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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Episode 27: Queen of All Bugs


A sudden encounter with another country and friendly dialogue was over.

After meeting with the Fawncaven delegation over, Takuto and other Mynoghra VIP have begun to consider how to respond with the current situation and future plans.


"I didn't think that the progress would go this far at once.

I'm happy, but many things need to be considered. We will be very busy.

I'll have you guys to work harder, Elder Mortar."

“Of course. But still, hmm. We have to choose the foodstuffs and goods to be traded. Including how we can communicate with each other in the future......

No, I'm afraid we'll have to first select a defensive force to send to the other side.”


"Yes. Considering the current situation, that is the most urgent issue.

Securing the Dragon Vein Hole for generating the earth mana is very important to us. That can increase our food production resources.

Frankly speaking, there is a big difference in strategy between having it and not having it.”


With Elder Mortal acting as Mynoghra adviser, problem evaluation and decision making can be done quickly.

Besides, the warrior chief Gia and Emul was also called for this internal discussion.

Emul has been promoted from secretary to become an internal affairs minister.


During the discussion with Fawncaven, Takuto and Atou were negotiating, so they didn't attend the meeting.

But the negotiations and arrangements this time are so sudden. There was no time to discuss the content and policy details.


"Hmm. Fawncaven also made a big mistake. I didn't expect they would come to us and do such a childish negotiation."


"Yes, yeah. That's right. As Tonukapoli-dono said, Pepe-san is a little….. No, he is that type of person. Well, I can't hate him."


Stupid people cannot hate others, childish, and likely to be marked as failures in every way.

But they are not hostile to Mynoghra. Therefore, Atou thought that is a good point.

Her feeling was the same as that of Elder Mortal and other dark elves. Therefore she didn't say anything even though she felt weird.


"But Your Majesty. I do not wish to interfere with your decisions. Still, one of the people who have come to negotiate with you, Pepe-dono, seems to be a very careless person.

 With such a man as their leader, wouldn't they make a mistake?”


Elder Mortal humbly asked Takuto a question.

Rather than silently holding back his worries, he immediately spoke up, conveying it.

Therefore, no one blames his previous statement as rude to the King.

Gia, Emul, and Atou turned their eyes to Takuto. They seem to share the same opinion.




(Was that all their honest opinion?)


Takuto pondered.

Indeed, their concern is justified. Pepe was stupid and unpredictable

, especially his misrepresentation at the end of the meeting.

That allowed Mynoghra to settle negotiations under a relatively favorable situation.

As a result, even though the power needed to be extracted, the dragon vein hole they had been aiming for in the first place could be conveniently obtained.

If they consider their situation, it could be said that this is the best situation for Mynoghra.

 On the other side, it's Fawncaven. 


They seemed to be struggling with the barbarians, and can’t handle Dragon Town as good as he expected.

 Pepe's mistake even led to the decision to deploy a cooperative army.

Otherwise, they would have been limited to exchanging military information with each other.

 In conclusion, they just make an alliance, but...in the meantime, they both need more time.

 In that case. Does Fawncaven still have enough power to protect Dragon Town?

(If I think about it, it's weird to loudly talk about that at such timing .... Hmm, but Pepe-kun is really stupid)


Anyway, Takuto thought it wasn't bad to be friends with him.


Considering each countries situation, there is no reason to be so hostile. Unlike the Holy Knights of Qualia, the story is proceeding nicely this time.


Although there are some conflicts between an evil civilization and a neutral civilization, it's still not a big problem that can't be solved.

 In fact, from a bird's eye view, it was no exaggeration to say that they got an unexpected result.

 Takuto was especially impressed that he and Pepe had become friends.

In the first place, he was a person who considered the hospital as his home.

He couldn't have friends, and having friends was just a dream for him.

Suddenly he made a new friend, of course, he will feel happy.


(I worry about the barbarians, but it would be great if we could continue to get along with Fawncaven.)


But everything is just getting started.


Who said that there can be no true friendship in national exchange? If the situation changes, Fawncaven and Pepe may turn against Mynoghra.

A friendly country that is also a trading partner or his followers that he must protect

 when the time comes for him to decide which to choose?

This is a stupid question that doesn't need to be asked.

Of course, Takuto knew which one to choose in that situation.


Anyway, the current situation is quite peaceful.

So peaceful.

Although it is limited to cooperation between the two countries, mostly what Takuto wants has been realized.

Although they need to keep observing closely, there was no reason to feel unhappy.

So the answer is...


"Takuto-sama? Any thoughts?"


"Yeah, regarding Pepe-kun let’s put that on hold. Probably-it's okay."


"As your wish"


Everyone there bowed deeply to Takuto's decision.

Ira Takuto, the King of ruin and the leader of Mynoghra, has made the final decision.

If the King decided so, then his words are higher than anything else. There is no room for negative feelings.

Takuto nodded with satisfaction, seeing the loyalty of his subordinates.

A thorough command hierarchy is necessary to operate an organization.

The limbs that do precisely what the head thought. That is the most necessary thing to move the colossal monster called the nation.


 Unlike games, Takuto was worried about various human errors, such as misperception and misunderstandings. These instructions will always happen as long as there are human emotions. Still, now Mynoghra has achieved satisfactory results as his limbs.

 That's why Takuto can devise a variety of strategies.

 Let's take care of the imminent problem at hand first.

 It's barbarians attack problem.

 The unusual appearance is a threat.


(The enemy suddenly showing up, as if--)


 A ridiculous dreamscape bubbled up in his head.

 Before it could take shape, Takuto chuckled slightly and pushed it to the back of his thoughts.




That day, for the first time in a long time, Takuto was so excited that people could see it.

Atou was also excited when she sees his Lord's mood.

The dark elves are also getting a little nervous when seeing them.


"Finally, she is finally born! A new hero! How long have we been waiting for this day! How many resources have we saved?"


"Honestly, it was a big amount of resource, but finally, our effort will be rewarded."


 Takuto and Atou are excited.

 Resources piled high in the ceremonial area -- food from human flesh trees, wood harvested by thinning out nearby trees and rare stones.

With the help of Atou and the leg-long worms, they managed to make it to the hero productions stage, but the work required to get there was not a half-hearted effort.

 The dark elves have voluntarily worked day and night to repay the King for saving their tribe. The twins, Cearia and Mearia, walked all the way to the King's side.


“Wow. That will make my stomach full.”


 The idiot girl, her sister Mearia, shows her surprise as her sleepy eyes start to open.


''My King. What kind of a hero are you about to summon?”


 The girl with the burn Cearia is unusually interested in someone other than her sister and curiously observing.


“Yeah, just see, and look forward to it.”


“The summoning ritual is the most exciting moment! *waku-waku!”


Takuto's words made the twins' eyes sparkle.

Next to them is Atou, whose eyes also sparkling like a child. Takuto spoke to her via telepathy, which only the two of them could do.


(... Atou. What do you think about Isla?)


(You mean about she is on our side or not?)


There is only one content they talk about. How Isla recognizes Ira Takuto.

Previously Takuto was just a human being. He lived a new life in this place with the game settings.

That is Ira Takuto, the King of ruin.

As a game player, Takuto always played with Atou. She recognized him when they came to this world, but no guarantee Isla will remember him.

Even if they do, other concerns will arise.

If the hero units have free will, there is a chance they would reject and rebel against Ira Takuto.


"Eternal Nations" is a setting in which the leader, who is the player's alter ego, guides each nation.

This leader can be selected from some options. Sometimes a hero can play as the leader, or a leader appears as a unit.

And Isla is a type of character who can act doubles as a leader and a unit.

When she became the leader of Mynoghra, he was good at using the "Bug Rush" tactic. "Bug Rush" is a tactic that ignores leveling up and focusing on productivity and unit creation then overrunning enemy nations at the beginning of the game. In some areas, it is a popular cheat character.

There is a bad possibility Isla may take over Mynoghra.

In fact, "Eternal Nations" has also introduced a system of changing leaders and taking over.

The two of them worry if Isla did not acknowledge Takuto, and turn it fangs against Mynoghra.


(If something goes wrong, I will deal with her. Isla's initial combat ability is 8. It's the same with me now, but I have the advantage of having the holy sword technique)


(I think it will be fine, but if that really happen, I'll count on you)


This is a crucial moment.

In the first place, summoning is a mysterious phenomenon. No matter how much the game system is applied, they cannot be too optimistic.

――No, some parts need to be watched because it may have been are changed.


Takuto was both cautious in considering every strategy and sometimes bold in choosing a risky move.

But the one who made that possible is the girl named Atou, whom he really trusts.


(I will protect you even if it costs my own life)

(The cost for re-summon is high, so please don't do that)

And the ritual begins.

All the main characters of Mynoghra are gathering here.

If Isla rebels, it will be very dangerous.

Because of that, Takuto decided to openly summon her. In times of emergency, the dark elves will act as bait, and they will suppress Isla.

 Takuto's goal is to live in peace with his most important being - Atou.

 At the end of the day, all he needs is her.

He'll feel pity if something terrible happens to the other beings, but he won't particularly care.


The dark elves were completely amazed by the scene before them. They didn't know Takuto's inner thoughts.

They had witnessed the summoning ritual several times as they summoned leg-length insects. But this time, the scale for summoning the hero is different.

“The ritual has begun. Everyone, as we discussed, do not move from the spot until you are ordered to do so......”


 The dark elves nodded silently at Atou's instructions and held their breath.

 The sky that they looked up at was dull in color, and the clouds swirled around in circles, bringing odd darkness to the sky.

A mysterious magical power blows out from the ground and spreads as if to flood the area.

From the center of the piled up materials, something like a twist in the space suddenly occurred and was sucked in more and more.

Simultaneously, an egg-like object with a red-black flesh texture was born. Its size increased with the absorption of materials.


"Th-This is……"


 Elder Mortar, who had kept his mouth shut to avoid distracting the King due to the ritual's importance, couldn't help but let his voice out.

 The warrior chief Gia, the twin girls, and the rest of his followers were also trying to remain silent, but unconsciously let out their voice.


They are not afraid, but there is a simple feeling in their hearts.

What a wonderful sight!

What an incredible phenomenon!

The magnificence of miracles caused by his own King. The power of heroes that will be born and the infinite power that the King shows above all.

When they see it with their own eyes, they feel the happiness of being part of Mynoghra.


Atou was also impressed by sight.

In cooperation with Takuto, she has set up measures if Isla goes out of control. Still, to be honest, she doubts that possibility.

She has great respect for her master. Because she admired Takuto so much, she felt that other heroes would naturally obey Takuto.

Besides, for some reason, she had a mysterious conviction that "there won’t be any problem."


Gigi Gichi Gichi—


A strange sound echoes from inside the oddly shaped flesh; it's a strange heartbeat of a strange life being.

The hugely swollen meat mass eventually reached its limit, and there was a crack in it.

 With a thud, the contents overflowed, and a massive lump with a viscous liquid appeared.

 It looks like a moth being born out of a cocoon, and when it spreads its insect wings, it lets out a weird voice as if it were expressing its joy.

 At first glance, it looks like an ant. However, it has sharp jaws and horns that could crush anything.

 Its body was also an insect, but it had a thick structure that looked as if it was made of human beings, and it was not as slender as an arthropod.

 Multiple human breast-like objects hang from its chest, adding the discomfort feeling to people who saw it.

 The limbs that extend from each of them are the same. Unlike the structure primarily designed for quick walking, they are thick, vicious claws that extend out and are clearly used to slice through the enemy.


 The flapping wings were glittering with iridescent colors, and combined with their cloudy, dark green skin. It’s a really fantastic sight.


The bug, which is as big as a cabin, looks around.

Then tilt her head,

She shows a slightly funny attitude like an ignorant who can't keep up with her situation,

The moment she turned her eyes to Takuto, she bows her head and greets him.


"AA, AAA, my great King. It is an honor to meet you in a place like this. This Isla, who controls all the bugs. To be able to serve you again, from the bottom of my heart, I feel happy and touched."


A voice that resembled a young woman came out of the insect's mouth.

The dark elves were shocked to hear a voice that was too human-like coming out from the creature.

Isla reacts to their upset, but it seems that she does not intend to take any action, and she still bows down and waits for Takuto's words.

Takuto, who observed the situation for a short time satisfied, nodded many times and stepped forward.

Atou hurriedly tries to stop the recklessness of her Lord, but he doesn't care.

Eventually, Takuto reached in front of Isla and looked up at the giant.


"It's been a long time. Do you remember me?"


"...? Oh yeah! I see! That's right! Yeah, yeah, I remember Ira Takuto-sama. A person who knows everything and the great King of ruin. Also, the Eternal Nations Top player--Am I right?"




"I'm a little confused by this situation, but I'm honored to be able to be created again. Now, please use this power to your heart's content."


Isla nods and lets out a happy voice.

Because of her insect face, it was not possible to read her facial expression,

But for some reason, Takuto can see indescribable joy behind her compound eyes.




 The hero, Isla, Queen of all bugs, has entered the civilization.

 The combat value of all insect units in the world is increased by 2.


 ~Assemble! Mother Isla is awake!

 ~Sing! Mother Isla is awake!

  All the bugs will bow their heads before Mother Queen Isla and become the foundation of a new age!




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