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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Episode 26: Dialog (3)


The discussion finally goes into the main subject. 

They were discussing the reason why Fawncaven came to Daijukai this time and about their mission. 

Of course, Tonukapoli has not revealed everything, especially regarding the investigation into the cause of the barbarian attacks. 

Showing your own cards is like revealing your weaknesses to the other person. No matter how friendly their opponent is, they will be at a disadvantage in negotiations. 

So Tonukapoli put in some bluffs, 

She explained that they only worried about the barbarians and they are investigating the Daijukai as a preliminary investigation. 

The most important is she must not let Mynoghra find out that Fawncaven response on the barbarian attack was slow. Also, about their lack of strength and insufficient support for Dragon Town. 

Only these points were explained with great care. 


"There is a lack of battle strength." 


Ira Takuto's words accurately describe their situation. 

Usually, rude comments can become the biggest insult to the other party. Even if it's a fact - no, because it was a fact, it wasn't strange to be angry. 

However, Tonukapoli was not significantly shaken by his word. 

She understands that in the first place, Mynoghra existence is isolated from the general public. 

His word is not a word that was released with the sensibility that people usually have. 

Instead, he only said what he felt. 

If so, it's useless to be offended. 

Conversely, the more provoked she gets, the greater the chance for the opponent to take advantage of her. 

Although, it would be dangerous if they found out that currently, Fawncaven doesn't have sufficient battle strength. 

She had to avoid that at all cost. 

Tonukapoli responds slowly with calm facial expressions. 


"No, it won't be a matter if we take it seriously. In fact, we have been able to repel the barbarians. However, sudden barbarians are still a strange phenomenon. The other staff bearers have the opinion that a preliminary investigation is necessary. Just to be safe." 




This may be a made-up excuse, but it seems to make sense. 

Although the real reason why they can't take concrete action is due to the slowness of internal decision-making. At least those made-up excuses are more persuasive. 

Also, the irregularities in the behaviour of the barbarians were conveyed to the Mynoghra people. 

Until now the attacks of the barbarians have never been confirmed. 

It was a common sense that if they came from a distance, it should already be seen. Especially if they attacked in large numbers, there should some signs beforehand. 

If dangerous creatures suddenly appear in their own territory, it would be one of the most troublesome things. 

While emphasizing that point, she tries to distract Mynoghra attention from Fawncaven battle strength condition. 


"It's true that barbarians are troublesome, Tonukapoli-sama. I can't understand the phenomenon that suddenly occurs. It's easy to deal with them, but it's still difficult to solve the fundamental problem." 


"That's right, Atou-dono. That's why I was investigating why the barbarians suddenly occur. Well, I didn't expect to meet a kingdom here." 


"We were also surprised. We were about to send a messenger to interact with ..." 


Yes, I did it! Tonukapoli inwardly praised herself. 

Cleverly she managed to shift the focus. Sure enough, Mynoghra's interest has diverted to the barbarians. So she no longer needs to play a trick to hide Fawncaven lack of battle strength. 

 All that's left is to draw some support from Mynoghra. 

 In fact, the Daijukai, where Mynoghra exists, is close to Dragon Town, and barbarians attack can occur anytime. 

Perhaps because the location of the Daijukai is hidden and difficult to reach, the barbarians haven't attacked there yet, 

But there is no guarantee that Mynoghra will continue to be safe. 

Besides, if Dragon Town fell, barbarians might be stationed there. 

If that happens, the threat level will increase dramatically. 

Tonukapoli believes that Dragon Town would never fell because she has pride in that city defence, but what Mynoghra thinks is different. 


In other words, Mynoghra cannot keep act as a bystander. 

Tonukapoli, the representative of Fawncaven have done well in this discussion. 


''Even so, the place where the city of Dragon Town exists is also a bit tricky. I don't mean to interfere with other countries affairs of. But, with an enclave location like that, it's going to be a little difficult for Fawncaven people to defend it." 


"Hmm? Well, there were a lot of reasons. We’ve decided to put down roots in that place." 


Tonukapoli has to hide some information. 

There is a dragon vein hole in the city of Dragon Town. The place where pure mana flows out is a miracle land they accidentally found while exploring the land. 

Humans cannot handle a massive amount of magical power. 

Even ceremonial magic does not require such a large amount of mana. 

Currently, there is no way to use it, but they plan to fully utilize the dragon vein hole. 

When technology research is completed, they will have the power to separate from other nations at once. 

Therefore, they forcibly built the city of Dragon Town and secretly continued their research. 

If the barbarian problem did not occur, the "military magic" technology would have been completed by this time. 


While cursing the reality that didn't go according to their plan, Tonukapoli lied with the same voice tone. 


"Is that so? Well, if you build a city a little far away, it's easier to claim ownership of the surrounding area. There are many circumstances, but in this world, things do not always proceed as plan." 


"I totally agree. If I hadn't seen that barbarian, I would have been drinking tea in my homeland by now ... But I was able to meet Atou, Mynoghra, and above all, King Ira Takuto. This is blessing in disguise.…… Well, we can send two staff bearers to investigate the surrounding area. I want you to see this fact as a representation of our country capability." 


"I'm glad I met Fawncaven." 


"Yes, yes, that's right, Takuto-sama! 

We can spend our time calmly if in this world many people can exchange words like Fawncaven people." 


The discussion atmosphere was very peaceful. 

Looks like this crossing rope can be passed safely. 

Fortunately, Pepe did not participate in the negotiations. It would be a big problem if he was actively involved in the conversation. 

At this moment, suddenly Tonukapoli chest feels uncomfortable. 

Suddenly, she is wondering why Pepe was so quiet. 






Everyone shifts their eyes to the King, who rise his voice toward Pepe, who had never interrupted them during the discussion. His childish expression looked troubled as he crossed his arms. 

What happened? 

Was there any part of the conversation that was too difficult for him to understand? 


"What’s wrong?" 


Before Tonukapoli asked, King Takuto asked him. 

Pepe nods a little with a complicated expression, 

He is going to say his thoughts. 


"At this rate, our country will be destroyed, didn't we investigate the Daijukai to escape the pinch?" 


"Pepe ... you are really…" 


"AH, ARE? Did I said something wrong?" 


"Eeto, that. Tonukapoli-sama, what should I say, I sympathize with you ..." 




Suddenly, there was an awkward silence. Everyone is just awkwardly silent. 

Tonukapoli feels a headache. 

What she feared most just happen. Pepe just revealed the state secrets in these negotiations. 

Tonukapoli's speech that has gone smoothly ruined by him. 

No matter how clever a person, it would be difficult to overcome this difficult situation. 

To the extent that Tonukapoli wanted to run away from reality. 

The words Pepe leaked caught Fawncaven in a pinch. 


 But even if a mistake puts you in a tight spot, the future will look different depending on how you react. 




"Yes, Takuto-sama." 


… Apparently, the future of Fawncaven surprisingly heading in a right direction. 


"Tonukapoli-sama. Rest assured that we do not have any malicious intent toward Fawncaven." 


As if she could communicate with her Master through an invisible connection, 

The girl in front of her revealed Mynoghra's intention. 

Tonukapoli shows a troubled facial expression. 

She understood that they might sympathize with their mistakes, 

From Atou serious face, it was clear that she did not say those words to insult or make a joke. 


"Believe it or not, our interest is always our nation domestic affairs. 

It seems strange that we, as demons, have no malice to the outside world, but that is what we are, and that is Takuto-sama wish." 


Incredible words just came out from her mouth. 

It is generally said that the devil wants all living things to suffer and destroy the world. 

Her words are unusual and against the established theory. 

However, it was clear when she looks at their welcoming response and the dark elves who follow them. 

Without hiding her confusion and her upset feeling, 

Tonukapoli turns her eyes to Takuto while shaking her head and asks. 


"But the existence of a demon …...pardon me, that's true, we are also, we also think its best if nothing happens ..." 


"Peace is the best." 


"... Yeah." 


There is nothing she can do if they already said such things. 


The heart of Tonukapoli is not made of steel, she doesn't dare to cross argument with Ira Takuto. Also, she is not ignorant. 

 However, they came in peace. 

 To be honest, there's too much weirdness. Even if that's true, it is really outside Tonukapoli expectation. 


"We just want to live in peace. Instead, we are more worried the peace will be destroyed if we are meddling with another country's business. 


"Yeah, it looks like you can't even talk to Qualia or El-Nar......" 


"Do you understand?" 


"We've been bothered by the same things." 


 Of course, Tonukapoli would agree. 

 No matter how much they loved the peace and did not think about invading other countries, the other countries would not have the same thinking. 

 As a multi-ethnic nation with a diverse mix of races and an understanding of many different cultures, Fawncaven is also having a hard time when making a decision. 

 It's clear what kind of reaction Mynoghra will get from those who have blind faith in gods and spirits, people who are always praying whenever they have time to do so. 

 Hmmm, said Tonukapoli tries thinking forward. 


 Sooner or later, when things are exposed, the Fawncaven will have to make a decision. 

 The good forces that want the right order demand obedience, respect, and impose their laws on others. 

And an evil force who declares that they want peace and well-being and seeks friendship and cooperation. 

Which side Fawncaven should take, it was obvious that it is a troublesome choice, and now she has a headache. 


"But I see. This matter, finally, we can no longer say that we are irrelevant. It seems to me that we need to do something about it. Your majesty, what do you think?" 


"Friends should help each other." 


"As expected Takuto-kun!" 


"Shut up, Pepe!" 


"Ouch! Today I was hit more than usual!" 


 While Tonukapoli was scratching her head, the support for Fawncaven was decided. 

 She thought to let it be and decided to go with the flow. 

 It would only give her a headache if she tried to see the bigger picture in her own small frame of mind. 

Abandoning everything at a critical time is a foolish act, but her old age is not just for show. 

She still had the last trump card, and currently, everything is working well. 


"Hmm, the King said that we may be able to help you with the Dragon Town. Beside the barbarians with their various abilities are also our enemies ..." 


"Yeah, we did it!!" 


 While looking at Pepe's face as he raised his hands in joy. Tonukapoli feels the support of the Mynoghra is responsive. 


 She was not sure what the dark elves capable of. Still, she would feel safe as long as Atou there to support them. 

There's no doubt that the barbarians have no chance to win against them. 

 This would allow for a change in defence policy. They can also carry out a large scale investigation on the barbarian attack. 

 She was thinking that in some case, Fawncaven would have to consider to abandon Dragon Town. 

Now the survival of the city is guaranteed. It's wonderful to be able to see a glimmer of hope. 


 Pepe's misrepresentation made her stomach on fire, but isn't it going in the right direction as a result? 

 More than that, he grasped and pulled out their own weakness. 

 She thinks she should thank him accordingly. 

 At least. It is clear that there is a shortage of miscellaneous items. 

 Now what they will say? 

 Tonukapoli is prepared to listen to their decision. 


"That's nice to hear. But there's nothing stinkier than the word "goodwill" in this world. Mynoghra is a nation, and a nation can't operate without profit. Thanks to the idiot, you can clearly see our weakness. --What do you want in return?" 


"The Dragon vein hole." 


Atou answers with a carefree smile. 

In an instant, Tonukapoli realized everything when she hears that reply. 

This time is the only time Tonukapoli cursed her own shallowness and carelessness. 

Apparently, the other party was many times smarter than her. 


"As I thought, you've seen all our cards." 


 Come to think of it, she has never negotiated with anyone else before. 

 She realized that she had a certain arrogance in her own abilities. 

 But at the same time, she also thinks even if she had made every effort, it was still not clear whether she would be able to stand on equal footing against a country. 


(Well, it turns out I have no right to call Pepe a fool) 


She laughed at herself. 

The situation is terrible. 

The dragon vein hole was Fawncaven most crucial secret. 

In the southern continent harsh environment, that hole is a hope for a better future. They were expecting a massive amount of mana the dragon vein hole would produce. 

A place that can be said to be the critical point of Fawncaven. 

If the place was requested, it would be difficult to stand on an equal footing with other countries in the future. At the very least, they will not be able to raise their heads around Mynoghra. 


"Do you mind if we co-managed it? Currently, we don't need such large scale mana. However, we will specify the conversion elements here." 


"The pure mana from the dragon's veins can be converted into the elements ......It's the first time I've heard of such a thing." 


"Oh. Is that mean we are a step ahead?" 


When she heard that word, Tonukapoli understands that they are already in the top of history. 

It was impossible to deceive them from the beginning. 

Apparently, there is no choice but to join hands with them who seem to have magical technology that is a few steps ahead of them. 


If that's true, she better prepare for the worst. 

*You had better lick the dish once you start eating poisonous food. 


Tonukapoli breaks her nervous and grumpy expression, 

She leans back on her chair and laughing. 

She made up her mind. 


"King Ira Takuto, and Atou-dono. Pepe is a fool. He's the biggest fool of all!" 


 While shrug her shoulders, Tonukapoli proudly speaks. 

 Even Atou and Takuto seem to be confused by the sudden confession and don't know how to respond. 

 By the way, Pepe himself, who was described as a big idiot, is also laughing. 


Well, ...... I'm not sure about that." 


"Don't say mean words." 


The two Mynoghra gently warned her. 

Seeing that gentle and friendly attitude that didn't look like an evil creature, Tonukapoli burst out laughing even more and said: "But". 


"That Pepe. He has the best eyes when looking at people. In our country, he is better than anyone else…..when judging people character. He never made a mistake, not even once." 


Fawncaven just opens their last card. 

She decided to bet on Pepe's talent here. 

The best staff bearer of all time that their nation proud of. 

The talented leader who will end their national crisis. 


--Every nation has a last resort that can decide its fate. 

The form of that last resort varies depending on the time and national policy, and Fawncaven is no exception. 

 It's the law that no one in this world knows about- even Takuto who came from outside of this world doesn't know. 


"Pepe! You make the decision. As a staff bearer, you have that authority." 


"Grandma, Didn't I told you from the beginning ..." 


No one in that place knows that last resort was secretly activated... 


"I want to make friends with the Mynoghra people." 


That last resort was called the "Great Ritual". 


"That's why in the name of Tonukapoli and Pepe, the staff bearers. We seek formal friendship between Mynoghra and our country Fawncaven. Is that OK? " 


"With pleasure." 


An alliance was formed here. 

Everything was decided by Tonukapoli and Pepe. 

Usually, for such a big thing, they had to return to their country and exchange opinions with other wand-holders. 

In fact, they should have done it first. 

Because they could be accused of abusing their power as staff bearer. 


 But they had made a decision. 

 What the consequences of that decision would be is still unknown. 

For some reason, there was strange confidence in the Fawncaven representative heart that this is the best decision. 



= Eterpedia ============ 


[Complete negotiations] Great Ritual: Fawncaven 


In important negotiations that determine the fate of the nation, it would bring results beyond possibilities. 

Turn all negative factors into positives and get the best results. 

* This effect can only be used when the leader is "Stupid Pepe". 

* Once used, it will not be activated again. 




= Message ============= 


The Great Ritual [Complete Negotiation] has been activated. 


In the future, the friendship value between Fawncaven and Mynoghra will not fall below "favorable". 

* If Fawncaven deliberately betrays Mynoghra, the friendship value will drop below favorable. 


The impact of this negotiation result on Fawncaven future is "extreme". 


Translator note: 


*You had better lick the dish once you start eating poisonous food  

(Because it's too late to save your life. If you're going to die anyway, you might as well eat up completely).


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    1. I just fixed it.
      Thanks for your input.

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