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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Episode 29: The Mother of a nation

  A few days after, Atou went to Fawncaven with Elder Mortar and several soldiers. 

Takuto is overwhelmed by despair because of the disappearance of his trusted partner, Atou. 

 In the throne room of the Mynoghra Kingdom palace. 

Isla, the Queen of all bugs, looks stunned to see the King languidly sleeping on the throne. 

The great King, Ira Takuto, is being lectured by his hero. 


"Even though it's already this late you're still sleeping. What are you doing?" 


"Takuto-sama can't really do anything by himself ..." 


"Uuh, uuuuh ..." 


Isla sighs with her arms folded. 

Since she replaces Atou as the King’s support, Takuto's life has completely changed 

Unlike Atou, who would do anything to spoil him, Isla is a serious and fussy retainer. 

Until now, Takuto had been living a relaxed life as a king. Unlike Atou, who put all of her energy to spoil her Lord, Isla would never allow him to live like that. 


"The king sleeps until noon." 


"Usually if he is still not awake, Atou-sama or Cearia and Mearia will wake him up!" 


 The twin girls, Mearia and Cearia, peek out from behind the throne. 

 Although betraying the King was a serious offense, but the twins have no choice. Takuto had no allies here. 

 Having no choice, he pulled them forward, hiding behind them, and used them as shields. 

 Takuto looks really pathetic. 


"You are a big spoiled boy ..." 


"Uuh, but" 


"No excuse Takuto-sama. You are Mynoghra's great leader and the King of ruin that will bring an end to the world! Sleeping until noon, even the girls have to wake you up. Don't you feel any shame? 

From now on, you have to wake up by yourself every morning." 


 Although her words were soft, there was a compelling pressure. 

 If Atou showed her loyalty by spoiling him completely, Isla was the opposite; she managed Takuto's private life and advised him to become a good king. 

It goes without saying which one is correct. 

However, Takuto am doesn't have enough courage to complain, and clearly, it's his own fault. 

He has no intention of using the power as a king for such a trivial thing. 


"Uh, I'll do my best." 


In short, Takuto had no choice but pathetically bowed down. 


"Do your best, King ..." 


"My sister and Cearia will help you too." 


 Unlike Isla, Cearia and Mearia are belong to Takuto pampering group. They try to comfort the depressed King. 

 The twin's kindness ease his sadness, and Takuto hugged them tightly to show his gratitude. 

Cearia is the only one who seemed to be a little scared of him, but lately, the two weren't too nervous when facing Takuto. 

After doing various tasks on his own, Takuto realized that being a King was not easy. 

Takuto asks Isla to start the work today. 


"All right. Then please come to the office immediately. Oh, before that, is the room was already tidied up?" 


Suddenly someone came rushing in, and a familiar face appeared in the throne room. 


"Isla-san! Is Isla-san here? Isla-san!" 


"*Ara ara, Emul. What happened? You're tearing up and it’s ruining your pretty face." 


For some reason, Emul looked half crying. 

When she found Isla near the throne, she rushed and jump to her chest. 

Looks like she still doesn't notice Takuto there. 

 Takuto feels curious about Emul's unusual appearance. He gives the twins a signal to keep quiet and listens to the interaction between the Bugs Queen and the dark elf woman. 


"Isla-san! Gia-san broke his military equipment again! This happen for so many times! The wear rate is too high! The budget plan! The budget plan!" 


"Even tough I understand he trains with great enthusiasm, it's too terrible. OK, this Isla will scold the warrior chief. Let's re-plan together later." 


"Uh, thank you, Isla-san. Ah, please stay like this for a while..." 


"ara ara, you are really a spoiled child." 


 Isla hugged her with her second arm, and Emul closed her eyes with a happy expression. 

Apparently, her stress had built up more than usual. 

After released from the endless escape drama, Gia and Elder Mortal went crazy and became workaholics. 

Takuto knows about that. 

Originally Emul is just the warrior chief aide. She had struggled hard, even though sometimes she secretly cried. 


"Hug, huuhuu ..." 


"Emul-san didn't notice the king until the end." 


"Because usually I still sleep at this time." 


 If Takuto shows himself, Emul might be very embarrassed, and her condition will get worse. Even though Takuto himself doesn't really care about such things, Emul might be the opposite. 

With that in mind, he and the twin girls quietly walked out of the room so Emul wouldn't notice. 




Along the way, Takuto was daydreaming. 

The two little girls walking behind him noticed a change in his attitude. They ran ahead of him, then walked while watching his face. 


“What's the matter, your majesty? 


“Somehow, I feel Isla is like a mother.” 


Since she arrived, life in Mynoghra has changed dramatically. 

 She has been called the Mother of the Nation now, and despite her form, all Mynoghra inhabitants respect her. 

 Those who lived a self-indulgence life and acted without any restraint, like himself, were probably scolded. She also took the role of a counselor for those who are troubled, like Emul. 

Since she is a queen, she is probably good at grasping people's hearts and managing large-scale human resources.  

Somehow she has taken care of all the dark elves in Mynoghra. 


Probably after that, she would lecture the warrior chief Gia about the handling of military equipment. 

She is like a mother. Gentle and dependable, but very noisy and scary when she’s angry... 


"That’s right." 


"So true." 



The twin girls seemed to be thinking about something. Still, the two girls agreed with Takuto's words with an indescribable expression. 




It's been a while since that conference has opened up a new hierarchy in Mynoghra. 

Isla and Emul have finished lecturing Gia. They are working on the rough draft of their next national management plan. 

 Originally, Elder Mortar was supposed to be in charge of this role, but unfortunately, currently, he is in Dragon Town dealing with a barbarian attack. 


Takuto expects that after some time, Fawncaven's defenses will stabilize. Still, there is no sign that will happen, and the barbarians attack cause is still unknown. 

Since there is a possibility that it will take a long time, Emul will take over Elder Mortar's role. 

Initially, she already has a crazy amount of work. Isn't she working too hard? 

Somehow her workload has been reduced because Isla's is very good at managing internal affairs. 

 Nevertheless, it's a heavy responsibility for Emul. Initially, she is just a second-in-command of the warrior group. 

 If she gets too much pressure, and she may make mistakes that she usually would not make. 


"I didn't expect the king to be here ...... so embarrassing." 


"The Lord doesn't mind, you know. Besides, you thought he still slept in his bedroom as usual, didn't you? Then it's the Lord’s fault for carelessly sleeping in such place." 


“No, No..but.” 


 The workload that never ended even though it had been done with all her might finally made her explode. 

Luckily she cried out to Isla. 


Despite her appearance, Isla is full of compassion, and like a real mother, she has spoiled Emul a little. 

However, her miserable appearance in the thrones room was seen by the King. 

When Emul noticed her mistake, her face turned pale. 

However, no matter how much she regrets it, nothing she can do. 

Besides, Isla herself may not have thought of anything about it, which increases Emul's confusion. 


"More than that! Isn't there something more important now? If you want to remove a bad image, 

Achievement is the most effective way." 


"Yes! I understand!" 


Exactly as Isla said 

, it can't be helped since it's already happened, but there should be something that can be done from now on. 

Emul replied vigorously and changed her mind, and Isla nodded with satisfaction when she saw it. 


"Well, then, it's a bit too early, but actually I wanted to ask Isla-san about the next facility construction." 


"Oh? Next building" 


Production and research in Mynoghra, including architecture, is currently on hold. 

It was Takuto's decision to expand the defense force as soon as possible by devoting all resources to support Isla reproduction. 

With this strategy, they should be able to quickly do another summon than doing parallel works. 

 This strategy would allow them to use the child bugs that Isla produces. The child bugs will become labor forces at an early stage. 

Nevertheless, there is indeed a delay in other production and research. 

They must pay close attention to the facility they choose next. 


The current situation around Mynoghra. Known enemy nations and the power they possess. The world as yet unknown and the dangers it contains. 

After considering all that, Isla answered. 


“Hmmm. Just to be safe I want to prepare the [living reeds].” 


 Isla's decision was to expand her defensive forces. 

 Although Emul was sure that Isla would choose a military-related facility because the world threat level is relatively high. She has chosen the [Living Reeds] rather than the [training Center]. 

[Living reeds], which is Mynoghra's unique [stone wall]. 

This facility is an essential facility where you can get a bonus in defense of the city. 

Besides, the [Living Reed] has the ability to attack enemy units by itself. 

It was a perfect facility in terms of defense. 


"How about the [clinic]? Petitions are rising from the people. Currently, no one has a serious illness, but there are some babies with low physical strength, so considering the future..." 


"Currently, due to their small number the people of Mynoghra have very important role. My cute children can take care of the menial works, but the power of the dark elf is necessary for intellectual work. " 


"If that's the case, then [learning facilities] is the next option. It doesn't take much effort to build, so maybe we can finish it first." 


Responding to Isla that prioritizes the military power, Emul gave a proposal that emphasized domestic affairs. 

Currently, Isla is in charge of Mynoghra's defense force. 

Thanks to Isla's unique skill, the battle strength of long leg bugs has increased. 

The Bug Childs produced by Isla are ready to be used in battle. 

As time goes by, Isla's fighting ability as a hero increases, and if they want it, they can always call Atou back. 


Honestly, if she thinks about defense, Isla's strength is more than sufficient. 

Thus Emul decided that it would be OK to focus on domestic affairs to balance Isla production. 

 She is sure that Isla will consider her proposal. 

 Anyway, currently, they are not at war with any country. 

 In other words, spending too much money on the military is like a money-eating insect that produces nothing. That is a problem. 

 In the first place, if the national power is increased, even if the military budget is set at the same rate, the effect will be significantly different. If this is the case, strengthening the nation's infrastructure should be the top priority. 

 Besides, the goal of the tactics is domestic politics. 

 The military is basically only required to protect the country. 

 When national power is low in the early stages, a single facility's effect will significantly impact the rest. 

 The final decision would be made by Takuto. Still, they should seriously think about it before offering the plan to the King. 


As a character of the game, Isla had taken care of the domestic affairs for so many times. However, it seems that she still lacks the experience to make an actual decision. 

It will eventually be Takuto’s decision. But Isla can't help but feel disappointed if she is offering a half-baked plan to the King. 


"It’s so stressful." 


 In the center of the city where the dark elves lives, Isla and Emul pondering about the plan while watching the people come and go. 

 Afterward, several opinions were exchanged. 

Ultimately, expanding domestic affairs is essential, but it's better to build defense facilities with the barbarians attack risk.  

 Suddenly Isla spotted a figure coming from a distance. 


“Isla-san, are you OK?” 


She is one of the dark elf twin girls, Cearia. 

The burn marks on her face and body were clear as if she was showing them off on purpose. 

Even though she is just a little girl, she should be old enough to care about her appearance. Isla doesn't understand her strange behavior, but Isla is sure there must be a reason for it and talks to her softly. 


"Oh, Cearia-chan. It's rare to see you here, where is your sister?" 


"My sister is taking care the King. The King asked me to call Isla because he need to consult something with you. But he’s not in a hurry, so you can meet the King after your work is over." 


 Isla nodded with satisfaction at Cearia that just conveyed the King message cheerfully. 

 As a hero, the people are an important part of Isla's life that she must protect. In addition to that, she has the queen attribute.  

Despite her appearance, she has a strong maternal instinct and is very fond of the adorable child. 

 How could she not love a child who had performed her duties with such perfection? 

 The motherly nature in her exploded, and she hugged the Cearia with her wide open secondary arms. 


"Well! I understand the message! You have done an excellent job! 

This Isla will reward the good child!" 


"Wow, pu! ... Ehehe" 


"That feel good." 


Emul looks at the scene with envy that tickles Isla's motherhood instinct. 

When Isla's excitement reached its peak, and she hugs the two of them together. 

Suddenly she came up with an idea to ​​ask this little dark elf girl opinion. 


"That's right! I need to ask your opinion, because you are also important Mynoghra citizen. Cearia, what do you think?" 



"...? What is it?" 


 While lifting Cearia up high, Isla gave an overview of the matter. 

Isla has an idea to get Cearia, who is still very young, to get involved in politics. 

Unlike the homunculus, Mynoghra native citizen inside the game, In the future, Dark elves are required to play an active role in the intellectual field. 

 In other words, they will become scholars, researchers, wizards, artists, philosophers ......, and so on. 

 Therefore, unlike the average citizen, they are not beings that just need to obediently work in the fields without complaint. 

They need knowledge and the ability to solve problems. 

Therefore, she thought about getting Cearia into such a habit from an early age. Besides, the twin, Cearia, and Mearia are among the most intelligent of their age group. 

Isla was expecting her to think about this question as well. 






"Then it's a [clinic]. It's a facility you can't miss anyway. Let's put [living reeds] next for the next project." 


"Understood, My Lord. I'll tell the person in charge." 


"Can you heal Cearia's burn mark?" 


"It is a little difficult at the current facility. However, seem she doesn't want to treat her burn mark... " 


"If she says she's good with that, then we shouldn't say anything." 


 Takuto can vaguely guess what happened to the dark elf girl, remembering the tragedy they had gone through. 

He felt it was unwise to dig into the matter any further. 

The little girl didn’t wish for it. Besides, Takuto felt like it might hurt her feeling. 

 So Takuto stopped discussing the topic. He continued to think about other country management topics. 

Even though the King's facial expression couldn't be seen, somehow, Isla could notice it. Isla brings up a different topic when she realizes that her Master's attention has changed. 


"By the way, Lord. How is Atou-chan condition? You receive reports every night, right?" 


"Oh, of course. It looks like the situation going to be a pretty interesting." 


"Speaking of which, Did she successfully defeat the barbarians and get their ability?" 


"Yeah, the harvest is better than expected." 


Takuto smirked. 

His appearance is like a black doll whose expression was unreadable in other people's eyes, but actually, he is very happy. 

Isla, who replaced Atou, worked better than he expected. 

He was also pleased that his strategy against the barbarian attacks had worked out well. 


 The world is definitely moving. 

The sudden barbarians attack cause is still unknown. 

However, under this King, any problem will be blown away like dust. 

With that confident feeling in mind, Isla laughed together with her Lord. 


= Message ============= 


A building facility has been selected. 


Under construction! Clinic 

In production! [Long Leg Bug] 




= Eterpedia ============ 


[Clinic] Building 


The resilience of all units staying in the city + 10% 


Elimination of low-level << illness >> related disadvantages 


Clinics are structures that increase the resilience of units stationed in the city. 

It also has the effect of removing some damaging abilities effect such as "cold", "fatigue", "poison", and "paralysis". 




[Living reeds] Building 


Defense + 10% 


Additional damage +1 


Living reeds are a facility unique to Mynoghra and are an alternative to stone walls. 

In addition to the normal ability, it inflicts +1 damage to enemy units when defending the city. 


Translator note: 


*Ara ara 

Have no meaning… its Japanese gesture word, usually said by a woman when they feel surprised, amazed, or wondering about something.  






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