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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep 3 How to take revenge on Sasha the elf?

 --Some time back.

A few days after I finished taking revenge on Garou the Beastman, we gathered in the office that we built by remodeling Naraku.


As I am sitting on my seat, facing my LV Four-Nine (9999) comrades. They are standing in front of me. Mei, the seeker maid with black hair with a ponytail and maid outfit. Aoyuki, the genius monster tamer who is short and wearing a cat ears hoodie. Elly, the forbidden witch in gothic lolita clothes with blond hair tied in two, and Nazuna, the true vampire knight with red eyes, silver hair, and wearing armor.


Now that I've taken revenge on Garou, the next step is to gather information.


I had shown off our strength to Garou, but it would be foolish to suddenly start a war against the whole world without thinking.

The first thing I need to do is to gather information on how much strength my opponent has.


"Of course, I won't forget to take revenge. But if we only focus on taking revenge on the remaining four without gathering information, in the worst-case scenario, we may lose without completing anything. We have to gather information about the "Master", why they want to kill me, and who destroyed my hometown."


Elly, with her beautiful blonde hair tied in two, wearing a witch's hat and a black gothic Lolita outfit, nodded her head at my statement.

She is a SUR, "Elly the Forbidden Witch, Level 9999.

She is the second-in-command who has mastered all sorts of magic and spirit arts. She is in charge of directing and planning operations for everyone.


"I am really sorry. If I had finished adjusting the Dungeon Core a little earlier, we might have been able to save God Raito's hometown.......


"It's not your fault, Elly. Naraku is so large that it takes a long time to conquer, and the transfer card is useless at first....... Because there were too many unexpected things."


When I was still in Race Union, I thought we have reached "the middle level of Naraku". But actually, that was still just the upper level.

The lowest level in the dungeon is the 100th floor.

The place that I have mistaken as the middle level is the 10th floor.

Besides, even after conquering Naraku, it is still impossible to move using the transfer card.


The cause is the Dungeon Core.


So what is the "Dungeon Core"?

To explain it, we must first talk about the myth of the creation of this world.


At first, the world has nothing; it was only a muddy black swirl.

When the Goddess shone her light on it, continents were formed, and six races were born.

The human race, the beastmen race, the dragon race, the elf race, the dwarf race, and the demon race.


The remains of the black swirl then became the Evil God..

The Evil God loved the Goddess and wanted to make her his own, but the earth was blocking him, and he could not come out.

So he spits out the monsters he created with his own body into the earth through the crack also known as the dark hole (generally considered a metaphor for a dungeon).

He wants to increase the monster's numbers and capture the Goddess.


The races created from the Goddess's light fight the monsters to protect her.

The monsters try to eliminate all the races that get in their way: the beast race, dragon race, elf race, dwarf race, and demon race.

This battle has been going on for a long time.


These are the myth of the creation of this world.

Monsters get stronger at night because the power of the evil gods at the underground is stronger.

It is said that the further underground you go, the stronger the monsters become because they are closer to the power of the Evil God.


I've been thinking about turning "Naraku" into our base for quite some time.

It's called the world's largest, hardest, and most punitive dungeon, "Naraku". Therefore it's extremely difficult to reach the deepest part.

On the contrary, it is not difficult for us to go back and forth between the surface world and the underground by using the power of the "SSR, Transfer" card from the "Infinity Gacha".


However, there are some problems with implementing my plan.

First of all, I didn't understand what a "dungeon core" really is.

Generally speaking, a dungeon core is a mass of evil god's power or a living part of it.

If the dungeon core is destroyed, the dungeon will stop functioning. It is also believed that whoever destroys it will gain power and weaken the power of the evil god.


 After we all gathered our strength and conquered the abyss, Elly, the forbidden witch who knows the most about magic among us, investigated the dungeon core of Naraku. Still, it was not something we could understand.


According to Elly, dungeon cores somehow shape dungeons by absorbing the planet's energy and magical power. It pulls out the minerals and materials to create treasure chests and items, even spawn demons, create traps, and create a wide variety of environments. It's creating a miniature world.

But even Elly herself didn't understand why the dungeon core can do that.

If she couldn't understand it, then no one under my command can.


Eventually, thanks to Elly's efforts, we managed to maintain the dungeon at a minimum, somehow removed the transfer blockage and succeeded in turning the dungeon into a fortress.

In the process, it stopped producing items and monsters, therefore I used my "Infinite Gacha" gift to replace that features.



Finally, about six months ago, I can go outside and check on my hometown. But my hometown had been destroyed.


"I'm not sure if it was the monsters or the bandits that destroyed my village. Maybe they are the people who tried to kill me when they found out I am not the "Master". Maybe they destroyed my hometown using demons and bandits."




Mei and the others standing in front of me turned pale.

The atmosphere in the office creaks and squeaks as if it's making a physical sound.

The office's atmosphere creaks as if it were physically making a noise because of my murderous intention.


"Phew. ......


I calmed myself down.


Even if I let my anger take control, we still can't identify the culprit.

For now, we still have to gather information.


"...... Along with gathering information, I'm also thinking about my next target. My next target for revenge is Sasha, the elf.


A former member of the Race Union, Sasha the Elf.

The one who deceived, mocked, and tried to kill me with her own hands.

The other girls except Mei changed their eyes at this statement, then they speak up.


"Raito-sama! If you want to catch that betrayer elf as you did with Garou, please leave it to me!"


"No, I'll take care of it!"




I feel happy when I saw their motivation, but I shook my head.


"I'm glad you feel that way, but I'm not going to do what I did with Garou. In his case, it was partly revenge, but we used Mei as bait because I want to confirm our strength. He is from Beastmen nation with the least power, and he is the easiest of the five to catch."


Based on Garou and his men's battle and reaction, we were able to confirm our power.

I felt that even if we start a war against the world, our strength would be enough to overcome them.

But that doesn't mean we're stupid enough to fight the world without gathering information.


"Unlike what we did with Garou, it would be difficult to bring Sasha to Naraku. Besides, it would be boring to take revenge the same way, am I right? She needs to experience the same despair as I did."


"The same despair as Master Raito?"


Mei tilted her head slightly.

Her long black ponytail sways like a tail.

I answer her question with an angelic smile.


"According to my men who are gathering information on the surface world, Sasha is about to marry his fiancée. A vice-commander who is related to the royal family. She's at the height of her happiness, and as a former party member, I think I need to take my revenge on her in a big way."


I put a big smile at the thought of revenge on Sasha.


I told Mei and the others about the revenge plan I had for Sasha.

After listening to the whole thing, Elly is the first to raise her hands.


"That's a great idea! As expected of God Raito! But if you leave it to me, I can promise you a result better to what God Raito wants."


"Heee,......let me hear it!


"Yes! Then..."


Elly modified my plan that she had just heard and presented me with a new revenge plan. Her plan's content follows my revenge idea, but it's better than what I wanted and has more advantages.

Elly finished her explanation.


"I haven't worked out the details yet, but I think that is the general plan. What do you think, Raito-sama?


"Excellent! It's excellent! As expected from Elly! Your idea is better than mine!"


"No, it's only possible because it was originally your idea."


When I praise her, Erie bows as if she felt thankful to me.


"To carry out this plan, we will need God Raito's power, 'Infinite Gacha' and a lot of manpower. I'm sorry to be so rude, but may I ask for your help, Raito-sama?"


"Of course. You may use any supplies, manpower, information, or anything else you need for this plan without restriction. You got my permission."


"Thank you very much."


When Elly received my permission, she bowed deeply again.

When she looked up, she gave Mei a triumphant look.

I know that Elly sees Mei as a rival, so I pretend not to notice and let it slide.




Mei didn't say anything.

Aoyuki also noticed that and only let out a whispered "Nya~".

The only one who didn't notice Elly's attitude is Nazuna.


"If this plan works, I might even get a part in it! I'm on fire! Elly! Please, quickly prepare everything!"


"I know, Shorty! You don't need to tell me that. I'll prepare everything for the Raito-sama as soon as possible!"


The atmosphere was about to get worse, but Nazuna's attitude changed the mood.

She may not think a lot of things, but she's a very important mood-maker. I reminded myself about that fact.


I clear my throat lightly and ask for everyone's attention.



"Until the preparations are complete, I'm going to start to the plan to gather information, the Adventurer Plan. Elly, you'll do your best to work on Sasha's revenge plan. If you need any help, or if a problem arises, feel free to let me know. Because that's more important."




"Master Raito, if you are going to register as an adventurer in the guild again, I would like to join your side."


When I finished my instructions to Elly, Mei immediately offers herself to accompany me.

She inspired the other two to speak up as well.




"I'm stronger than Mei and Aoki! So please, master! Please choose me as your partner!"


"I'm happy with your feeling. But Elly will be busy with the mission. Mei, please take care of the dungeon. I've captured Garou and killed his men, so there will be a troop coming to search for them. We don't want to draw attention to Naraku yet, so half of the searchers should be killed and half sent home."


"Understood. I'll use my maid way and do my best to fulfill Raito-sama wishes."


With this explanation, Mei understood what she needs to do.

It is necessary to brutally kill half of Garou's search party and send back the other half in pain. Then they would spread the word like a canary that the world's largest, hardest, and most punitive dungeon, "Naraku", is still very dangerous.



Aoyuki, please continue to investigate the virgin forest around Naraku.

If there are people or monsters in there, it would be troublesome for us.




Aoyuki shook her cat ear hoodie and accepted my command.


"Nazuna is--"


She looks at me with big shining eyes, 'What kind of work will I be entrusted with?


Nazuna is the strongest in close-range combat. If equipped with the highest magic item that prevents magical attacks, she is the strongest among us.

However, she is too strong to be taken along as an adventurer and not suitable for situations that require flexibility.

As a mood maker in the dungeon, she is perfect. But there are certain things that people are not suited for.


"Nazuna is ......, and I want you to protect the dungeon while I'm gone. I think no one can reach the deepest part of Naraku, but it's always good to be careful just in case.


"Yes, sir! I'll leave it to me, master! I'll protect everyone!"


Nazuna answers my instructions vigorously.


My adventuring companion is a "UR, Level 5000 Golden Knight Gold" as my shield.

If I want to make a name for myself in this world, the fastest way is to explore the dungeons.

So, the best option is to take along a UR, level 5000 Assassin Blade Nemumu, who is skilled at spying, disarming traps, and detecting enemies.


In this way, the next plan has been decided.


  1. Thanks for the chapter

  2. Remind me of overlord... pretending to be an adventurer with a maid while also investigating a forest...

    1. I think so too, nemumu is alike to Naberal

    2. I also think it's the same as overlord

  3. Thanks for the chap
    Also, I feel like the plot here is somehow similar to another series' in NU....
    And both about Revenge...

  4. Thanks for the chapter

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