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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Episode 28 [Side story]: The decisions of the staff bearers

 Tonukapoli returned to Crescent Moon, the capital of Fawncaven. 

She immediately called all the staff bearers to held a Fawncaven leaders meeting. She explained everything to them without miss any details. 

At first, the other staff bearers were shocked, but when the story got to the part about Ira Takuto, everyone fell silent. The atmosphere was quiet and awkward; only the voice of Tonukapoli can be heard. 

Everyone looked like they were biting worms. Clearly, there is confusion and bitterness on their faces. 

Eventually, Tonukapoli's story reaches the last part, where they make an alliance with Mynoghra. Tonukapoli left Pepe to manage the Dragon Town, and she back to the capital city to inform the elders. 


An unpleasant silence filled the place. 

All the elders were silent and deep in thought. 

Even though Tonukapoli was prepared to face criticism or accusations, this silence felt very uncomfortable for her. 


The silence that seemed to last forever eventually came to an end. The human staff bearer, who also the mediator in the Elderly group, slowly spoke. 


Well, I don't know what to say. 


After he spoke, the other staff bearers also speak similar words to express their mind. 

Most of those are empty words, such as "we are in trouble" or "what's going on." 

Even the most senior staff bearers who studied for years and have tons of experience cannot make an immediate decision on this situation. 


“From the beginning I never expect anything from the Idiot Pepe's, but you…it just too rush to make such decision.” 


"Huh! Too rush?! Do you understand our situation? We don't have any choice. If I hadn't asked them to help us, the Dragon Town would have fallen within a few days." 




Maybe they were too old, or perhaps they had too many things to protect. 

However, Tonukapoli realized that the staff bearers were too slow to analyze and make decisions as leaders, 

She planned to immediately raise her position in this place right now. 

Tonukapoli also understood that her actions were not quite right in their eyes. 

However, she made this decision for the survival of her homeland country and sure the decision is right. 

At least a decision has been made, and things are starting to move. 

If she is too concerned about small details such as matters of accountability and so on, maybe she will make a big mistake and endanger this country even more. 


Aren’t you being manipulated? And I've heard many stories about the devil cunning from my dead grandfather. 


The old wolf's staff bearer asks in a slightly violent tone. 

Although he has a rough temper like a carnivore, he is also a staff bearer with sharp instinct. 

Tonukapoli smiled when she heard that. 


"I don't see it that way myself, and the meeting was sincere. What all of you think of that?" 


"Stay still for a while." 


 The lizard staff bearer quietly raises his staff. 

 The tip of his staff glows faintly, and at the same time, a tingling sensation cover Tonukapoli's body, and a faint animal smell flows through the area. 

 Small omnivorous beasts with an excellent sense of smell are said to detect foreign enemies. This detection magic borrowed the ancestor spirit's power. 




 All eyes turned to the lizard's staff bearer. 

 Even Tonukapoli afraid that the possibility might be real and waiting for his response. 

 The lizard staff bearer takes a moment and carefully examine Tonukapoli. 

Fawncaven believes in the spirit of the earth and nature. 

The top staff bearer in their history using this magic. 

It is no exaggeration to describe it as the highest detection magic that they can use at present. 

"I can't feel anything. Or the spell is too complex that we can't even notice it..." 


 After hearing his words, they all feel relief and let out a sigh. 

 If it turned out that Tonukapoli had been manipulated, there is no hope for Dragon Town and Pepe, who left behind there. 

 Everyone in that place was relieved to know that the worst possibility was not happening. 

However, they are still facing a difficult situation. The fact that Tonukapoli wasn't being manipulated poses further challenges. 


"It would be easier to understand if they were just trying to manipulate us. The King of Ruin wants to get along with us. I have a headache, I don't know how to deal with that." 


"King of Ruin ... Hey, if that's true that would be really scary." 


 The elder who acts as the mediator crosses his arms while looking up at the ceiling. 

 There are various supernatural beings in this world. 

 They rarely appear, but they usually bring chaos to the human world when they show up. 

Therefore, the staff bearers never doubted its existence. However, when Tonukapoli told them about the King of ruin, they can't even imagine his appearance or predict his action. 


"When you actually see it, you won't be able to stand. Old people like you would be shocked to death! " 


"I'm sorry to hear that." 


"But what we going to do? A staff bearer has went out control and the conversation has gone this far. We can't turn it over now? " 


The wolf staff bearer forcibly returned the flow of conversation to its original course. 


Nobody thinks this is Tonukapoli's own responsibility. 

It would be a lie to say that there is nothing to worry about. There is sympathy in the other staff bearer's heart because they also don't know what kind of decision they would make if they were in the same situation. 

Above all, they could not afford to spend time on such things now. A leader often has to hold back his own emotions. 


"If we can't believe Mynoghra, we can tell Qualia everything and ask for their help." 


"Oioi, after Mynoghra then is Qualia the next one? How many times do you want to be manipulated before you satisfied?" 


While laughing, the beast staff bearer replied Tanukapoli with a joke.  


"A group of demi human can live a human life only by obeying the law of God." 


"Qualia's arrogant and nonsense pastors don't dare to call us the savage tribe, but you should praise me for not break the neck of those rotten missionaries." 


"If we didn't stop you, you would have eaten them all? That's why you're called a barbarian." 


"Huh! My ancestors were carnivores! But I couldn't possibly eat rotten meats like that!" 


While seeing the two staff bearers making a fuss about it, the mediator staff bearer sighed. 

Qualia is well known for discriminating against races other than humans and elf. 

In the first place, they don't even think of it as discrimination. 

From the bottom of their heart, they believe that demi-human is a stupid race that is pathetic and should be saved. 

How to build a friendly relationship without equal footing? 

Refusal is the emotion the Fawncaven staff bearers felt from them. No, it was an emotion that most Fawncaven peoples have. 


"You see my point here? There is no other option. Can you see the bright future if we cooperate with Qualia? They will treat us like livestock and just make use of us. " 


"Well, that's true." 


"That’s right, that’s right." 


After all, there was nothing else I could do. 


Only by making rational decisions can the benefits of accepting the cooperation of Mynoghra become apparent. 

In the end, there was nothing else they could do. 

If they think it rationally, accepting Mynoghra's cooperation is more profitable. 

 Besides, Pepe decided that it was a good idea. 

 Emotional aspects aside, there is no denying that this is the most reasonable choice. 


For now. Let's put off the Qualia jokes for a while. Now regarding Mynoghra, it would be nice to have their help." 


 The meeting finally continued in the right direction. 

They all accepted the idea of ​​working with Mynoghra. 

Under normal conditions, it was not surprising that the situation would become even more confusing. The story that Tonkapoli brought home really shocked them. 

But somehow, there was a strange belief in their minds. They believe that everything will be fine. 

 Until the end, they did not realize the miraculous phenomenon that had happened to them. 




"I will summarize the story." 


The mediator claps his hands. 

The meeting took a long time to make a decision, but in the end, they confirmed the agreement between Mynoghra and Fawncaven. 


 In the future, other staff bearers may also be involved in negotiations with the Mynoghra, but this will be far in the future because currently, they still busy defending the city. 

 But there was a glimmer of hope. If they can get Mynoghra help to defend Dragon Town, they can focus on Fawncaven defense and start counterattack operations. 

Besides, they still have a dragon vein hole. 

Although it is a regrettable story that Mynoghra found out about the dragon vein hole, there are some benefits. 

It seems that Mynoghra has already established a way to use the massive mana that blows out of the dragon vein hole. 

If so, it will be a powerful trump card for both countries when ready. 

The reason for the barbarian outbreak is still unknown, but now they can investigate the cause and prepare the countermeasure. 

The only concern is, what is Mynoghra's real intention? 


"In the end we can only go with the flow." 


"I'm worried about Pepe. I wonder if he's doing okay?" 


"I'm more worried that kid will bothering other people there......." 


"But I'm sure Pepe will do fine." 


Before they realize it, the staff bearers were all talking about Pepe. 

The best successor they are proud of. Pepe is the candidate that will become their great leader in the future. 

If it's Pepe, like usual, maybe he will survive from this difficult situation with his stupidity and personality that always can't read the situation. 

Everyone in that place vaguely has the same thinking ...





"By the way, Tonukapoli." 


"Hmm? What?" 


"Your skin looks brighter. Did they feed you delicious food there?" 


"Ugh ..." 


Tonukapoli was afraid that she would be interrogated about the food served in Mynoghra. 

During the meeting, she tried to distract them by putting on a serious face from the start to the end. Still, she couldn't escape the observation of the veterans with long military service. 


  1. Thank u for translating this novel its really really good ✨✨

  2. Thank you for the new chapther <3

  3. Thank you for the translations. I really enjoy this story

  4. It felt like a neighborhood shopping district gramps and grannies meeting but! Make no mistake, it was a proper war council.

  5. Pepe is she not he, you can check it in the manga.

    1. In the novel was mentioned "少年" (boy).
      FYI manga and novel have some differences.


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