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Monday, February 15, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep 2 Future Plan


Our destination is a city in the Dwarf Kingdom, far to the southwest of my homeland.

This city was built right on the border of the Elf Queen Country.

The reason why it was built so close to the border is that a useful dungeon was discovered there. As a result, people gathered and built the city.


It seems that the Dwarf Kingdom and the Elf Queen Nation have been disputing for a long time because the city location is too close to the border.

As the city is famous for its dungeons, it is home to various races, including the Dwarves and Beastmen.


We have chosen this town as our base for adventuring because it is a busy town with dungeons, and three years ago, the Race Union members used this town as their base.


We successfully completed our adventurer registration and stayed on the top floor of the most luxurious inn in town.


"[Infinite Gacha], [R, Silent], Release"

I also released "R, Detect" and "SR, Magic Interference" to secure the room.

After checking the room for eavesdroppers, observers, and magic items of that sort, Gold shouts happily.


"Wha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I never thought we'd be attacked by bandits in such a short time! 

I can't believe we were attacked by bandits in such a short time! The surface world is so dangerous! Our people in Naraku are much more civilized!"


"I guess I should have taken a carriage instead of walking to town......."


I let out a sigh as I sit on the sofa.


After visiting the tomb, we used an "Infinite Gacha" card card to move to somewhere near our destination city.

Instead of arriving directly at the city, we headed there on foot. I thought that this would look more natural.

As a result, we were attacked by Dwarven bandits before we reached the town and had to do some useless fighting......


Nemumu tries to comfort me in my depression.


"No, it's just that the security on the surface world is bad, and Gold's armor stands out too much! Raito-sama's decision was not wrong! Thanks to you, we were able to enter the city naturally as you wanted!"


"Hahahahahahaha! As Nemumu said, we can enter this city safely and become an adventurer. Isn't that good enough?"

"...... Yes, that's right. It's a good thing that we can become adventurers without incident."


I regained my good mood and smiled, and this time Nemumu puffed out her cheeks.


"I don't understand why Raito-sama has to start at level F instead of level A. The receptionist has no eyes for talent."


"Hahaha, it can't be helped. You and Gold are a different case, but I'm technically a 12-year-old human. It's normal if I start at the lowest adventurer level."


In this world, there are adventurer guilds that rank adventurers into six levels.

The adventurer rank is as follows.

Level A: Top

Level B: 1st class

Level C: Skilled professional

Level D: Professional

Level E: Intermediate

Class F: Novice


 On top of this, there is S class, but that is the exception, and the basics are above.


Grade F is the bottom, the novice level.

When I was in the Race Union, I was also an F level adventurer.

So I don't mind that my new adventurer dog tag is F level.


"And Nemumu, on the surface world, I am now 'Dark' not 'Raito'. I checked using the card, this room is safe. We don't need to worry about somebody listening to us, but be careful while we're on the surface world.


"I'm, I'm sorry, Ra--Dark-sama!


Nemumu hurriedly corrected herself.


At first, I had planned to become an adventurer as Raito, but if the former members of the Race Union heard about me and get suspicious, my revenge plan may fail.

So I used a fake name, wear the SSR Clown Mask. It has the effect of creating illusions and preventing recognition. I returned back to the surface world to register as an adventurer.


While sitting on the sofa, I reconfirm our objective.


"Why do we went all the way to the surface world and became an adventurer? I want to confirm our objective again."

·   Investigate and contact the Nation's underlings like Garou, who is looking for the "Master".

·   Gather information on powerful people.

·   Raise our rank to get more information and connections.

·   If possible, secure the "Masters" that the nation has not yet found.

·   Gather other information

That's all.

Gold raises his hand to confirm that.


"My Lord, do we have to earn money? If we're going to be active on the surface world, we'll need it. Right?"


"Don't worry, the people who are gathering information on the surface world is earning money as merchants. If it's not enough, we'll make fake money again. Money is important, but I don't think we need to worry about it."


Six months ago, my subordinates disguised as merchants and others departed to gather information on the surface world.

I asked my subordinate, who specialize in counterfeiting, to make gold and silver coins for each country using the gold and silver bars from the "Infinite Gacha".

He succeeded in producing gold and silver coins that were completely indistinguishable from the real thing.


When Gold heard that I had made fake gold, his voice sound impressed.


"As expected of the Lord! I never thought we can prepare money in that way! 

What an extraordinary idea! And it's also a good way to pay back the other races that looked down on our Lord, killing two birds with one stone! ...... But if they find out it's fake money, there's going to be a problem. Is that OK?"


"It's OK. It's perfectly made, and it's not meant to disrupt the economy, so we only brought in a minimal amount."


It might destroy the economy. But for our use, it has no impact.

Next, Nemumu raised her hand.


"I understand why we became an adventurer on the surface world, but I don't think it's necessary for Dark-sama to do it personally. Even though Dark-sama is powerful, the possibility of an accident is not zero. If we think about safety, you can command us from inside Naraku."


She couldn't finish her words until the end.


" ...... Nemumu is going to take revenge away from me?


"No, no......, I'm not......."


"Or is Nemumu going to get in my way?"


"Hiii, I'm, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I was out of line!"


Nemumu wiped the sweat from her face and whole body. She got down on her knees.

She clasped her hands and prayed as if he were worshipping a God and began to tremble with tears in her eyes.


" Wa-ha-ha-ha! Because there are things that a man must do with his own hands, even if he knows it is dangerous! The Lord wants to take revenge with his own hands and not leave it to others. Isn't that truly admirable for a man! As expected from my Lord. The Lord of this Gold, the Golden Knight! Hahahahahahahahahaha!"


Gold's laughter brought me back to my senses.

When it comes to revenge, I tend to get angry and lose my cool.

I don't know if I should be happy that the flame of revenge hasn't died down yet even though almost three years have passed, or if I should consider it a negative thing.

I get up from the couch and pat Nemumu's silver hair as she continues to pray.


"Sorry, I got a little too emotional. I'm sorry for questioning Nemumu's loyalty."


"No, it's my fault that I acted out of line! Please allow me to offer my loyalty to Raito-sama once again!


"Ah, yeah. Well,"


The name has switched to "Raito" again, but I'm not in the mood to correct it, so I let it go.

I sit down on the sofa again, take off my right shoe, and give it to Nemumu.


"Excuse me.


Nemumu grabbed my right foot with a red face as if she were handling a jewel made of sugar candy and gently put her lips to it.

I could feel Nemumu's warmth through my right sock.


A kiss on top of the foot means "slavery".

This is why everyone often asks for it as a reward.

It's embarrassing, so I am not used to it......


Gold muttered to himself as he watched the interaction between Nemumu and me.


"......Is this some kind of a fetish play?"


"Bastard! Don't call our sacred offering loyalty ritual to Raito-sama in a disgraceful way!"


"But doesn't it look like an old slut fawning over the feet of a 12 or 13 years old boy? As I said earlier, I don't like the way you're so blatantly showing off your loyalty."


"I'm not showing off! I'm just overflowed with my loyalty to Raito-sama! First of all, there's no way I'm gett..... gett.... getting sexually excited! I'm only pledging my loyalty to, Raito-sama!"


"Don't worry, Nemumu, I will never question your loyalty."




Nemumu is so touched by my words that her cheeks blushed and her body tremble.

Gold shrugged his shoulders with his palms facing up as if to say, "Your sickness can't be healed".


I chuckle at their little argument and continue my talk.


"For the time being, I'm going to explore the dungeon tomorrow to raise my adventurer rank. However, if Ely finished preparing for the revenge toward Sasha the Elf, I will prioritize that. Please keep that in mind."


"Understood, Raito-sama!"


"Tomorrow in the dungeon, I will show you the Golden Knight's real power!"


I nodded, satisfied at their replies.



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