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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Episode 32: Invasion

 From the Dragon town you can see the hordes of the barbarians . 

Just as soon as Fawncaven soldiers can confirm their appearance, from the distance the barbarians were also monitoring their prey while sticking out their tongue. 


Fremine. Have you received an order from the Demon King? 


The barbarian army is massive; Hill giants, goblins, orcs, and other miscellaneous monsters. 

Among the monsters, a single block of ice suddenly spoke up. 

 No - it is a creature. 


The odd-shaped man, whose whole body is wrapped in ice, has a giant body twice as large as an adult man and carries a battle-ax with a size suitable for his body. 

Its strange appearance made it look less like a living thing, but it seemed that the ice block has free will. 

The man looked completely different from the rest of the barbarians and seemed to have a strength that far surpassed the others, 

While looking at Dragon Town, he asked the man next to him a question. 


"Kihihi! Yes, Ice Rock. It said to do it the same way as usual.” 


 The man who answered also looked unique. 

Unlike the ice block man, he was tall as a human or an orc. However, his body was thin that it looked too unnatural, and flames were burning around his body. 

The man in the ice block is the Ice Shogun, Ice Rock. 

The flame man is the flame demon, Fremine. 


Both are called the Demon King's Shitennou. They were the boss characters in the RPG games that Takuto knows. 

Characters that are supposed to be only fiction's existence has appeared. 

Phenomena that should have never existed are now becoming a reality. 


The Ice Shitennou, Ice Rock, shake his bodies and start talking. 


"This place where my Demon King's army was suddenly summoned. 

Do you have information about what kind of world it is?" 


"Hmm? Ah, it's not so different from the previous world! Kihihi. It's a world where there are monsters, magic, and humans are breeding in groups." 


 Fremine, the Shitennou of Flame, replied with a cruel smile without looking at Ice Rock. 

 Fremine had sent his scout to investigate. He knew this world better than anyone else in Demon King's army.  

... It was only the other day that their consciousness awakened. 


In the world they were originally from, they are the Hero sworn enemy. 

The Hero had the power to face an army alone. When the Demon King army was about to enter the decisive battle, both were destroyed by the Hero 

They had been brought back to life by the Demon Lord. This time, they will destroy the Hero who threatens their master. 

Previously they have in vital positions in the Demon Castle. They would do their best to present victory to the Demon Lord they respected.  


The final battle will begin soon. The swords will clash with each other, and magics will be cast endlessly. 

Rage, screams, and roars will reverberate in this area. 

Many of their comrades were slashed by overwhelming human power, but now is their turn for payback. 


But what happened at that time? 

While watching the fellow monsters trampled like a piece of paper; the leftover monsters is screaming. 

Before they realize it, they were standing on an empty land together with their master, the Demon King, and other executive-class monsters. 

As far as their eyes can see, the surrounding is just a wasteland. 

The thing left for them is not a glorious victory to lead the world to darkness, not a defeat to the humiliating light. 

There was nothing left. 


 ...... That was a few days ago. 

  The confused demons were quickly calmed down by the Demon King, and orders for their next actions were given in succession. 

 Investigate the land, summon the subordinates using summoning magic, build the Demon King's castle as a base, and then prepare the army. 

Whether the world changes or their target changes, their purpose did not change. 

They make all preparations quickly to achieve one purpose. 

And all the stages were prepared at an abnormal speed. 


Like in the old world, this time, they started the action to overrun the world. 






"It’s a Beautiful World." 


 Muttering, without saying a word, Shitennou Ice Rock slowly looked up at the sky. 

 The clouds were clear, and he could see birds swimming in the sky, looking pleasant. 

 The earth was so vast that it seemed to go on forever, and even from the rough land, he could feel the mellow breath of life. 


Ice Rock couldn't understand why he was in this situation. 

And what should he do in this world? 

All of these demons are driven by the orders given by the Demon King. 

They have increased their power to the fullest, with their instincts raging within themselves like a muddy stream. 

Everything is by the will of the great Demon King, destroying humanity and building a demon world. 

That is their only thought and the reason for their existence. 


"Our mission is to conquer the world. Destroy humans and build our paradise." 


 The Demon King's order is "Conquer." 

 Just as it was in the original world, so shall it be in this world. 

 He has become a hound, as the Great Lord wished him to be. He destroyed many cities and human life. 

 Even if the world has changed, what he does won’t change. 

 To fulfill his role, Ice Rock turns his eyes to the city, which will be his first prey in this world. 


"... Is that first prize? The human city that will be the foundation of our supremacy." 


"Hihi! A country called Fawncaven. The beastman scout we caught obediently explained! " 


"Huh. Your hobby is bad." 


Unlike Fremine, the same four heavenly king and colleague, Ice Rock probably has a warrior's pride. 

He dislikes Fremine's evil acts, and naturally, sarcasm words come out from his mouth. 

It should be a human city, but there is a beastman scout. 

By nature, beastmen are close to demons. Some species don't like to fight, but basically, they should be incompatible with humans. 

Nevertheless, why do they work as scouts? 

Various questions came to Ice Rock's mind, but he immediately put them away. 

He nearly never thinks because of the belief that they only act according to the Demon King's orders. 

That is the purpose of Shitennou. 

No, all the demons under the Demon King are the same. 


Ice Rock felt something strange. 

However, there is no time to analyze and confirm it in detail. 

The order the Demon King gave him was "world domination" 

 first of all, they must carry out orders, regardless of their condition, or whatever they have right now. 

 There is an unspeakable worry in his mind, but Ice Rock shakes off those worries by lightly shaking his head. 

 Eventually, as if he had made up his mind, his inorganic ice eyes shine, and he asks Fremine. 


"... Maybe. Did the Demon King say anything about the capture of the city?" 


"Do whatever you want! Both with monsters and strategies! We are free to do anything!" 


"The Daikon radish and Green Little Demon have joined our Demon King's army. This makes it easier for us to conquer the world." 


There is a reason their army was so large. 

Initially, the summoned subordinates didn't have any will, and the military not prepared, but unexpected luck came down. 

That unexpected luck is the native demons who lived in this area. They are wished to join the Demon King's army. 

Although they are not powerful, their existence should be appreciated as an additional force. 

However, it seems that most of them have already been killed while they were scouting. 

Anyway, if they can get information about humans, it was a small price to pay. It is a force that initially didn't exist. 

Fremine, who was conducting an investigation of Fawncaven's strength, judged that it was a good result because human beings' information was revealed to some extent. 


"Kihihi! This reminds me of something! The battle we fought in the old world! We demons invaded the land of humans. I can't remember the kingdom name now, but the first day we destroyed a kingdom in one night!" 


Fremine raises a creepy joyful voice. 

Ice rock also remembers those days in the past. 

The days when everything started. The battle with humans which will decide the world fate. 

The days when he swung a battle ax and devoted everything to the Demon King. 

And the decisive battle with the Hero. 

With his memory of running through like a racehorse, a torrent of information like an avalanche hits Ice Rock. 


"Fremine, I want to ask something ..." 


"Ah? What?" 


"... What happened to our ambitions?" 


"Huh? Why you ask such a thing..." 


Ice Rock can't forget the worries that he should have already wiped away, irresistibly, he asked. 

His last moment. Ice Rock remembered he participated in the battle to decide the world's fate. 

He tried to block the deadly technique that blows off his whole body. The enemy blade has penetrated his heart. 

He fell down. In a blurred consciousness, he watched the Demon King and the Hero confront each other. 


However, after that, his memories are vague. 

Ice Rock thought that he was destroyed at that moment, but as long as he has a vague memory, he is a little unconvinced of the answer. 

Then, did they summoned to this world before the conclusion battle with the Hero finished? 


...... He felt something was different. 

Because when he was dying and starting to lose consciousness, he saw the Hero's sword stuck in the Demon Lord's body... 


So Ice Rock shamelessly ask Fremine. 

Fremine is a cunning and sly person, 

While understanding that Fremine is planning to overtake the other four heavenly kings and become the Demon King aide. 

He chose to borrow that wisdom. 

He hopes that the questions in his heart that similar to the impatience feeling can be solved. 





“Keh! It doesn't matter! We'll have to take the prey in front of us now! Isn't that right, Ice Rock?" 


“...... That’s right.” 


The response from Fremine was not what he was expecting. 

No, Fremine was pretending to think a little. 

Perhaps he is in the same situation as himself. 

The area suddenly became noisy. 

The bloodlust and excitement of the demons have come to an uncontrollable point.  

The unreasonable growls and strange voices fill the area, 

They couldn't afford to have a leisurely conversation anymore. 

He didn't get the answer to the question that springs up in his head. Ice Rock senses that the time has come. 


"Move the monster. First of all, destroy the Dragon Town. Offer humans despair and suffering to the Demon Lord." 


 The second-in-command who was waiting at his side - a demon dressed in a robe and holding a staff - nodded respectfully. 

 That demon draws letters in the air with some kind of magic. 

 At the same time, the demons, who were mostly unintelligent, began to slowly move forward. 


"What you will do, Fremine?" 


"Oh, I'll refrain. I'll give the lead to you. Be grateful, Ice Rock!!" 


"I see. Thanks." 


 He took out a giant battle-ax from his back and held it up with both hands. 

 The weapon that has slaughtered many enemies is his pride. 

 Except for the Hero, no one ever survived when standing before his battle-ax. 

 Ice Rock takes a step forward. 

 The earth shakes, and the ground sinks because it can't hold the weight coming from his massive body. 


 He marches into the city of Dragon Town, feeling Fremine gaze behind him. 

 Fremine is not to be trusted. Ice Rock doesn't understand what he's thinking, either.  

 But it's inevitable. 

 All that matters is that the world is finally will be in the Demon King hand. 

 And Ice Rock has the power to make this happen. 

 He'll destroy everyone. 

 The arrogance and short-sightedness of Shitennou of the Demon King's Army lead Ice Rock to this decision. 







While seeing off the ice rocks and monsters marching into the city, Fremine spit on a terribly dull view. 

However, that expression immediately changes. A bird-like monster wrapped in flames landed on the Fremine side and made a report. 


 Fremine turns his gaze to the northwest with a grin and a twisted expression. 

 He is selfish, ignores orders, and cruel. 

 If Ice Rock's character is a warrior, then Fremine's character can be described as a poisonous snake. 

Fremine says something to the demon who just reported something to him. 

The bird-shaped monster that received the command of the Lord flew immediately to faithfully carry out its duties. 

Shitennou of flame giggled while keeping his eyes on a certain point. 

From his cruel smile, there is no doubt that he is an absolute terrible person. It belongs to a destroyer who will dominate the living things in the future. 


"Hihihi! I wonder... should I go and take over the other town!" 


His line of sight was certainly directed toward the Daijukai. 



Translator note: 

Shitennou = Shitennou, big four, four heavenly king


Message from translator :

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Thank you



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