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Monday, April 19, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep 11 Chivalry spirit injection


The men of the beast race blocking the front and back were all wearing dirty leather armor.

At a glance, I could tell that their armor is old and worn out.

The bear beastman is speaking in a condescending tone.


"I heard you were arguing in the guild a while ago. Definitely, you guys are too suspicious. It would take us at least a day to reach the 2nd floor, but humans like you went until the 3rd floor.... frankly speaking, isn't that impossible? If you're not committing a crime, can you explain how you went to the third level and returned? Come on, tell us a little bit!" [Bear]


"I refuse. Adventurers can't reveal their secrets." [Dark]


"Hey kid, don't you understand this situation?" [Bear]


The bear and monkey beastmen are standing behind us. The raccoon, fox, and rat beastmen are blocking the way in front of us.

We were currently in a quiet back alley, barely wide enough for two adults to walk through.

The sun was blocked by buildings, and it is dark, and the air is cool.

This place is a perfect location to commit a crime.

The bear beastman is trying to persuade me.


"We've been adventurers in this city for many years. In other words, we are your seniors. No matter what business field you're in, you must respect your seniors, right? Now, a senior asks you a question to confirm that you are not committing any illegal acts or crimes, so answer quickly. Or do you wish to feel some painful experience? Huh?" [Bear]


"Chibi, our boss is short-tempered. It's better for you to answer quickly!" [Monkey]




The bear beastman lowered his voice and started cracking his fingers.

The monkey beastman, who looks like a clown with a high-pitched voice, shouted.

They looked intimidating, but our difference in level is so great that I don't feel any fear.

And the problem is...


(I thought they might have some information, but ...... it seems to be a miss.) [Dark]


Suppose they are a party like the "Race Union" with the mission of recruiting and securing the "masters". In that case, there's no point threatening us like this. Anyway, it doesn't look like they have any helpful information.


"Nemumu, is there any sign of anyone other than them?" [Dark]


"No, there isn't. The people who were following us are all here now, and no one is watching us." [Nemumu]


"UR, Level 5000 Assassin Blade Nemumu" affirms.


Not many people can escape her detection skills.

It also seemed like no one would come and help us.


(They're not recruiters either. They're just a bunch of thug adventurers who want to take advantage of us.) [Nemumu]


(It's not like they're intentionally picking a fight with us to see our strength. My Lord, this is entirely a miss.) [Gold]


(I don't think their words and actions are just an act. I also believe this is a miss.) [Dark]


Not only me but also Gold and Nemumu agreed that they are not the people we are looking for.

I had hoped that there was at least a slight chance that they might have some kind of information, but it seems things won't go that easy.


I sigh behind my mask and shrug my shoulders.

The bear beastmen mistook that we are going to surrender to them.


"What's with all the whispering? Are you ready to give up and speak?" [Bear]


"Boss, how about we take that silver-haired woman to our inn and have her talk with us? Until we get tired of her, of course." [Monkey]


"That's an interesting idea, Saru. You're right, she's a little short on breasts, but she's got a better face than the elves. I've never seen such a beautiful woman before. I'll teach you how to be an adventurer at our inn while I'm listening to you!" [Bear]


"Boss! Let's take that golden armor as payment for the lesson!" [Raccoon]


The raccoon beastman raised his voice.

The fox and rat behind him were also shouting happily.


"I've heard rumors that that armor is fake Gold and won't be worth much, but maybe it's still enough to buy drink...... You can leave it as a lesson fee, including the money for the magic stones you just received. I'll even leave you some money for your lodging today, so be grateful!" [Bear]


Their words and actions made Nemumu standing beside me angry and blue veins on her forehead appeared.


"Dark-sama, please give me your order, and in less than three seconds, I'll turn these disgusting creatures into a puff of blood and wipe them off from the earth's surface." [Nemumu]


"...... I know what you're feeling, but you shouldn't kill them. It would give us a lot of trouble later on. Anyway, it would be foolish to deal with them any longer, so just neutralize them." [Dark]


"Understood." [Nemumu]


"Hah? Haa?! Is your head okay? It seems that you want to fight against me. Lowly humans like you against me, a bear beastman. Do you have a deathwish or something?" [Bear]


"My Lord, Nemumu, is this okay?" [Gold]


Gold interrupted the bear man's speech and raised his hand to draw attention.

I looked over, and before I knew it, the raccoon, fox, and rat beastmen that had been blocking our way had been knocked to the ground.

Apparently, he had knocked them down as soon as I gave the command.


He was wearing a full-face helmet, so I couldn't see his expression, but he sounds happy.


"Would you mind if I take care of them? I won't kill them, and I will make sure they won't bother us again." [Gold]


"Then Gold will take care of them. Nemumu and I are going back to the inn first. Is that's okay?" [Dark]


"Oh, as expected, my Lord! You know what I mean! Nemumu......, do you mind if I ask you to return to the inn with our Lord? I mean, just the two of you." [Gold]


"My role is to accompany the Dark-sama. If you can take care of them, that's better. Let's leave it to Gold." [Nemumu]


Gold purposely emphasizing the words "just the two of you".

Nemumu, who had been expressionless and had a blue vein appeared on her face, cleared her throat, and replied with a soft voice.

I let out a slight chuckle at her change in attitude but didn't say anything.

I'm happier when she looks happy than when she's angry.


"Wahahahahaha! Alright! Then I'll leave the rest to you, Nemumu! I'll teach them what the "chivalry spirit" is!" [Gold]


" What, what do you want? How dare you raise your hands against us, your seniors! Don't underestimate me, you puny human!" [Bear]


Gold laughs and walks up to the bear beastman. He strolls casually without any defense.

Suddenly, the bear beastman is attacking Gold with his full strength. He is wary because Gold has beaten 3 of his men.


The thug adventurer's fist hit the face of "UR, level 5000, Gold the golden knight."

A moment later, he starts screaming with tears in his eyes.



"Ouch! Ouch! You! Don't mess with me! I am a bear beastman. This thing can't happen to me. Ouch, ouch. I can't clench my fist. Ouch, ouch!" [Bear]


"Are you going to run away without your boss?" [Dark]

"Hiii!" [Monkey]


The monkey beastman gets scared when he saw the bear beastman screaming while holding his broken fist, and he's trying to escape quietly.

But of course, there is no way I would let him go, so I take out one of my "Infinity Gacha" cards and release it.


"R, Fire Arrow, release." [Dark]

" Higghhh!" [Monkey]

With the fire arrow, I grazed the monkey beastman's leather armor to stop him from escaping.


" You're a human, but you're a magician! Who the hell are you people?" [Monkey]


"Did you think you could escape from my Lord's eyes? Not a single one of you will escape! I love to teach punks like you what chivalry spirit is! I won't miss this opportunity!" [Gold]


" Ouch! St-st-st-stop! It hurts! Don't pull my right hand!" [Bear]


Gold walks up to the monkey beastman, dragging the nearly two and a half meter long bear-beast by gripping his fist.

It seems that Gold will not let him escape.

He ignored the bear's screams and dragged him along by gripping the bear's broken hand.


"I never know that Gold has that kinda hobby ......." [Dark]


"Don't kill them, just train these animals to never go against Dark-sama again. Either way, staying here any longer is a waste of time. Let's go back to the inn and get some rest. I didn't take a bath last night, so I want to take a bath!" [Nemumu]



As Nemumu had pointed out, there was nothing more we could do.

Leaving them to Gold, Nemumu and I returned to the inn together.


By the way, since the bathroom size is only enough for one person, I have to take a bath and changing clothes by myself.


In "Naraku", Mei and the fairy maids always help me take a bath and change clothes, so it has been a while since I have to do it by myself.


When I got out of the bath, Nemumu tried her best to keep her expression, but the atmosphere is very awkward.

It was a little embarrassing for the two of us to be alone, though, so I smiled to try to cover it up.


Gold did not return that day but showed up for breakfast the following day.

He seemed to be very happy with the results and talked happily.


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