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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Episode 30: Incident

  When Takuto is forced to improve his life habits by the new hero Isla, in Dragon Town, Atou and the other soldiers carry out their duties with all their might. 

But the battle that took place in Dragon Town that day was no longer focused on defense but had become a hunting activity.  


"Ah, Atou-dono! A group of goblins, about five! Coming from the southwest! 


"Yes, yes. I understand. 


 Outside Dragon Town, in a temporary tent. 

Atou receives a report from Fawncaven's scout soldiers. 

 How many times had they repeated this situation already? 

She felt annoyed that this happened when she was about to drink the rare tea she found in Dragon Town. Without complaining, she walked out of the tent and looked towards the horizon. 


 A moment later. 

 Big tentacles came out from her back and stabbed into the ground. 

 A creepy sound from deep within the ground was heard, then from a distance, there was a faint sound of bones, flesh-tearing, and cries of pain. 


Good hunting-- yes, it's over. 


Th, tha, thank you! 


The stunned scout gave a salute and dismissed himself. 

Even though he looked a little scared, Atou felt relieved that he didn’t get hysteric.


It is difficult for other races to accept the evil race. 

By nature, there should be more controversy in Dragon Town before they can accept the Mynoghra army ... 

But they found a way to avoid that controversy. 


In fact, even though they were afraid of Atou, but they didn't hate her. They didn't hate her because of one fake info 

However, the problem was that it was a little unpleasant for Atou... 


"Even by goblin standards, they are useless?" 


"Is that you, Elder Mortar? ..." 


 Before she knew it, Elder Mortar stood beside the chair on which she was sitting. 

Atou replied without looking at him and turned her eyes to the other side of the horizon while drinking tea.  


But now the Dragon Town people call me octopus demi-human..... 


“Ho-ho-ho! Such a fearful thing!” 


 While laughing at the sight of the tentacles moving before his eyes, Elder Mortar sat down on a chair out of nowhere. 

As usual, the people around them still busy repairing Fawncaven's defenses. 

Some of the soldiers that Atou brought also seemed to be working well with Dragon Town defense force. 

Atou thought that it was good for battle training. While holding his staff in both hands, Elder Mortal calmly asked.  


"By the way, Atou-dono. What ability have you been robbed so far?" 



"Goblins [outdoor activities]. Orcs [strengthening] and Hill Giants [superhuman strength] and [regeneration]. I saw a stone golem the other day, so I definitely want his [stone skin] ability.” 


 This defense cooperation has given them the best results. 

Barbarians had low battle strength, so any units with a certain power level could easily deal with them. 

Although their strength was on the same level as ordinary soldiers, they had useful abilities. 

Their abilities were disproportionate to their strength. By defeating them, Atou had managed to strengthen herself more than the expectation. 


Just by hearing the ability names, Elder Mortar could guess the function. 

At the same time, he is happy because Atou gained various abilities and got stronger. 


"Well, that's an unexpectedly big catch. I'm sure our king would be pleased with this" 


"Yeah! Yeah! Takuto-sama also praised me! I'll get more praise when I get home." 


"Isn’t that good?......Oya?" 


 Old Mortar stroked his beard and turned his sharp gaze to the hill in front of him. 

 Atou also turns her eyes toward the same direction and found a small shadow suddenly appearing on the hill. 


It's a Hill Giant, isn't it? Hmm, lots of raids today.” 


 Although attacks by barbarians have occurred countless times, their origins are still unknown. The barbarian just suddenly appeared. 

This too unnatural phenomenon really confused them. 

Initially, they thought there might be some kind of teleportation magic. However, based on Elder Mortal's investigations, there was no sign of such magic. 

Not only magic, but he can't even feel any magical power. 

Elder Mortar prided himself on being the person most knowledgeable about magic in Mynoghra. He feels that the magic power in that place is too thin. 

The barbarians really just appear instantly, but they ignore the physics laws if they accept that theory. This phenomenon is extremely hard to be believed. 

So far, the barbarians' extermination to defend Dragon Town and seize their ability to strengthen Atou is going well. Still, the investigation to find the cause of the barbarian's appearance is slow.  

If this situation continues, it means she can't go back to meet Takuto. It was an unbearable pain for Atou. 


''But it's really troublesome. At this rate, I don't know when I'll be able to get back to Takuto-sama place.......” 


"A, Atou-dono! Excuse me! The Hill Giants! We are making preparations for the archers as quickly as possible!” 


 The Dragon Town scout has come again, this time with a grimmer look on his face. 

 Of course, he feels more worried now because the battle ability of the Hill Giant he just saw is 4 points. 

 It is also a powerful unit with strengthening abilities such as [superhuman strength] and [increase physical power]. 

 If the ordinary soldiers fight it by themselves, it would be a hard fight, and some damage would be unavoidable. 

 On the contrary, if the soldiers weren't careful, they could easily be destroyed. 

 This is an opponent that is too much for a city's defense force to handle. 


"Yes, I know. Archers are just stand in my way, so ask them to step aside. I'll go alone." 


"But then! Ah! Please wait!" 


 She stood up and quickly went out before the beast-man scout could stop her. 

She moved like a speedy horse and had reached a distance where she could clearly see the Hill Giant face. 

--and the hunt begins. 


"Guaaaa !?" 


"Hello. Die." 


 As the first to meet the enemy, Atou leaps up in front of the giant's eyes with a superhuman leap and slashes his face with the holy knight's sword in her hand. 

 The giant crosses his arms to protect his vital point in the sudden attack, but the sword in Atou's slender arm slices through the tough Hill Giant's body. 




With one arm torn to the bone, the Hill Giant swung his massive club in intense pain and anger. 

Every time his club hit the ground, he crushed the ground with a loud sound. Atou dodges the Hill Giant attack like she is in acrobatic action and strike back with a holy sword technique.   


 The number of Hill Giants that Atou has cut down so far is more than her hand can count. 

 She has also killed a countless number of small and medium-sized barbarians, such as orcs and goblins. 

 It is no longer a battle training, and there is nothing to gain. 

 Atou tried to fight him with the "Holy Sword Technique" that she had stolen from the Holy Knight of Qualia, but it doesn't seem necessary.  


 (Maybe I should quickly finish it with my tentacles?) 


 Atou keeps attacking the Hill Giant. While she jumps lightly, she is thinking about how to finish him. 

Suddenly, the mana of doom filled her surroundings. 




“Gugii? Gooooooo……” 


The air stagnates, and the miasma increases around that place. 


The ground discolored, 

Some of the plants in that area are dying at a rapid pace. 

The neutral attribute Hill Giant's movement is clearly slowed down, and agony appears on his facial expression. 

On the other hand, Atou, who has an evil attribute, felt that her body was full of power. 


"Elder Mortar, you just did something, didn't you? That's a smart move." 


When she glanced at the back, she could see Elder Mortal far away in Dragon Town, was activating magic. 

Probably he used one of the military magic of ruin called [The Land of Ruin]. 

This magic transforms a specific range of land into a cursed land. It is a very convenient magic spell for evil forces. 

When used during a battle with an enemy nation outside the evil attribute, it can strengthen their own army and weaken the enemy army at the same time. 


Furthermore, it can be used in peacetime to expand the territory by activating it near their home country’s borders. 

Besides, it is low-cost and convenient magic. 


This magic using the mana of doom that is supplied by Mynoghra Royal Palace. Until now, he never had a chance to use it in a real battle. 

Probably it was Elder Mortal's plan to test the magic. 

Atou regained her motivation back, immediately she check her physical ability status. 


“Gi, gugyaaaa!” 


Atou, who had been avoiding the attack with a dance-like movement, suddenly stopped moving. 

The Hill Giant didn't know what stopping her movements. Seeing that opportunity, he swung his massive club. 

There was a loud sound, the giant eyes looked happy, but... 


"Fufufu, very light, very light.” 




 Atou easily blocks the Hill Giant's attack with one of her slender arms. 

 Due to the compensation caused by the [cursed land] spell, the difference in their abilities was no longer as significant as heaven and earth. 

 The giant's expression changed and filled with astonishment and despair. 

 From the beginning, she just toyed with him. In reality, there is no hope for him. 


"That's a nice expression. Goodbye then." 


A Hill Giant still shocks that his full power attack was received by a tiny creature. 

Atou unleashes her best sword attack on his face.  

She cut off the Hill Giant head till the chest, slowly he collapsed and eventually lay on the ground while making a huge sound. 

With a sigh, Atou looks at the Hill Giant huge corpse. 

In a few days, the wild animals would eat it, but of course, it was not a pretty sight. 

Since the location is so close to the city, it is better to bury it as soon as possible. 

They must do this kind of work every time they killed the barbarians. In some cases, this can be more tiring than defeating the barbarians. 

When Atou was thinking about that, the corpse suddenly disappeared. Atou is surprised, her eye wide open, and unconsciously takes a few steps back.  


“……ee? Disappeared?” 


The mysterious events were still not over. 

The Hill Giant's corpse had disappeared from its place as if it were a magic trick. 

This strange incident never happens before. 

Atou immediately on guard to face new threats that may occur soon, 

She took out all of his tentacle arms and looked around the area. 


…… Nothing change. 

No, around the place where the corpse of the disappeared Hill Giant was, she can see something like a small stone that reflects sunlight and shines. 

Atou moves one of the tentacles and carefully picks up the object. 


“...... gold coin?” 



 “It was the kind of money she had never seen before, and it’s made of gold.” 


 ......... ... 




"Looks like Atou-dono doesn't need to use his hands or feet to defeat the Hill Giant. --No, in the first place, he can't match you."  


Elder Mortal happily welcomed Atou, who returned from the battlefield. 

He was happy to know that Atou's fighting ability had improved. Maybe he was also satisfied that his magic was successfully used in the real battle. 


"You can't call yourself a hero if you are overwhelmed by enemies like this. 

Well, this is also proof that the abilities seizure operation is going well... 

By the way, Elder Mortar, how about that hole? " 


Atou sat on a chair while waving her hand to respond to Elder Mortar's praise words 

Then Atou asked about the progress of his work. 

The orders given to Elder Mortar is to investigate and develop the dragon vein hole. 

However, looking at his attitude, seem there is no problem. 


"Fortunately, this is also going well. It’s really amazed me, this kind of mysterious land really exist. I feel blessed that at this age, I still can see such a thing." 


As the name implies, the dragon's vein hole is a massive hole in the land. 

The magic power that poured out over the years had clumped into crystals. 

Dragon Town's dragon vein hole remained in the same state, even though some magic crystals had been shaved off for investigation. 

When Atou saw the real thing, she was fascinated by the fantastic sight for a moment. 

No wonder elder Mortar also gets excited. But of course, its real value is not related to the artistic appearance. 


"Fufufu, that's really a good fortune. If we can use the Dragon Hole pure mana, we can make a large-scale land improvement. If there is a magic that can instantly transform desert land into fertile land, Mynoghra will continue to develop." 


"Every magic from the "Military Magic" technique has a terrifying effect. I also really hope there is a magic that can improve the land." 


Flowers bloom on the topic, and they think about the future. 

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Mynoghra had acquired a very powerful card this time. 

Although it is still under development, in the future, Mynoghra will get many good results. From now on, they are looking forward to it. 


"I'm sure you'll be more amazed, the visual is not really important. 

Speaking of which, Elder Mortar, I'd like to ask you a little. " 


"Oya? What's the matter?" 


In the middle of the conversation, Atou realized that the nearby Fawncaven guards have left and decide to borrow Elder Mortar's wisdom.  

It was a complicated phenomenon to analyze, but there is no reason to ignore it. Besides, it not a good idea to announced the thing openly at this stage. 


"Did you ever saw this?" 


It was the gold coin she got from Hill Giant earlier. 


"Hmm? Look at it a little---is this Money? Some more it’s a gold coin... where did you found this?" 


"The drop from Hill Giant." 


"Hey? Drop ... hmmm? The Hill Giants left something like this?" 


"Yes, does it belong to a nation that you know?" 


In this world, items do not naturally drop from enemies. 

If the enemy initially had it, it will inevitably be available when it is defeated, 

Still, the phenomenon that the corpse disappears is a big mystery. 

The phenomenon of dropping items also exists in Eternal Nations. Still, the drop is only legendary armor and other items that significantly impact the game. 

It didn't seem like this gold coin was a substitute for those things. 

Elder Mortar staring at a gold coin. 

Apparently, he doesn't have any clue. 


"Hmm? Hmm. No, I've never seen or heard of it. What's more, the technology used to make these gold coins ... may exist, but not on this continent. If you don't mind, I will ask the Dragon Town wise men later, but maybe the answer will be the same." 


"Really? If so, it would come from somewhere else ... but there are other concerns. The Hill Giant I mentioned earlier, its corpse, suddenly disappeared. It’s a different sign than before.” 


"Money from outside the continent dropped by the barbarians who suddenly appear. And a barbarian corpse suddenly disappears--it's a little creepy." 


 Atou's expression turned grim. 

 Initially, she thought it was a coin that the Hill Giant had obtained from some poor victim; apparently, she was wrong. 

 If that's the case, then the situation becomes more complicated. 

 There are some invisible strings. 

If there is an unknown entity intervening, they need to raise the caution level to maximum. 

 There was nothing in that area, but the Hill Giant just suddenly appears. 

 And it suddenly disappears after she defeated it. 

 All that's left is a gold coin. 

 She suddenly remembered the phenomenon resembled something she heard somewhere. 


"Yes. This is like RP--" 


At that moment, Atou looks surprised.  




"No way. That’s imp..." 


Atou stands up from the chair and quickly closes her eyes with her hands. 

Elder Mortal realized that it is a gesture she often took when contacting her master, Takuto. 

Suddenly the defense corps scout rolls into the tent. 

"Emergency! A horde of barbarians has appeared! Oh, my God! Their numbers enough to fill the earth!" 


 Elder Mortar jumps out of the tent with an agility that not matches his age, then he looks out toward the horizon. 


''Mmm...... this!" 


There was a horde of barbarians that Elder Mortar could easily see them even with his slightly reduced vision. Their numbers are countless; it looks like they are flooding the land. 


= Message ============= 


Atou, the sludge gained the following abilities by destroying an enemy unit. 


[Outdoor activities] 

Do not take a march penalty in the field. 


[Strengthening physical strength] 

Unit movement power increase 1.5 times 


[Superhuman strength] 

Unit combat power increase 1.1 times 




Unit recovers 5% HP every turn 

10% HP recovery during the break  



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