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Friday, January 1, 2021

Ep 32 – [Side story] People who come from far away

  It was an empty land. 

The rough ground is flat, without undulations, and the dust flies and spreads. 

 The land is so distorted as if life or time doesn't even exist there. 

The land is at the southern part of the Hydragia continent. Further south from the land where Mynoghra and Fawncaven are located. 

The barren land called the undeveloped area was empty and had no life presence, as it doesn't even exist. 


In a land with no value or meaning, a man is quietly looking down at the earth. 

He is a strange man. 

His age is unknown. But the wrinkles on his skin make him look suitably old. 

He is fully clothed in a tired black cloak ripped and torn in some places, that makes him look like a beggar. 

However, his appearance shows that this man is not an ordinary man. 

He has short cut black hair and sharp eyes. 

From his body that can be seen through the cloth, it seems he used to put himself in battle, but the light of intelligence is shining brightly from his eyes. 


The man stares at the earth. Quiet and stay quiet. 


"Aah! Great Demon King! What are you looking at?" 


Someone just breaks the silence. 

It's a woman. The pale-skinned woman, dressed in a light green costume, called the man "Demon King." 

Currently, the barbarian invasion from the south plagues Mynoghra and others. 

This man was the cause of all that phenomenon. 

The final challenge awaits the player and standing at the last stage of the popular RPG game "Brave Quests". 

Without a name or anything else, the existence is called the Demon King. 

That was the nickname given to the man. 


"Looking at the earth." 


The Demon King quietly responded to the woman's words. 

His eyes are still fixed on the ground, and no one can imagine what he is thinking from his attitude. 

The woman cannot guess what the Demon King is thinking 

. There is confusion on her face. 


"Well! The earth? Do you have any concerns about the earth in this world?" 


"No, I was impressed that it was a wonderful land." 


The scent of vegetation flowing from afar, the birds flying in the sky, the wind is blowing through occasionally, and the earth's warmth filled all five senses of the Demon King. 

When he breathes in lightly, the refreshing air fills his lungs and spreads throughout his body. 

Different from any of the worlds he knows. The burned earth, the dark sky, and the poisonous fog that consumed his lungs 

It was an extremely emotional experience for the Demon King. 

He had been sitting deep in the depths of the Demon King's castle and had never stepped out. 

From his birth to his death, the Demon King never went outside his residence, the Demon King's Castle. 

Of course, he knows about the existence of the earth and sky. But there is a big difference between knowing and experiencing. That difference is what makes him feel deeply impressed. 

It may sound ridiculous, but this is the first time he has been outside. 


How much joy that is... 


The Demon King wanted to forget about the common senses and talk about his personal passion. Still, he closed his mouth, remembering that his Shitennou would never understand the impression. 


"Oh, wonderful! The Demon King seems to like this place! Yeah! Yeah! If you give an order, we will take over this land for the Demon King right now! As our king, please give us an order!" 


The Female Shitennou spread out her hands in an exaggerated manner, gasping for air as if she wanted to conquer the entire world and make it theirs. 

Her submissive attitude as a subordinate was desirable. Unfortunately, it was not something that could sway the Demon King's mind at this time. 

Above all, he was already tired of seeing that kind of attitude and ignored it. 

He looked up at the sky. The question suddenly arose as to what to do in this beautiful world. 


"What do you think I should do?" 


The word made the woman blink her eyes and look scared. 


"What? Aah, no, no! I'm sorry! I was a little surprised with this world. That's right, that's exactly right!" 


He is well aware that it was an inappropriate word as the king of the demons. 

However, the Demon King decided to ask that question. Therefore, even if the woman took a somewhat disrespectful attitude, he did not care. 

However, he may not have been interested in what kind of response his subordinates would take towards him ... 

Anyway, the question has been asked. The only thing left to do is wait for an answer. 

The demon king waits for the woman's reply while quietly staring at the earth. 

Eventually, after some awkward times passed, the woman finally replied. 


As to your earlier question--of course! If that's the Demon King-sama wish! 

 Only if that's what the Demon King wishes to do, that's the law! Even if you want to take over the world, it will be yours! Yes!! Is that what you wish? 


Exaggerated, overstated, and perhaps flattering. 

――And as expected, it was a really boring reply. 



"Is that ...right? No, of course, it is." 


Once again, the demon king is silent. 

The woman is worried, she wondered if she'd made a mistake, but she didn't dare to open her mouth to apologize for her mistake. 

In the unlikely event that it was a misunderstanding, that apology could be the main reason why the demon king would be offended. 


"Go ahead, I'll look at the land for a while. 


After a while, the demon king seems to remember and gives an order to the woman. 

The woman's nervous expression eased. She was relieved by his words. She greeted him with her usual high-spirited tone of voice and then suddenly disappeared from that place. 


...... The Demon King is lost in thought. 

Even after the female Shitennou left, he keeps staring at the earth and quietly immerses himself in his own thought. 


Nobody knows what is behind his chiseled and neat face. No one knows what's  

inside his mind. 


But after confirming with his supernatural senses that no one was there, the Demon King blurted out a few words as if he asks himself. 


“"----said for sure...." 


 What does it really mean? 

 It seemed like a confirmation and a question to himself. 

 If all the Shitennou were here, one of them would question his true intentions. 



 But only the Demon King exists in this place. 

 It's because no one there then the Demon King muttered his earlier words. 

 It seemed as if he couldn't help but unintentionally utter a secret that must never be heard. 


"Here is the peace, the peace I seek." 



The words leaked out again.  

The wind flew the sad words into the sky. 

No one will hear it. No one will understand it. 


In the distance, he can hear the voices of demons. 


Even though that voices can only be heard by a non-human being - or a being that transcends demons. 

It is a scream of demons who are fiercely overrunning humans in the distance. 

Apparently, at this moment the world domination has begun again. 

It's the beginning of a long journey. A long, long journey that never ends... 


The Demon King lost himself in thought. 

The time of the war is just around the corner.

>>>>> Ep 33


  1. funny how Novelupdate see this place as dead links.

  2. Thanks for the chapter and I hope you continue translating more, happy new year !!!!

  3. If we become a b class hero, do we only get 8 translated chapters, or do we unlock all chapters that b class heroes currently have access to?

    1. If you become A or B class NOW you can read all chapter that already translate for A & B class (currently episode 48).

      PS: soon I will change the package

  4. happy new year and thanks for the chapter!

  5. Thanks for the chapter! Just recently gotten into this story and I am really enjoying it so far.

    How is Takuto going to respond to this!? Will he and the Demon King somehow hit it off cause they both just want peace? Find out next time on --------!

    Also since I just got to this chapter, I am looking forward to the next chapter! Any predicted time the next one will be released?

    1. No spoiler... but it just getting better.
      Next chapter... not sure, but usually I post new update on friday.
      I update more frequent and regularly on private site

  6. Are you going to update soon?we missed the last two and if you don't update tomorrow it would be sad...

  7. Since i am depending on Novelupdate, i am bit late. It look like they thought of it as a dead link for a while. They just update it though a couple week ago, but damn, this site got so much better. I like it. Keep up the good work.


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