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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Episode 28: Sending troops

  The powerful hero unit "Isla, Queen of All Bugs".

 After successfully summoning her, Takuto and his team have a private discussion in the royal palace while loosening their tense feelings.


It's been a while, Isla. Or should I say nice to meet you?

I didn't ask for details earlier, straight to the point, do you remember playing Eternal Nations with Takuto-sama?


Atou is sharply staring at Isla.

Although it not the brink of war, she is a loyal vassal who always ready to move any time if needed.

The image of a guard dog barking next to her master slipped into Isla's mind. She smiles with facial muscles that are different from humans.


"Oh, Atou-chan is so enthusiastic. You are desperately want to protect Takuto-sama. that's cute, I'll pet you."


 Isla seems happy and giggled. She moved her secondary arm and stroked Atou's head.

 Atou surprised and shook it off to protect her mussed up hair.

She puffs out her cheeks, distorting her serious expression. She is feeling uncomfortable and losing her battle spirits.


"Hey! Stop it! Answer the question!"


"She's really a stiff child. But that's her good part. By the way, the answer is YES. The time I spend with Takuto is all in my heart. Isn't that natural?"


While stroking Atou head, Isla's gaze was fixed on Takuto.


Her gaze seemed to say, "I am your loyal servant".

Even though the only time they spent together was in the virtual world, her loyalty would never change …….



 Takuto was a little touched by her attitude.

At first, he thought that Atou, who came to this world together with him, is the only person who remembered him.

However, according to Isla's story, it seems that the other heroes also remember Takuto.

And they all cherish the time they spent together with Takuto, and they still acknowledge him as the king, even here in the world outside the game.

There is a very nostalgic and sentimental feeling in Takuto's heart that made him think of his long-time friends.


However, since Mynoghra's hero units were powerful, they were more like bad friends than old friends.

Takuto took his mind off the other heroes who had very troublesome personalities and setting,

He shifted his eyes to Isla that he just summoned to this world.


"Yeah, that's right! When there is an enemy with a skill composition that can blocks Atou's ability or his battle strength is higher than Atou's. When such an enemy appears, and we get stuck, I will use Isla's physical quantity operation to cut the opponent's national power."


When it comes to games, Takuto talks very fluently.

They are talking about their nostalgic memories and keep digging up their memories of those fun days.

Atou, who desperately fixed her messy hair, joined in, and after that, they talked about "Eternal Nations" for a while.

However, although such memories are pleasant to be discussed, Isla remembers what she had to do first.

When their lively conversation over Takuto and Atou took a breath, Isla suggested what they should do first.


By the way, my Lord. It's about time - would you please tell this Isla about the situation? If you didn’t give me any explanation I’ll be sad.


Oh! That's right! Sorry, I'll quickly explain then."



It was impossible to know what her compound eye was reflecting - but it was clear that she is still confused.

That's why when talking about the game, she occasionally looked around as if she were checking her surroundings.

The current royal palace is different from the Mynoghra royal palace in the game. The dark elves' culture is strongly expressed in building architecture and decoration.

The unfamiliar sight would make her feel a little uncomfortable.

However, Takuto has to get her used to it quickly.

Takuto is thinking of spending as much time as possible with Isla to quickly getting her accustomed to this country.


"Please wait, Takuto-sama!

We don't know yet if Isla will be loyal and serve you properly, so please wait a little longer before explaining the situation to her.

We need more time to investigate her! "



"Its okay, Atou-chan. I understand, Isla won't take Takuto-sama from you."




Takuto also wishes they could get along with each other sooner...

The heroes are basically selfish beings. It was explained in the game settings, and troubles between heroes are often drawn in the inserted short stories.

There is something that makes Atou dislike her and criticizes Isla.

Fortunately, Isla can stay calm and respond to her casually.

But, her response only makes Atou more irritated...

Takuto sighs, looking at his troublesome heroes. He claps his hands and stopped the brewing conflict.





"I see, so that's what happened......"


 When Isla heard the whole situation from Takuto, she was a little surprised.

 As the queen of bugs, she was both astonished and confused.

 To be honest, she had no idea what was going on.

She convinces herself that there must be some meaning for her existence here.


"Honestly, there was many thing that I didn't know, but thanks to Atou, I managed to get here."


"That's not true. I was able to do my best because Takuto-sama standby me.

 If I had come to this place alone, I would drown by the despair and die."


“*not even a dog will eat.”


Takuto and Atou have entered their own world.

Isla vaguely remembers their past in "Eternal Nation". She remembers that Atou is Ira Takuto's favorite hero unit.

Getting along with each other like this is good, but being always in this condition isn't good either.

However, Isla did not comment further on that. There were more important things she had to do.

There was no denying that she would be under Takuto's control.

Isla, the Queen of Bugs, is here to assist him in reaching his goal. That power is for Mynoghra and their great leader Ira Takuto.


"Anyway, I understand the strategy and master's desire to build a peaceful country in this mysterious land. Although I am just a minion, I hope I can help you fulfill that ambition."



Isla shows her loyalty and respectful gratitude to Takuto. Takuto assures her that she'll be fine and ordered her to carry out the strategy.


"Isla, you will be in charge of Mynoghra defense."


"Oh? Are you sure, my Lord?"


Isla mysteriously tilts her neck and questions her master's decision.

She's still a newcomer.

Unlike Atou, Isla is the first hero to be summoned in this real world.


A hero who still has some unknown part, is it okay for her to be placed in a critical position in national defense? She is questioning Takuto's decision.

Of course, Isla herself had no intention to do foolish acts like treason. Still, it seemed a bit hasty that Takuto makes such a decision at this stage.


"I believe in you."


Isla can't read Takuto's facial expression. She is not sure what Ira Takuto is thinking about her.

Like Atou, she only knows Takuto when he plays the game on his sickbed.

Therefore, she also understood Takuto's personality and preferences to some extent. She intended to understand his behavior and way of thinking, but .......that doesn't mean she knows all of them.


In Isla's eyes, Ira Takuto looked like a black-painted doll.


Anyway, her thoughts immediately switch to the orders given to her.

The reason why Isla was entrusted with the defence of Mynoghra is simple.

She is not a battle hero.

Of course, she can become a battle hero if her level goes up. She can become stronger by acquiring various skills as a level-up bonus.

However, her real value is the skill "Bug Reproduction" that can secure infinite combat units and labor units. She also has a unique skill that increases the combat power of all insect units by +2.

Since her special skill affects all insects in the world, insect units that belong to other countries will also be strengthened. Still, the nation that using insect units is rare, so there is virtually no demerit.

Therefore, the basic strategy is to stay in her own country, boost national power with labor bugs, spawn combat bugs, and boost their strengths.

She is a hero who showed her real value in defense.

And there is a hero in Mynoghra who showed its real value in the offensive.


"I'm so touched with the trust that the Lord has given to me. Then, the force to be dispatched to Fawncaven is ..."


"Uh, I'm lonely!"


Of course, the one who will be sent to Fawncaven is the lone and dispirited girl.

If Isla, Queen of All Bugs, is the hero of the defense, then the offense's hero is Atou the Sludge.


Although Atou initial ability is weak, her skill that can rob the opponent's skill is brutal.

Particularly against an opponent with relatively low battle power, such as barbarians

It can be said that it is an easy way to level up because she can take away enemy skills with low risk.

The barbarians have useful skills such as "superhuman strength", "regeneration power", and "outdoor activities" that will strengthen her battle power.

Even if Fawncaven betrays them, she would be able to quickly retreat to Daijukai.

Because Takuto and Atou can always talk with each other through telepathy, there won't be any communication problems.

Sending Atou as reinforcements was a natural decision.

However, how Takuto and Atou feel about that is another story.

Even though they can talk telepathically, it's a temporary farewell.

Because of Takuto's communication disorder, he always depends on Atou to manage the country.

 Atou's absence is a big challenge for him, as he has to give orders to various people on his own. At the same time, Atou must conduct operations in a mentally stressful environment separated from her beloved Takuto.

It feels like a lion cub being dropped on a cliff by his parent.

However, the trials cannot be avoided.

They must press down their own feeling and act like a real demon. Takuto just made a difficult decision for Atou and for himself.


"I will be lonely, too. But I can only count on you."


Their eyes meet, and their feelings overlap with each other.

Even without telepathy, the two understood each other's feelings.

And when that feeling reaches its peak, the two rushed to each other.






They embrace each other warmly.

They seriously feel sad as if it is going to be a long life farewell.

Even if this decision aims to strengthen their weak heart

 and particularly Takuto's communication disorder issue, but…….


“*Not even a dog will eat.”


While watching the situation, Isla was worried about whether it would be okay. She ignores that feeling and focuses on her own mission.


"Fufufu, anyway I will be your shield."


 Isla happily giggling, Isla was grateful for the miracle that just happened. Previously she was only data in the game, and now she had come to life.

 Like Atou, she didn't know what had happened to herself.

But she fully understands what she has to do.

At the will of the great Takuto Ira, she will do her best to make this new game enjoyable for her master...

She intended to fulfill her role with all her heart.


"Leave it to this Isla. Let's gather all the insects in this world and answer my Lord wishes."


Now, how this game going to proceed?


Isla had no idea how long her lord gameplay would last,

She decided to watch over Takuto's actions with mother's compassion.


Translator note:


“*Inu mo kuimasen-ne” (not even a dog will eat)

One should not interfere;

Avoided by everybody;

Disliked by everybody;


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    1. Sorry, honestly I don't have any idea why such a thing happen on your device.
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    2. IDK what happened but I just restarted my PC after seeing this and it worked somehow? I have had this problem for a month or so and done the same thing numerous times... so thanks I guess? love the story. :)

  4. I really liked the chapter, the dynamic of tenuous friendship between the three is quite interesting. It is not often where they break the convention that creatures (other than demons) will be 100% obedient towards the summoner. They even hinted (though did not execute on) a rebellious summon. Atou - Takuto ship has probably sailed for most people at this point, however, I am not sure Takuto has gotten rid of the "its all a game" mindset completely just yet.

  5. Can you explain what is meant by not even a dog will eat? Specifically in the last part:

    They embrace each other warmly.

    They seriously feel sad as if it is going to be a long life farewell.

    Even if this decision aims to strengthen their weak heart

    and particularly Takuto's communication disorder issue, but…….

    “*Not even a dog will eat.”


    Is that saying Isla doesn't want to interfere with Atou and Takuto's moment?

    1. take for an example....
      You know that kind of feeling .... when your friend bring his/her lover to have a dinner together with you, but at some point they just forget about everything and start make out in front of you and public, makes you want to disappear and pretend you don't know them.

      is that answer your question?

    2. ....maybe Isla also facepalm when she said "Not even a dog will eat.”

    3. Ah ok I get it now thanks

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