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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 0 - part 3


A beautiful maid named Mei said Raito is not the second son of a poor farmer. She could not mention the parent's name, but actually, he is a child from a noble family. Due to circumstances, they had to ask a poor farmer to take care of him.

Finally, his real family can welcome him with open arms, but unfortunately, Raito's condition and location are unknown.

They searched for the Legion (Race Union) as a last effort. Still, it took a long time to find them because the party had already disbanded.

There is no hope left, but at least she wants to ask about Raito's last days. And if possible, guide her to that place.


Just by guiding her to the location, she will pay a lot of money. The amount is enough to build a small house.

Garou danced madly inwardly.


(Humans are such idiots! They're willing to pay so much gold just to guide to a kid's death place! And this woman, after kidnapping and having enough fun with her, I can sell her to a slave trader for more gold!)


(And--) he narrowed his eyes inwardly.


(When Raito was suspected as "Master", everything about him was investigated not only by us but also by the countries. And yet, how is it possible that such an extraordinary woman could be left out of the investigation? It's too suspicious. But it's also possible that this woman is mistaking Raito for another kid....... Anyway, it's too good opportunity to be missed.)


He stroked his trump card, which he kept in his pocket.

This is the trump card that he has been carrying since before he joined the Legion of Honor.

Garou was confident that this would be enough to get him out of most situations.

So he agreed to Mei's offer.


However, because Mei's level is too low it is extremely difficult for Garou to guide Mei to go to the middle floor of the world's largest, hardest, and most punitive dungeon, "Naraku"..

He does not need money.

Rather, to increase his fame, he calls out to and gathers the young wolf Beastmen who adore Garou.


Also, from Garou's point of view, to be able to enjoy Mei sexually is more important than money.

If he wants to kidnap, rape, and have fun with her, it would be better to do it in a place where no one can see them.

In that sense, a dungeon is a very convenient place.


(It will be better if the country would just destroy those stupid and weak humans who can't understand such things. Well, thanks to that, I can have a good time like this.)


Garou agreed to her request.

They discussed the departure date and time


The manpower was immediately gathered.

In fact, when Garou, the top candidate for the Wolf Beastmen Leader is calling out, even non-Wolf Beastmen would gather.

Like ants attracted by the honey, many people want to do a favor and be remembered by Garou.

In the end of their departure, it took more time and effort to select the participants than to decide on which route to take..


In the end, 10 young Wolf Beastmen with levels around 150 were recruited.

With Garou and Mei, it is a large group of 12 people.


Unlike the Race Union, they have more Beastmen members, but their level is not so high.

This is why they used numbers to make up the difference.

Also, due to their racial traits, Beastmen are good at fighting in a group rather than alone. This is the reason why they decided to prepare a big party.


Thanks to Beastmen sharp smelling sense, they reached the destination without fighting any monster. Despite the fact that their destination is the middle floor of the world's largest, hardest, and most punitive dungeon, "Naraku".


"This is where Raito-sama--"


"Yeah, Raito was injured by a monster's surprise attack here. He was also unlucky enough to get caught in a randomly placed transfer trap and disappeared from our sight."


Mei held her mouth with both hands in front of the location. It looked like she is holding in her grief.

At that moment, her black hair ponytail shook like a dog mourning for her master that she will never see again.

While explaining the fake story to her, Garou looked at the young men he brought with him.


Since they had also been briefed before, they quietly moved to a position where they could block the entrance to prevent Mei from escaping.

Originally, this place is only a space to rest before entering the middle level of Naraku, and there is only one entrance. The ceiling is high, and the space is large, making it a perfect place to take a break.

Very few adventurers can use this place, located inside the world's largest, hardest, and most punitive dungeon, "Naraku".


If they block this entrance, Mei will have no way to escape.

On the contrary, if the entrance is blocked, they will lose their way to escape.......


Mei didn't pay any attention to their movements and continued to mourn.

While inwardly mocking her, "Humans really are so easy", Garou continued to play the compassionate role.


"It was too sudden, and we couldn't respond fast enough. With that wound, probably he would not last long. I'm sorry I couldn't protect him even though I was with him......"


"It's must be really painful. In this dark and dirty place, you were betrayed and tortured by those bastards...... If I could have been there for you sooner, it won't end like that. I'm so ashamed of myself."




Without listening to Garou's comfort words, Mei cries alone as she thinks about the Legion (Race Union) betrayal that happened almost three years ago.

It takes a while for Garou to understand Mei's self-talk.


He slowly distanced himself from her.

The young people began to notice the change in Garou's behavior and began to get nervous.


Once he had gained some distance, he asked.


"......Who are you? Why do you know that?"


Raito was suspected as the "Master" and they planned to kill him in the dungeon just to be safe, but before they killed him, he touched a transfer trap and disappeared.

Only a few people know about this fact.


Mei, who had not listened to his comfort word earlier, responded to that question.

She let go of the hand that had been holding her mouth and slowly turned to look at them.

Her eyes' color was tinged with anger, so much so that it could be seen even in the dark.


"I have told you that I am only loyal to Raito-sama. If you insult my maid way, I'll make you see the color of your own guts right here and now."




It's not just Garou.

The fur of all the Beastmen in the room is standing upright.

Mei's intimidating vibe has overwhelmed the beastmen race, which is said to have superior strength, sensory organs, and fighting ability compared to the human race.

As if they are drifting in the ocean and something enormous moving right below them. They can feel the terror coming from Mei.


(Ah, the opponent is just a human female. She is easy prey. After having fun with her in this dungeon, I'll sell her to a slave dealer for gold coins! But what's this overwhelming feeling of fear? As if I am standing in front of a monster that emerged from hellfire!)


This abnormal situation makes the other Beastmen start screaming and break up their formation.


"Ga, Garou-san, what... what's going on here?"


"A, aniki, you said this is an easy job!? Did you lie to us!?"


"Are you trying to kill us all so you can switch to the other side and survive by yourself? ......"


"Garou aniki is betraying us!? That's a lie, right?!"


The young men were shaken by Mei's extraordinary intimidation and began to suspect Garou for suggesting the idea.

Beastmen basically value their comrades. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to work together to hunt monsters and raise their levels.

But if one of them betrays the group, he will be punished severely as an example. The kind of punishment that makes one wish for death.


"You, you dumbass! I'm the top candidate for the Wolf Beastmen Leader! Why would I give up my current good position to go to another country!? Use your head, idiots! Or maybe you want to against me, the top candidate for the Wolf Beastmen Leader? Instead of having a good time, you'll get hurt when we get back... "


Garou threatens with a loud voice to clear his suspicions, but he couldn't finish his lines.

Because the person who was supposed to be dead casually showed up and raised his voice as if he was just back from taking a walk.



"Mei, don't touch them yet. Especially Garou, he's my prey."





All the Beastmen all turned around, the voice coming from behind them.

He is wearing a black hood and holding a mage's staff in his hand that exceeded his height.

He isn't too tall, and if they guess base on his voice, he's 12 or 13 years old boy.


Beastmen race has a sensitive nose. They immediately noticed that the other party is a human.

But on the other hand, they are confused.

In the world's largest, hardest, and most punitive dungeon, "Naraku", why is there a human child that can stand behind them without being noticed?



When the boy appeared, the overwhelming intimidation vanished as if it had never been there in the first place.

When he called out to her, Mei's expression was changed, but she gave off a sweet, mellow vibe like a maiden in love.

The boy lightly raises his hand in reply and pulls down his hood.


As they expected, a human child appeared from under the hood.

His neatly cut and arranged hair is shiny, his eyes are large, and his eyelashes are long enough to create shadows.

His skin is a healthy milk color like a child, and combined with his rose-colored lips, he looks more like a "beautiful girl" than a "boy.

He seems to be a boy who would be very popular.


Even before he pulled down his hood, Garou is the only one who was still stunned in shock.


"Im, impossible ... you still live ... Raito?"


"... Garou. I came to take revenge for what you did three years ago."


It was as if he is meeting a friend for the first time in a long time. The boy, Raito, smiled at his revenge target.


When the child who is standing behind the Beastmen called out to him, Garou looks surprised.

However, Garou's stupid look of surprise did not last long.


"I never thought you are still alive......kukuku, moreover revenge? A level 15 weakling like you want to get revenge! Gyahahahaha! I'm grateful that humans are stupid!"


Garou, who had been frightened by Mei earlier, laughed as if he had been given gold and silver treasures, a luxurious meal, and a wide selection of beautiful women.

After laughing all the way through, he makes an ugly smile, just like he did when betraying Raito.


"I don't know how you survived, but I'm surprised you dare to show your face in front of me! If we kill this being and bring back his corpse, then the beastmen race can do a favor to the dragon race! This is huge! Instead of just being the top candidate, I'll be the Wolf Beastmen Leader for sure!"


In front of Garou's lustful eyes and voice, Raito sighs as if he was disgusted.


"Anyway, I've already checked out Raito, down to the number of wrinkles in his ass. He's just a regular guy who got a slightly unusual and useless gift. He's probably just lucky to be alive and was rescued by that creepy lady over there, right?"


"......well, that is not wrong."


He doesn't have to explain the details of skill and the "Infinite Gacha" gift to them.

With Raito's answer, Garou was convinced that his assumption was correct.


"Did you think that the girl who helped you can fight us and take revenge? You're naive! You can't see the difference in power!"


 Garou looked down at the Raito again and then clicked his tongue and gave instructions to the young people standing in a blank stare, unable to follow the situation.


"Ow! What the hell are you standing there for? Don't you have the brains to understand the situation? With his corpse, we can make the dragon race owe us a favor, and then I'll be the Beastmen wolf leader for sure! If you want to have a good time, quickly block the doorway so they can't escape, you idiots!




 Partly because Garou is the leader of this project, he had given the order, but the fact that they could make the Dragon Race owe them is the most important thing for them.

The dragon race is the most superior of the six races.

Which means they can make the country owe them a favor.


For them, this is extremely important.


"I, I understand Garou aniki! We'll seize them soon! Hey, you guys, turn behind!"


"Understood! Hey, let's go!"


"OK! We are also aides to the Wolf Beastmen Leader! Finally, our luck is here!"


With the strength of their legs, two people moved at high speed to block the entrance.... but. Like fragile dolls, their heads broke off their necks and rolled on the ground.


Like decapitated chickens, the two bodies ran for a while without heads and finally stopped when they hit a wall.

Their hands and feet twitch as blood spurts out.

The dungeon was filled with the thick smell of blood.


"I won't let you go behind us."




Before they knew it, Mei is standing by Raito's side.

From what she just said, it seems that Mei was the one who cut off the two heads, but...... Garou and the others have no idea how she did it.

When they noticed, the heads were already rolling on the ground.


While Garou and the other Beastmen are shocked, Raito casually praised Mei as if it's natural for her to do that.


"Thank you, Mei. Continue to block the entrance to keep them from escaping."


"Yes, sir. I swear on my maid's way, I'll carry out your command perfectly."



Mei bowed deeply and stepped backward to block the entrance.

Raito faced Garou and the others again.

Raito and Mei blocked the entrance.


Even the Beastmen, who usually look down on humans, were shocked when they saw Mei's ability.

Also, in front of Raito, who look so confident, they felt scared and want to flee.

Garou is the only one who turned red and yelled.


"Calm down, you idiots! I don't know how, but they were only killed by a surprise attack! If we're careful, we won't be defeated by humans!"


"*Yareyare.......You still looking down on other people just like three years ago. Do you think we're weak?"


"Don't mess with me! We can't be weaker than humans who can't even level up!"


The other Beastmen nodded in agreement to Garou's words.


This is the reason for their contempt for the human race.


Dwarves are strong and skillful and can make powerful weapons and armor, making it easy to level up.

Elves excel in magic and have a long lifespan, so they can easily reach high levels.


The dragon race and the demon race have strong physical strength, high magic power, high vitality, and long life expectancy. This is why there are many high-level people among them (in comparison, the dragon race tends to have a higher level than the demon race because of their higher basic abilities).


On the other hand, the human race has a harder time leveling up than other species. Their physical strength is weaker, their magic power is lower, their bodies are more fragile, and their lifespan is shorter.

So basically, their level is overwhelmingly lower than other races.


The Beastmen race has lower magic power and the same lifespan as humans, but they have overwhelmingly stronger physical strength, vitality, and speed than humans. Besides, they are strong in group battles, and their sharp senses make it easy for them to find their prey, which is another factor that makes it easy to raise their level.


The human status is "generally lower level than other race", that's why the human race is looked down by other races.

Therefore, Garou and his friends now look down on Raito and Mei as "lower-level" and "can't be stronger than them".


"You're getting carried away, human. ...... I'm going to rip off your disguise right now! All of you, work together with me!"


Garou is using the same steel claws as three years ago and kicks the ground.

The other Beastmen joined in the attack, though they were a beat behind his call.

The Beastmen was the best of all the races when it came to coordination. Even though they are improvising, they show more coordination than a skilled human party.


"Die! You shitty human who got carried away!"


Claws, kicks, swords, short spears, and knives flew at him from all directions, but Raito didn't take a single step and flips his staff to repel all the attack.


"Gee !?"




"Ngigyi !?"


They screamed like a pig that had been kicked. The Beastmen, including Garou that had attacked him, was easily knocked down.


While Raito looks down at the Beastmen crawling on the ground in pain, he talks as if he already felt bored.


"What's wrong? Is it over?"


This one word seriously hurt Garou's pride.

He crawled to the ground, his eyes bleeding as he pressed his hand to his wounded abdomen.


"Huh? You just a human, and you dare to look down on me! You just a human, and you dare to look down on me! You just a human, don't you dare to look down on me! I'm the 'top candidate leader for the Beastmen wolf'! Humans don't have the right to looked down on me! Shit! But you didn't finish me. That carelessness will cost you death!


He moved his hand from his painful abdomen and groped in his pocket.

He takes out a ping-pong ball-sized glowing ball.

Garou uses his "trump card" without hesitation.


"I don't know what tricks you use, but don't get carried away just because you got a little stronger! I'll have your face painted in despair in no time! Come out, Demon Beast Fenrir!"


Without hesitation, Garou uses his "trump card" - the Beast Magic Ball.


The Beast Magic Ball is a magic item that is rarely found in ruins or dungeons. It contains a high-level magical beast.

By breaking the ball, one can temporarily summon a high-level monster and bring it under his control. However, it is only temporary and will disappear in about an hour.


Many first-class adventurers, like Garou, keep it in their possession to get out of a tight spot.

Of course, the price is very high. The lowest price is  100 million in Japanese yen.


A monster that had been sealed up appears when he broke the Beast Magic Ball.

A gigantic wolf about 7 meters long with pale blue fur appears.


"Grrrrrrr!" He growled menacingly at Raito and the others.

Garou laughs loudly. His expression is full of confidence in his victory.


"Gyahahahaha! I've been saving my "trump card" just for such an emergency. A level 500 demon beast, Fenrir! Your luck ran out when you got carried away and didn't kill me earlier!"


The appearance of Fenrir, a level 500 demon beast, reenergized the Beastmen that had been easily defeated by Raito.


"What a beautiful and powerful magical beast......."


"As expected, Garou's aniki who used to be a member of the Top Legion. I didn't know he had such a secret skill."


"This is the ability of a first-class adventurer, the top candidate of the Wolf Beastmen Leader!"


"As expected from Garou-sama!"


The young people looked respectfully at Garou and Fenrir, the level 500 magical beast. They look like boys in front of a professional soccer player.

On the other side, Raito let out a sigh of disgust at their stupidity.


"Level 500?....... Is that really a 'trump card'? That's way too weak."


"Gyahahahaha! You said Level 500 is weak. It seems facing Fenrir makes you crazy! 

I'm sure that the trick that repels us earlier was some kind of magic item power! But this is the real one, level 500. I'm going to blow away all your little tricks! Why don't you crawl on the ground and beg for your life? If you could make me laugh by seeing you begging for your life, I might change my mind and not kill you. Yeah, do it quickly!"


Of course, Garou had no intention to let Raito alive even if he begged for his life.

The other young people besides Garou understood this and looked down at Raito with a smirk.

On the other side, Raito let out a bored sigh. Instead of begging for his life, he urges them to attack.


"Really? A demon beast with level 500 is a trump card... OK, OK, I won't move a step from here, so you can do whatever you want."


Raito spread his hands out to provoke his opponent.

No matter who sees it, he didn't move a step as declared.

Of course, Garou's face turned red at his provocative behavior and get mad.


"Then, as your wish, I'll kill you without leaving any bones! Demon Beast Fenrir, Do it!  

Demon Beast Roar Cannon!"




The person who breaks the Demon Ball is temporarily recognized as the master of the Demon Beast and can know its level, characteristics, specialties, weaknesses, and abilities.

Garou uses his power to order the Demon Beast Fenrir to use its most powerful attack, the Demon Beast Roar Cannon.


This is a Demon Beast Fenrir's special attack that releases all magical power.

Together with its roar, the demon beast opens his mouth widely, bluish-white magic power is focused---then fired!

He converted all the magic power of his level 500 into an attack,

Certainly, that was a deadly blow. Even if the opponent has the same level or higher level, anyone who was hit by that attack would be fatally injured.



"For attacks that can only raise dust, the beast was too noisy. Such a nuisance."


"Im, impossible. ...... he, he is unharmed......."


Despite being hit head-on by the Demon Beast Roar Cannon, Raito didn't have any scratch, not even scorch on his hair or clothes.


The Demon Beast Roar Cannon is a level 500 Fenrir deathly attack. It is not something that can be prevented with half-baked defenses or magic items.

If that's what happens......it would only be possible if there is a huge difference in power and level.


Garou and all the Beastmen who praised the Demon Beast Fenrir are staring at Raito in a daze.

Raito smiled lightly without paying any attention to them.


"Next is my turn."


He reaches his pocket like Garou and takes out a card.


"It would be a pity if people misunderstood that such a pathetic stray is Fenrir. That's why I'll especially show you the "real thing". UR card "Divine Beast Fenrir Level 9000", release."


As Raito's speaks, the card is glowing.

The light quickly faded, and a beast appeared.

It's 15 meters height giant beast. Its fur is as white as snow, and its fangs look very powerful.

No explanation is needed.


Everyone understands at a glance.

The being in front of them is the real Fenrir.

Certainly, if you know about the God Beast Fenrir Level 9000, then the Demon Beast Fenrir Level 500 would only look like a pathetic stray dog.


Raito speaks with a childish high voice.


"Fenrir, kill that stray dog."




At the command of his Lord, "God Beast,  Fenrir" barks lightly.

Just by raising one hand and waving it with a light motion, "Fenrir the Demon Beast" or the fake Fenrir is torn vertically, becomes ice chunks, cracks, and then disappears like dust.

All its remains disappeared from this world, not even a single hair left behind. As if the "Demon Beast Fenrir level 500" never existed.


"Great, good job.


"Wan! Ouw!"


Raito praised him for killing the Demon Beast Fenrir as ordered and patted him as a reward.

The Fenrir is praised by his master like a pet dog, waving his tail as if he is happy to be patted.




Mei looks at them with envious eyes as Raito patted and praised the "God Beast Fenrir."

On the other side, Garou and the rest of the Beastmen are.......


"Ah, Aaaah ..."


"Hii, hii, hii"




They all couldn't help but scream and fell to their knees.

Of course, Garou was also scared and shocked. His fear of a situation he couldn't understand caused him to lose his strength and fall on his ass.


"What, you, e, eliminate a level 500 Fenrir, in, in an instant ..."


"Even if I didn't summon the "God Beast Fenrir", I could easily kill that kind of demon beast in a heartbeat. Because my level now is 9999."


"... What?"


"Because my level is 9999."


Like Garou earlier, Raito also disclosed his status.

His status is indeed showing "Level 9999".

The color of the Beastmen's faces became even worse.

While looking at them, Raito tells them something that makes them feel more desperate.


"Not just me. Mei also has the same level. Mei."


At Raito's call, she silently disclosed her status.

Like Raito, her status is displaying "Level 9999".


The Beastmen's expression is filled with despair and lets out their voice.


"Le, level 9999 ..."


"It, it can be true..."


"Huh, isn't the human level limit is only about 100?"


"There's no way we can win against that..."


None of the young Beastmen could deny the fact that they were facing a level of 9999.

He summoned the God Beast Fenrir that easily slaughters a level 500 Fenrir right in front of them.

Garou also fell on his ass and can't stand up due to fear after seeing the God Beast Fenrir one blow kill.

No one in that place could deny Raito's words.


Garou stares at the Raito with a blue face that is covered with sweat like a waterfall.


(Why......why didn't I notice that ......? Raito hadn't grown at all since three years ago? Why didn't I notice that?)


Raito was a twelve-year-old kid from a farming village.

About three years have passed since then, and he must be fifteen.

The age of 12 to 15 is a human growth period when a boy grows taller, his throats appear, and his face becomes more mature.

It would be weird if he didn't change.


But Raito hasn't changed at all.

Raito's appearance had not changed from when they betrayed and tried to kill him three years ago.

So why is this "impossible phenomenon" occurring?


(Level 9999 isn't just a bluff thought up by this stupid kid....... If it's true, then it makes sense that he's stopped aging and such a "God Beast Fenrir" willing to follow his command. This means that Raito has really become a level 9999 monster.......)


To be precise, it's not because of his level, but thanks to the power of the "Immortality Bracelet", a mythical artifact item he drew from the "Infinity Gacha" that makes him immortal.

To remember the despair, sorrow, and anger of being betrayed, Raito uses the Bracelet of Immortality to maintain the appearance of a 12-year-old.


When Garou finally believed Raito's words and horrified, the other Beastmen curled their tails with desperate look and voice.


"Ga, Garou aniki..."


"Ga, Garou-sama, what we are going to do?"


"What should we do, Garou aniki..."


A group of young beastmen recruited and brought to Naraku with the promise of a good reward is begging for instructions from their leader, Garou.

They are waiting for instructions on what to do and how to save their lives.

Their eyes focus on Garou at once ...


He is crawling on the ground with a blue face.


"I'm really sorry for my rudeness so far! I--I was deceiving Raito-sama on the orders of the government! It's not my own will! So, please forgive me! I don't care what happens to these guys, so please save me! I beg you!"


"Ga, Garou's aniki! Are you betraying us?"


"Co, coward! Don't you have any shame in turning your back on us now!?"


"Shut up! I'm not like you guys! I did indeed betray Raito-sama once. But when Raito-sama came to town, I took care of him in many ways, didn't I! Isn't that right, Raito-sama?"


Garou is smiling, rubbing his hands, and flattering Raito as if his previous attitude was just a lie.


"I've bought him kushiyaki at a food stall, and I've even given him fruit juice to drink. I've even fought and chased away people who were mocking Raito-sama!? Right?! I'm sure I have memories with Raito-sama, things that we shared together! That's why it must be fine if I am the only one he would save!"




Raito silently looked down at Garou, who was on his knees and flattering him.

In the meantime, the other Beastmen continued to blame Garou.


After a while, Raito raised his hand lightly.

When he raised his hand, the loud and ugly cursing that had been painful to hear earlier stopped.

The dungeon went into silence as if they are in a graveyard late at night.

Raito looks down at Garou and asks.


"Before I help you, let's talk about what you know. First of all, what exactly is a 'master'?"


"I, I don't know. All, all I know is that I've been told by higher-ups to look for the "Master"......"


"Why is the country looking for the "Master"?


"I don't know."


"Why did the country want to kill me when they found out I am not the "Master"?


"I, I, don't know."




Raitou is looking to get more impatient with his answers.

Garou hurriedly made an excuse.


"I, I really don't know! I've only been told to look for the "Master"! It's just my guess, but I suspect that the Beastmen races chiefs also don't know much about that. After all, we are better than humans. This, this is just a common perception, but thanks to our high physical ability, we can easily raise our level. From another race's point of view, we have a lower lifespan, lower level, and lower ability. At most, they only think of us as a pawn that can be used slightly more useful than the human race. That's why they didn't give much information to the chiefs."


"...... What do the other Beastmen know about the "Master"?


This question made all the other Beastmen's brain spin more than ever before in their lives as if they had found a glimmer of hope for survival.

However, none of them had any information about the "Master".




Raito turns around and looks at Mei.

She understood his intentions and nodded.

She uses her lie-detection magic to check their reactions.

Apparently, they really don't know anything about the "Master" and why Raito was targeted for his life.


Raito let out a sigh of disappointment at this result.


"I had expected this, but there's even less information than I expected......."


"What should we do?"


Raito responds to Mei's question with a soft voice.


"Now that they've seen us, there's no reason to keep them alive. Except Garou dispose them all."






As soon as Mei bowed, everyone except Garou was chopped up into small pieces.

They didn't even have time to scream.

With her glove, Mei had created an ultra-thin thread and entangled the Beastmen.

This thread is very thin, but it is sharp enough to shred steel or *orichalcum when she applied her magic into it.




Garou's pants were wet because of the tragedy in front of him.

Fortunately, even if he wet himself, people couldn't tell because the blood smell is so strong.

Raito was completely unaffected and look into his own pockets.


"Now that we've gotten rid of the disturbances and got the people we want let's move on... Oh, I almost forgot. Garou."


"Hiii! Yyes!"


The completely terrified Garou subconsciously jumped when he heard Raito calling him.

At the same time, pools of blood rippled, sprinkled, and pieces of flesh scattered.

Raito let out a slight chuckle at his ridiculous appearance and asked.


"Before we move on, let me ask you, do you think we could win a war against the nations of the surface with what we have now?"


"Tha, that is......"




At times like this, it would be best for him to lie to not spoil Raito's mood ... but Mei, who is using lie detection magic, would be able to tell his lie.

Even if it's just flattery, a lie won't do any good now.

Garou mustered up his courage to express his thoughts through his throat.


"Raito-sama and the others are indeed strong, and yes, Fenrir-sama is here too. I think if we fight against countries around the world, we will have some advantages. But, no matter how high the level is, an individual is still an individual. It's almost impossible to win against a nation......."


After all, no matter how strong an individual is, the scope of his or her power is limited.

No matter how he looks at it, it's tough for an individual to take on the giant creature that is the nation.

Raito had also predicted this.

Garou continues his word.


"There is a possibility that there are other legendary weapons, armor, and items that have been stored in each country for thousands of years. If they were taken out, no matter how strong Raito-sama and the others are, half, or even one-third of the world will be destroyed......"


"Yes, I see. ...... It's just as we expected. No matter how strong a person is, things he can do individually is limited."


After hearing all his answers, Raito nodded several times in satisfaction.

He turns to Garou once again and gives his order.


"Next is similar to the previous question, but I want you to confirm, 'Can I win if I wage war against the countries on the surface with this force?'"




"Then let's move immediately. Transfer, release."




Simultaneously, as Raito speaks, the three of them and one beast are surrounded by light.

Garou is the only one surprised, and and his vision turned black and white.

Mei and the God Beast Fenrir show no particular reaction.

For a moment, their eyesight went dark, but it soon came back to normal.




Their eyesight came back, but the sight spread out in front of them would make people who saw it feel so desperate; it's darker and harder than tar.



By using the "Transfer" card, Garou was instantly transferred to the bottom level of the world's largest, hardest, and most punitive dungeon, "Naraku".

What awaited him there was an army of mythical monsters.



In a hall the size of a soccer field, with ceilings so high that it can't be seen through the haze, the monsters are waiting in an orderly manner.

A bright red carpet runs along the room's length, a throne of gold, jewels, and precious metals is placed at the other end. A huge military flag is displayed on the wall at the end of the room.

In front of the throne, just before the stairs, there are three beautiful girls lined up.

Also, a huge dragon, a giant, and a three-headed dog as huge as the "God Beast Fenrir. It's not just the scary monsters.

Beautiful girls are wearing maid clothes with transparent wings growing from their backs. Knights are wearing dazzling, gorgeous golden armor. A beautiful woman holds a huge battle-ax in her hands without any difficulty. There was also a girl with a long spear-like tube and a musket, which Garou couldn't understand.

Their number is probably around 3000.

At first glance, there is a wide variety of things that seem inconsistent, but somehow Garou senses that they are united by one strong will - a crazy sense of loyalty.


Even though they face a mythical monster's army, Raito looks relaxed and casually gives a command.


"Everyone, show your status."


His voice is definitely not reaching the back of the room.

And yet, without delay, everyone displayed their status as instructed so that a third party could see it.


"Aah ...... Aaah ...... aaaah!"


Garou couldn't help but let out a faint scream.


The fairy maids of level 500 lined up in his sight, the odd-shaped monsters level is around 1000 to 9000, and level 5000 golden armor soldier at the corner.

The three beautiful girls standing in front of the throne have the highest level, same as Mei and Raito. They have reached level 9999.


Raito walks out on the red carpet laid out in the middle of the army with their status displayed.

Mei follows him, and the "God Beast Fenrir" moves to a corner where the giants were gathered.

Garou is the only one stay on his spot.


Every time Raito walked on the carpet and passed by the army, the high-level monsters would kneel down and bow their heads.

Their behavior looks so normal, natural, no,.... they did that as if serving Raito is the noblest and loving act in this world.

Raito walks down the red carpet with the gesture, as if it's only natural for them to serve him.

The three beautiful girls who were waiting in front of the throne also kneeled down affectionately.

Mei also joined the line, joyfully serve him.


Raito walked up the stairs without stopping.

He ascended the stairs and sat down on the throne, which is so luxurious that it looks like something that never existed in this world.


"Raise your heads."


The mythical monsters faithfully follow Raito's instructions.

They all raise their heads perfectly in order.


Raito asks Garou, who is still sitting down on the red carpet.


"This is the power I've gathered for three years. Garou, let me ask you again -- 'If I wage war against the nations of the surface with this force, will I win?


"Aa, aaaah,......."


Garou did not answer.

No, his desperate expression is the answer.


(What is this, have I wandered into a mythical world? There are so many monsters that I can't even count. They've been building their power at the bottom of Naraku...... I'm not sure if the weapons, armor, and items the countries have been gathered for thousands of years will work against these monsters.)


The person who prepared all this was a child from a poor farming family.

The Legion members, including Garou, inwardly looked down on him. In the end, they betrayed, mocked, and tried to kill him.

He hasn't changed a bit since three years ago.

Now the Lord of Destruction is sitting on his throne, smiling innocently like a little child.

However, the boy possesses the power to end the world easily, just like breaking a toy block.


(...... Oh, I see. We tried to kill Raito, and that's why I got into this mess.)


Garou realized.

Before his betrayal, Raito was just a simple kid, or in bad terms, a naive kid.

 A normal kid with normal moral senses which he can found anywhere.


However, Raito has changed because Garou and the others betrayed him and tried to get rid of him under various countries' orders. Or perhaps it would be better to say that he has learned. He knew that he was destined to be used and dumped.

Then, under the various nations' orders, the Legion (Race Union) work together to kill Raito, and that's when he learned. The simple fact, if he doesn't kill them, he will be killed.

If Raito didn't notice that fact, he would never prepare an overwhelming army that spread out in front of him now.

But since they had pointed their fangs first, so he would use this mighty power without hesitation.

It was the country that tried to kill him. If he is going to show his fangs, he should be prepared to attack. Therefore, he does not care if thousands, ten thousand, hundred thousand, or hundred million corpses are going to pile up.


They had created the worst existence with their own hands, one that could destroy the world they ruled.


Garou is in despair. His proud hair was turning white and falling out. Without trying to hide it, he continued to shed tears.

Raito finally smiles in satisfaction when he sees his condition.


"Silence is golden, eloquence is silver. I knew I was right to choose Garou first. He's not good at thinking since his Legion days, but his instincts are as sharp as an animal's. From his reaction, it seems that we have enough power to fight and destroy the nations."


Raito laughed and then turned a cold gaze to Garou.


"I'll give you a reward. I'll let you live until I know the truth and decide whether or not to give an end to everyone except the human race. You can't die. Make sure you can't die even if you wanted to."


"Aaaaah, aaaaaaaah, aaaaah, aaaaaaaaaaaah!"


Garou screams out loud for the first time since he arrived here.

He didn't bother holding back his scream of despair because imagining the torture he would have to endure until Raito made his decision.

They had created the strongest and worst demon lord with their own hands, and he went mad when he realized that races other than the human race could become extinct depending on Raito's mood.



Monsters stepped up from both sides of Garou as he continued to scream and go crazy.

Garou did not show any sign of running away, nor did he care about his hair turning gray and falling out. He asks Raito a question.


"What are you? what? ...... Are you a fairy tale monster that will end the world?"




He raised his hand lightly at this question.

He stopped the monsters that were trying to take him to jail.

At the Lord's command, the monsters stopped as if he had pressed the pause button.

Raito answers Garou's question with an easy-going attitude.



"I'm not a 'fairytale monster' or that kind of great existence. I just want to take revenge on you all and find why they want to kill me like a bug and know the truth. After taking revenge and knowing the truth, I will return to my original life. Rather, with the power of this "Infinite Gacha" gift, I'm going to help people, be useful to the world."


"Ahahahahahahahahahahaha! Ihihihihihihi! Kihihihihihi!"


Garou laughs at this response.

He just laughs as if he has broken.


"What do you mean by "going to help people, be useful to the world"? There's no way a broken being like you can give benefit to people or the world! All that a being like you can do is death, destruction, and slaughter! Are you trying to become a God?"


The monsters get angry.

Garou had cursed their Lord.

Normally, his heart would stop beating, his life would be ended, but Garou has gone crazy and ignore their wrath.

He just kept on laughing like a madman.


".......take him away."


Raito watched his reaction and gave him another order.

Garou was held on both sides by the monsters and dragged to the prison.

All the while, he kept laughing to himself.

The front door opens and closes.

After Garou's laughter faded, Raito pondered for a while.


"...... God, huh? I see. That's one way of thinking about it."


Raito muttered to himself and laughed innocently.


"Then I'll be a god. Yeah, if that's what you want, then let's do it. If I can know the truth about the world, the reason why I was almost killed like a bug three years ago, I'll become a god. Ah, why not."


He turned to his followers in front of him.

"Garou's reaction convinced me that our strength is world-class. But then again, as he pointed out, the world is not so easy. We should be careful."


Even while doing this, the "Infinite Gacha," gift is activated and continues to spit out cards.

With a little trick, he can keep gachaing endlessly for 24 hours.


"Our strength is increasing with time, but we need to know more about each country and their strengths to increase our chances of success. Especially about the "Master"."


"The details of the "Master" are not available, but everyone in the room expected it to be a powerful entity.


"If there's someone like me who possessed an unusual gift, there is a high possibility that person would be targeted. That's why I'm going to concentrate on gathering information about each country first, to find the truth. Do you have any objections?"


It took Raito about three years to conquer Naraku. He makes his way to the surface, increases his level, and studies to improve his academic ability and expand his war potential.


When he was sure that there were no objections, he nodded and said.


"The worst that could happen is an immediate war. In that case, we'll organize as we decided in advance. I'll let Nazuna take the lead."


"Leave it to me! I will kill, kill and kill all the obstacles that stand in my Lord's way!

I'll build heaps of bodies and streams of blood across the whole world!"


Nazuna gets really excited. She raised her hand and declared.


" I'll leave the adjutant, operational command, and planning to Elly."


"As Raito-sama wish, I swear to give everything I have."


Ellie held down her hat, picked up her Gothic Lolita skirt, and bowed gracefully.


"Aoki, take command of the monster squad. Can you do that?"


"Yes. Everything I do is for the Lord, and I will serve you until the last drop of my blood."


She covered her eyes with his cat-eared hoodie and replied in a cold voice that she usually doesn't use.

It shows that she's really motivated.

Finally, Raito called out to Mei.


"Mei manage the information coming in, manage logistics, provide support, point out problems I'm not aware of, offer solutions... can you do that?


"I swear by my maid way that I will do the best and be the most perfect."


Raito nodded in satisfaction at Mei's enthusiastic reply.


"The world... If the hidden truth is true, I will be the one who spread happiness, as the good God. The world...if the truth is twisted, tragic, and evil, I will not hesitate to become the one who spread death, destruction, slaughter, and despair. I'll call myself the evil God. At that time, I shall destroy all countries."


Raito laughs innocently.

While laughing like a child, he sings about world destruction.

While having the power to actually destroy the world.


"Now, from Naraku to the surface. From the darkness to the light. Let us begin our march to find the truth."


With Raito's single word, they start to move.


An army with enough power to destroy the world has begun marching out to the surface from the world's largest, hardest, and most punitive dungeon, "Naraku".



Translator note :


Skewered foods, known as kushiyaki, feature delectable bites of meat and vegetables that go perfectly with beer or sake. “Kushi” refers to the bamboo skewers used to spear the ingredients, while “yaki” means grilled or fried.



exclamation of relief or disappointment


* Orichalcum

Orichalcum is a legendary precious metal that was mentioned by Plato as used in Atlantis.


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