the magic stone and get out of here."


"I know, I know. And who's the flat chest?"


"Nemumu, of course it's you."


With a bright red face, Nemumu slapped the back of Gold's head.

He ignored it and started to take out the magic stone from the Bush Wolf he had defeated.

Gold's opinion is correct. I smiled and quickly moved my hands to work too.


"Oh, we'll help you too as a gratitude for your help."


"Thank you, then we'll count on you."


Thanks to Erio and the others help, we finished the work in less than ten minutes, and we were able to leave before enemy reinforcements arrived.





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