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Infinite Gacha: Ch 0 - part 2

About three years after I was betrayed by the friends I trusted and met Mei at the bottom of "Naraku".   A corner of the deepest part of the world's largest , hardest and most punitive dungeon, "Naraku"(hell). Originally, it was a rugged black rock, but as a result of renovations, it has become a corridor with a smooth, marble-like texture. The walls are lined with magical lighting devices, making them brighter.   As I, Raito, walked along, the low-ranking fairy maids who noticed my appearance lined up by the wall and bowed. They were all beautiful girls with various heights and styles. Even if only one of them appears on the surface world, many people would be making a fuss about wanting to make her their wife, their lover, or their daughter-in-law.   "Thanks for your hard work."   "Thank you, Master."   They responded happily when I called out to them. I raise my hand lightly to them and walk past. The distan

Infinite Gacha: Chapter 0 - part 1

[Serial version] I was almost killed by my comrades inside the dungeon, but I used the gift from 'Infinite Gacha' and got level 9999 friend. I'll take revenge on my ex-party members and the world. "Serves you right! ================================================================   Chapter 0, Episode 0 (part 1)   "Raito ... You're banned from the party."   "……eh?"   I don't understand what's going on. I was surprised and leaked out my voice.   We are currently exploring the world's largest , hardest and most punitive dungeon, 'Naraku'(hell). My role in the party is a baggage carrier and miscellaneous worker. While we were taking a break before entering the dungeon's middle level, I was told that I would be banned. As I put down the backpack on the ground, the sweat I wiped off turned to cold sweat.   Drago-san is the leader of the Legion "Race Union" party. He is a bipedal dragon