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Monday, December 14, 2020

Problem with Ads or redirected ?

If you got redirected or other problem related to Ads in this site please watch this youtube video.


 1. Open the site using computer


 2. Open the site using smartphone


If you got redirected or other Ads issue please try to clear your history data and cookies, like I shown in this video.

If you still got problems, sorry I don't know how to help you.

There are few points I like to highlight

  • As you can see I didn't have any redirected issue or other Ads issues.
  • About the Ads contents its all controlled by Adsterra, I only copy paste the script code into my website. The Ads content shown may be different depend on your location or browsing preferences or browsing habits.
  • I only using banner Ads... no popup, popunders, or any other Ads type. 
  • In the "Open the site using computer" video it shown how much I get from Adsterra on november 2020... not much, it's far from enough. But Adsterra is the best I can get.
  • I have spent a lot of time testing with other Ads network, most of them give me more problems (redirected, popup, popunder, bad rate, etc).
  • The web novel raw have reached eps 63, and I have posted 32 eps. It's half of total episode number....If got someone complain and pointing that I should give more free translated eps to convince the reader donate, sorry to me that argument is "bullshit".
  • Till now I am still regularly post free translated episode on this public site (normaly once a week).


Reason why I make this post...

Well... honestly I don't mind if some readers don't want to donate (for what ever reason). 

I even gave free access to one regular reader who email me and politely gave very good sugestions.

But it's make me sick when some people trash talking, cursing or accusing me for something that I didn't do.


I hope this can solve your problem, and clear any doubt.




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  1. Say what you will these ads are overbearing, it took me four tries to reach this page

  2. there are so many ads novelupdates delisted this site and marked it as dead lol


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