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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 0 - part 2

About three years after I was betrayed by the friends I trusted and met Mei at the bottom of "Naraku".


A corner of the deepest part of the world's largest , hardest and most punitive dungeon, "Naraku"(hell).

Originally, it was a rugged black rock, but as a result of renovations, it has become a corridor with a smooth, marble-like texture.

The walls are lined with magical lighting devices, making them brighter.


As I, Raito, walked along, the low-ranking fairy maids who noticed my appearance lined up by the wall and bowed.

They were all beautiful girls with various heights and styles. Even if only one of them appears on the surface world, many people would be making a fuss about wanting to make her their wife, their lover, or their daughter-in-law.


"Thanks for your hard work."


"Thank you, Master."


They responded happily when I called out to them.

I raise my hand lightly to them and walk past.

The distance between us has widened considerably, but because the hallway is made of stone and my skill level has been increased, I still can hear their chatter.


"Raito-sama, it's my lucky day to be able to talk with him!"


"Maybe we've used up all our luck today."


"Oh, Raito-sama is so cool. ...... I want to lick his toes. No, even if it's just his fallen hair, I'll lick it."


"You are a pervert!"


"But if you got a chance, you would lick it too, right?"


"Why wouldn't I?"


"I like licking, but I also want to be petted."


"I want him to look at me with scornful eyes and treat me like a pig."


"OK, your level is too high!"


I couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

The maid who accompany me today looks angry, the vein on her face appears.


"Master, please allow me to stop the chattering fairies right now."


"That's fine, I don't mind. It just means they love me that much."


"........I apologize for my overreaction."


With my forgiveness, the vein on her face disappears as if they were never been there in the first place.

As I proceed further, the beautifully crafted corridor ended, and I came to a rugged area that looked like the original dungeon.

This place is a training ground that had been left untouched.

The people I was looking for were gathered at the training ground.


There are 3 people in that place. A short, silver-haired vampire thrusts her hands to the sky and shouts.


"I told you I'm not stupid! I can even recite the multiplication as proof. See, 1 x 1 is 1, 1 x 2 is 2, 1 x 3 are 4..."


" There's no way you can do that. And you're so unbelievably stupid that you already made a mistake at the beginning."




The long blonde girl in the sorcerer's hat shrugs her shoulders as if she has given up on the short, silver-haired vampire girl.

The girl in the cat hoodie, who is shorter than the other two, imitates the cat's voice.


""*Three women make a market". It's good to be happy and lively. It's much better than being in the dark and despair."


I left my maid waiting for me there and walked over to the three girls.


"So, you're all here?"


When I called out to them, the three of them who had been talking loudly turned around with sparkling expressions.


"Raito-sama! You've come to see me! I'm so happy!"


A short, silver-haired vampire girl, she is also a former card that I drew from my "Infinite Gacha".


"Pure Vampire Knight Nazuna, Level 9999".


She has blood-red eyes and long silver hair, and despite her short stature, her breasts are very large. She looks like a beautiful young lady, but she is a lovely girl with a lot of energy, as you can see from her words and actions.

She is also a powerful knight, wearing heavy armor and holding a huge sword bigger than her, and she will face any monster that comes her way.


"There's no way God Raito would come to see a child like Nazuna who doesn't have any single piece of elegancy. God Raito, Elly is always ready to conceive Raito-sama's divine child. Come on, let's go to Elly's bedroom. If po-po-possible give me some time to take a bath since I've been sweating a bit."



The woman with long blond hair and wearing a witch's hat invited me to her room. Her face turns red, and her eyes clouded with tears.

She is also a former card that came out from my "Infinite Gacha" gift.


"Elly, the Forbidden Witch, level 9999.

She is a witch who has mastered all kinds of magic, sorcery, forbidden arts, and spirit arts.

She wears a witch's hat and has beautiful blond hair tied in two. Her height is around 160cm, and she always wears a hat, which makes her look taller.

Her style is nice, her breasts are firm, her waist is curvy, and her hips are well-defined.

Of course, she is a beautiful young lady with a well-developed face and looks more like a magical girl than a witch.

She often invites me to her bedroom, but she has no experience and still a virgin. I'm flattered, but I haven't achieved my goal, so I don't want to have children yet.

That's why I have always refused.

Elly is a beautiful girl and has a good style, so I am very happy about her feelings.


"Nnya ~."


Another girl ended up purring like a cat and rubbing her head against my body easily.

Of course, she's also a former card from my "Infinite Gacha" gift.

"Genius Monster Tamer Aoyuki, level 9999.

She's a monster tamer who can control on any kind of magical beast, divine beast, phantom beast, or rare beast.

She is the shortest of the three and wears a hoodie with cat ears.

Her chest is small, and her arms and legs are long but slender.

She has a young face, and with her fantastic blue hair color, she is an extremely beautiful young lady.

She often imitates a cat's purr and rubs her head and body against mine like this. She's so cute that I can't help but pet her under the chin as if she is a real cat.

Aoyuki also looked happy and let out a "meow~♪" sound.


"Not only Nazuna, I have a business with you two as well. Elly, please invite me to your bedroom again another time. Aoyuki too, listen closely..."


A monster sneaks out from the darkness at the back of the room.

It is a huge four-legged beast, almost 10 meters in height, with a snake as its tail bigger than my body.

I had noticed the monster's presence, but the trauma from the past made my body stiffen.


The three who noticed me stiffening up quickly take position, ready to attack the four-legged monster [ the Snake Hellhound].


"How dare you disrespect Raito-sama in front of me? ......Don't think I'll let you die easily."


She hold her large sword lightly as she glared at the monster.


"I let you live out of mercy and value, but I can't forgive your sins, making a move on God Raito. This species should be exterminated from the dungeons, the surface and erased from all literature and records. Elly opened the magic book on her hand and unleashed a killing intent."


"--That's right. For making the King feels uncomfortable, that's more than enough reason for your hellish existence to perish."


Aoyuki, who usually only talks like a cat, even said, "the monster should be eliminated immediately."

Hiding her gaze with the edge of her hood, wrapping a chain around her hand and hit the ground to get ready for battle.


The level 1000 snake hellhound was intimidated by 3 people with level 9999, and his face looks frightened.

If I were to play a joke here and say, "I permit", the snake hellhounds in this dungeon and any other places would be extinct.


I cleared my throat and then called out to the three of them.


"I'm fine now. All three of you, please stop. He's scared. See, he's surprisingly cute once we get used to it."


I approached the snake hellhound and pet it.

The snake hellhound also wants to survive, so it rolls on the ground and shows its belly to be petted.

The snake on its tail also shrugs flirtatiously and stretches, letting its cold scales touch my cheek.


"If Raito-sama said so."


"God Raito's word takes precedence over everything."





All three of them agreed with my instructions and lowered down their weapon.

After a bit of a diversion, I finally get into the main topic.


"I just got a call from Mei. She said, "I caught the prey". That's why I came to ask you all to get ready."


The only reason I didn't use the "call" is that I am so happy that I wanted to tell them in person, so I went out of my way to find them.


"Wooo! Finally! Congratulations, Raito-sama! I'll do my best to get ready!"


"I don't like the idea of Mei being in charge of catching the prey. This Elly also can accomplish the mission perfectly. No, I can even do it more than perfect."




"Thank you, Elly. But Elly doesn't look like a human race... On the other hand, Mei does look like a human. We have to choose the right person for the right place."


Elly has pointed ears, though not as pointed as the elves.

It's hard to disguise herself as a human.

On the other hand, Mei only looked like a beautiful human maid.

If Elly wanted to, she could fool people with magic tools, but there's no guarantee it'll always work, so we had to be careful.


"I know, I know. But not only Mei, don't forget that God Raito also has Elly."


"Of course. Not just Elly, I am counting on all of you."




The three of them were so touched by my words. Their cheeks are blushing, and their bodies are trembling.

It's nice to see that their very high loyalty, but sometimes they are overreacting, that I couldn't help but let out a slight chuckle.

The time has come.

I had been waiting for almost three years. I couldn't help but smiling happily because I finally can accomplish one of my revenge.




Garou the beast arrogantly walks down the central street of the city.

People on the street immediately clear the way for him, and those who adore him come to bow to him.


"Hello, Garou aniki! Where are you going? If you don't mind, let me accompany you."


"Hey, Garou, I was wondering if you'd like to meet my sister. My sister is a fan of you."


"No, no. Rather than meet his mysterious sister, it will better for you to meet my daughter."


"Garou-sama, please come back to the store and tell us your heroic story. We'll be waiting!"


"Garou-sama, please come to our store instead of those little girls' store! If you come here, I promise you'll get special treatment."


The young beastmen, the young men, the old men, the young women, and the attractive female beastmen took turns calling out to him.

Garou doesn't stop but lightly raises his hand to decline while his tail wags in a good mood.


"I'm sorry, but I still have work to do. I don't have any time right now. When I'm free, I'll call you or come visit you, so just wait for me."


Those who were turned down by Garou said nothing more. They looked at him with respect, admiration, love, and even a hint of jealousy.

However, for the current Garou, even the jealous glances were just a factor to satisfy his sense of superiority.


(Killing one human boy is enough to make me the next head of the beast wolf race, so it was a delicious job!)


About three years ago, a boy with the potential to be the 'Master' was found, so he was recruited into the Legion "Race Union".

After that, they checked on the boy for three months, but he was judged that the boy is not the "Master".

They decided to kill him just in case. They took him to a dungeon where they didn't have to worry about being seen, and it would be easier to dispose his body.

However, they got a little carried away and let him escape.


To be precise, Garou was about to kill the boy who was stuck with an arrow in his leg. But, the boy's hand accidentally activated a transfer magic circle.

The boy disappeared.


They did their best to look for him after that, but they couldn't find him in the end.

Nevertheless, with that wound, the human child had been transported to somewhere in the world's largest , hardest and most punitive dungeon, "Naraku".

He would probably be attacked by monsters attracted by his blood smell and eaten to death.


As a result, all the members agreed that Raito is dead and notified the upper management.

The upper management also believes them and judged that "the possibility that Raito is still alive is low".

They decided to declared his death.


As a reward for the murder of the human suspected of being the "Master", Garou was given his current position of "The Beast Wolf leader top candidate".

Thanks to this, he is recognized by every beast wolves he met on the street and other beast races, and he received a large amount of money from the government.

The reward money alone is enough to live on for the rest of his life.


(Other than us, they also created the Legion, shops, merchant guilds, and secret organizations to search for the "Master"... In the end, I still don't really understand what the "Master" is. Why are so many countries put so much effort into searching for the "Master"?)


Even the treatment that Garou received is exceptional.


Originally, Garou's position in the Beast Wolf race was not that good. He can't even become a leader candidate.


If he is a human being, it would be like the third son of a poor farmer in the village who jumped to the top of the list of candidates for village chief the next morning. And if everything going well, he would be elected for sure.


It's not just Garou.

Rumor said that each of the former members of the Race Union is making great strides in their hometowns, just like Garou.


(I heard that Sasha the Elf is an illegitimate child who didn't get along well with her half-sister and was treated as someone who didn't exist. But now, there are rumors that the royal family is talking about marrying her. The dwarf Nano has been hired by the best blacksmiths. Diablo, the demon race, has not only had his disinherited nobility returned to him, but his rank also raised......)


Drago the dragon is the one that has made the greatest strides.


(I didn't realize that Drago-san is a royal family member that are heirs to the throne....... No wonder his pride is greater than the ordinary dragon races. I've heard that his standing for the throne was low, but it went up significantly after he killed one human....... There's a possibility he will become the dragon race leader, the strongest of the 6 races. That's more than just a big stride)


Raito was not the "Master".

Despite this fact, they received many good treatments just by getting rid of him.



( If Raito was the real "Master", would he have been treated better? If that's the case, then what the hell is a "Master"?)


Curious and hoping for better treatment than he is getting now, he thought about "doing his own research" on the Master, but his instincts quickly dismissed the idea.

Just thinking about it, he can almost smell the death that sticks to his nose.

Goosebumps spread horribly under his fur.


(My instinct is telling me not to get involved with the "Master" thing. If my intuition kicks in, then it must be really bad. It has saved my life so many times......)


When he was a member of the Legion (Race Union), he went into the dungeons so many times and fought many dangerous monsters.

Each time, he was saved by his beast instincts.

The former members of the "Race Union" even use Garou's "instinctive intuition" into their consideration.


(While there's life, there's hope. It would be a waste to get greedy and give up my current position. I'm an orphaned, abandoned child who only good at using violence, and now I'm the next top candidate for the Beast Wolf leader. If things go well, the beast wolf race's top position will be mine......kuku, fufufuhi! I can't believe this Garou-sama is the top of the beast wolf race! To protect this position, I should forget about the "Master".


Garou is sure that their countries treat him and his other team member well as a reward for killing Raito, who is not the "Master".

But there is no reason for him to throw away his current good treatment just for his curiosity.

In fact, the right answer would be to forget about the "Master".



"Excuse me, may I have your attention?"




As he was inwardly drawing conclusions about the "Master", a voice called him.

Garou let out a grumpy sound as he was interrupted in his thought process.

However, a beautiful woman is standing there and instantly blew away his grumpiness.


Her black hair looked as if it had been cut from the night sky. Her hair is tied up in a ponytail. She is wearing a well-tailored cloak, with a similar traveling outfit underneath.

She is tall for a woman, and her face had large eyes, long eyelashes, red rosy lips, and a well-defined nose. Everything was perfectly arranged. Her skin is so smooth and white that she looked like a doll that God had painstakingly created.

Her beauty alone is eye-catching, but she also has extremely large breasts that push up her clothes from underneath. Her breasts are so large that men would definitely look at them. Yet, her waist is so small that it seems like it might break, and her arms and legs are long and slender. All this combination makes her look very stylish.


Such a beautiful woman of human race spoke to him.

She is so beautiful that he question himself, "Is she human?".


"I'm sorry for stopping you. Are you Garou-sama, the Legion (Race union) ex-member?"


"Eh, oo, ooo."


Garou hasn't changed his name.

So it's not so difficult to find him.


By the way, the official reason for the disbandment of the "Race Union" was that "the members felt responsible for the death of Raito in the dungeon, and they split up".


The beautiful woman asks with a sad expression.


"Actually, I'm looking for the whereabouts of the Lord I'm supposed to serve, Master Raito. ...... I'm sorry, I haven't told you my name yet. My name is Mei. I am a maid who swears absolute loyalty to Raito-sama."


"Oh, ooo?"


He was asked unilaterally and she already introduced herself. However, once again, Garou could only spit out a voice that sounded like a moan.




Translator note :

*Three women make a market

『女三人寄ればかしましい』onna sannin yoreba kashimashi

wherever women gather it is noisy


*Aniki = big brother


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