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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Episode 25: Dialog (2)




Tonukapoli was confused. 

Because the situation was ended with a feast. 

A feast held to commemorate the birth of friendship between Pepe and Takuto. 

She wondered if it was a conspiracy. But the fact that Atou, the demon girl, is also celebrating this event with heartfelt joy convinced her that they really just want to hold a celebratory event. 

While doing so, more and more dishes are brought to the table. 

Dishes that they have never seen or heard. 

However, the scent is superb, 

Even Tonukapoli, who is usually so indifferent to food, unconsciously gulps down her saliva. 


"Please eat more and more! Today is a happy day! Come on, Tonukapoli-sama!" 


"AA, ah. Thank you." 


As Atou asked. First, Tonukapoli picks up the fruit. 

She chooses not to eat much meat and grains. 

Fruit that carefully carved it has a fresh orange colour, and the sweetly drifting juice. Just by smelling its scent, she knows that are the most delicate fruits. 

Tonukapoli cannot hide her astonishment that such sophisticated fruits exist in this world. 

 She asked the dark elf girl who was helping to serve the food - a strange girl with half of her face covered with burn scar.  

Then the little girl smiled with her lovely, blood-coloured face and told Tonukapoli that it was an outstanding food called "sun egg". 

Indeed, it is good name, but If it's something like this, it's hard to say that the name is irreverent. 

 However, she can't judge until she tries it. 

 Tonukapoli picked up a silver fork that was close to her and stared at the juice-dripping flesh of the fruit, before finally deciding to put it in her mouth. 


(What the hell is this!!?) 


That moment. 

All the sweets that she ever ate until now feel like shit.. 

What taste! What a treasure! 

 The spread of sweetness is unexpected. It's so soft that it crumbles with just a light roll of the tongue, and the juices surge with every bite. 

 More than anything else, the aroma that comes from the mouth and through the nasal cavity is so captivating and melt her heart. 


Her stomach, which have been shrunk because of her age, suddenly started to work as if it's remembered the day when she still young, and insist on demanding more. 

 Her hand was about to be extended to the next plate but forcefully pushed back by her will power....... 

 Tonukapoli quietly analyzed the phenomenon she had just experienced, and her sharp eyes looked at Mynoghra. 


"May... May I ask a question? With all due respect, is this food of corruption?" 


 With a sideways glance at Pepe, who has been gobbling up his food without restraint since a while ago. 

Tonukapoli asks Atou to keep her expression as unchanged as possible. 

 It is said that the existence of demons corrupts people. 

 It quietly penetrates every aspect of the lives people lead. 

The demon entangles people spirit so that it can never escape. 

 For example, a dazzling treasure that could not be used up for a lifetime. 

For example, a beautiful princess, people who look at her even if it just a glance won't be able to see anything else for the rest of his life. 

…… For example, food that you will never forget just by eating a bite. 

 As far as she concerned, she's not weak enough to be driven crazy. 

But unconsciously she kept eating it, she loves it so much and even asks for more. 

The fruit was incredibly delicious.  

That's why she asked. 

What did she eat? 

This kind of meal should not exist in this world. 

But the question that should have been asked with tension and caution is 

It was immediately denied by Atou, and who only showed a slightly surprised expression. 


"Food of corruption? Oh! I see it was so delicious so you were wondering if that it might have some bad effects. That's not a problem. 


Atou answer while waving her hand. 

Tonukapoli also tilted her head, saying "Really?" to that answer, but she still not convinced. 

After all, the meals are unrealistically delicious until it feels like demonic, and deceptive meal. 

In some cases, meals that are so valuable can become a cause for murder. 

If she throws the meals at a greedy priest around qualia, that meals alone will cause a laughable conflict. 

It's something that she can affirm. 

It was natural that she couldn't be convinced until she can get an explanation of what kind of origin these were. 


"Hmm. How should I explain? These foods are special products that can be grown only in our country. I can’t give you any more details because it is a national secret, but I guarantee that it is safe for consumption." 


 Atou also took the wary Tonukapoli into consideration and added a simple explanation. 

 If it's called a national secret, Tonukapoli can't pursue it any further. 

 It's impossibly delicious, but as long as it actually exists on the table, it's not some kind of illusion. 


"It's delicious." 

"It's so delicious that I overeat until my stomach gets swollen!" 

"Oh, really? That’s great." 


 The two little dark elf girls with an innocent smile on their faces serving additional plates to Tonukapoli. 

 As she receives them, she can't help but smile at the innocent little girls, who despite being under the demon's control, look like angels. 


(Hey, I want them to replace our idiot Pepe ...) 


 She glanced sideways to Pepe, who is eating some kind of meat sandwiched between two pieces of bread. 

 He's only said delicious, delicious food from earlier. Still, Tonukapoli doubt he really understands the abnormality of this meal, since he's always said nothing but delicious food, to begin with. 

 Anyway, if Pepe feels safe to eat it, maybe it's really safe. 

 Tonukapoli lets out a big sigh of relief that his fears were unfounded. 

 He then apologizes for doubting Mynoghra and compliments them on how delicious the meal was, it’s was so delicious till she made a silly doubt. 

 Those words made Atou and the other Mynoghra people feel better, and they brought even more plates to Tonukapoli. 


However, it is a word of admiration. 

Being able to produce such fruits and food indicates that the state's technological capabilities are high and the nation is wealthy. 

 Therefore, being able to indulge in the luxury of food is proof that Mynoghra is a productive country. 

She asked the little girls about it, and their answer is they also eat that food regularly. 

 The twin little girl only serves as a maid in the royal palace. At first, Tonukapoli thought they were just being used then she realized that their human rights are fairly valued, but still, that's not normal. 


 Tonukapoli was curious, so she asked the little girl further, and the little girl answered that although this meal was special, all citizens had the opportunity to eat it. 

 If so, how fortunate and blessed they are. 

 It made Tonukapoli understand the quality of foods she used to eat until now are low. 

 At the same time, she wondered how she can eat the food of her country after knowing such a good taste. 

 That's how shocked she was and that just because of a bite of the food she tasted. 


By the majesty of the King. The best food for all the people, more than they can eat. Please enjoy it to your heart's content. This is the most delicious dish in the world that Mynoghra is proud of." 


Yes, you're right, it's the best in the world. I've heard the big words in a lot of places, but I've never heard the words catch up with the facts. I've been getting thinner lately, but now I may have to worry about my weight...... 


 Tonukapoli noticed that her stomach was quite full. 

 She had tried a few other dishes besides fruit, but none of them was like anything she had ever tasted before, and all of them were new to her. 


 So she ate a significant amount of food as she tasted this and that. 

 At her age, she invited to a country, ate so much like crazy, and gained a lot of weight. 

She can’t imagine what kind of sarcasm and teasing she would receive from the other staff bearers in her home country if they found out. 

 Feeling a little embarrassed. 

She tosses the little purple fruit into her mouth, telling herself that this is my last bite. ...... But she wants a little more. 

 Tonukapoli gave up, she decided that she won’t say much about this feat when he reported back to her homeland. 


"It's OK for Grandma to get fat because no one cares about it--Ouch! It hurts more than usual!" 


"Are you all right?" 


"It made a great sound ..." 


However, she had to punish Pepe's rude attitude before the other staff bearers in her country... 


She poke Pepe on the back of his head with 20% more power than usual, the boy feels it till his tears came out. 

Tonukapoli look at the Mynoghra King, Ira Takuto. 

He was present at the dinner venue and calmly sat down, no matter how much she looks at it, she can't get used to it. 

It would be natural. 

After all, he looks like an evil god. It's more like a miracle to see an evil god stay calm here. 

However, the dice were thrown. 

There is an old saying that you can't get treasure unless you dive into the dragon's burrow. 

There is a risk, but it would be really beneficial if Fawncaven could make friends with them. 


She doesn’t know what creature is actually the King. 

It's creepy, evil, and she doesn't think it has feelings that are close to humans. 

Actually, he is just sitting on the chair, but he also casually spreads horror. 

What is the King thinking and what is he trying to do? 

However, somehow she could understand that he is in a good mood now. 

She couldn't understand the reason why the King responded to Pepe words, but 

Anyway, it seems that the stupid Pepe with his foolish way had saved Fawncaven. 

 Embracing the joy of her grandson's growth, Tonukapoli finally began to loosen her tension a bit. 


"That's right! Let's sell this food! I'm sure everyone will be happy!" 


However, additional fuel was thrown in at just the right time. 

Pepe started to say something ridiculous with his shining eyes. 

He is going to start another troublesome thing……. 

Tonukapoli holds her own head, she can't help it anymore. 

After the dinner, she was thinking to discuss what they were most concerned about, but that moron really does not read the air. 

Please don't make random ideas anymore. 

While praying to the spirits of the earth to do something about this idiot, Tonukapoli gently warns Pepe. 


“You asked them to sell all these to us. But they wouldn't give it to anyone else easily. 

 Besides, we've only just made first contact with them. I know how you're feeling, but you're talking too fast, Pepe. 


Indeed this food is fascinating. 

If all people can eat such good quality food, there must be some surplus in food production. 

The food situation in Fawncaven is difficult due to circumstances. 

It would be very beneficial to the nation if it could be obtained through some trade, even if its food with lower quality. 

However, as she was warned Pepe to be careful because they just began to interact with Mynoghra. 

It is not a thing that they should bring into the negotiation at the first meeting. 



"Eh, are you serious King Ira Takuto!" 




However, if Pepe is the insane one in Fawncaven, it seems that in Mynoghra everyone is insane. 

King Ira Takuto just accept Pepe's suggestion. 

He exaggeratedly nodded as if he had been offered a good deal. 


"As expected from Takuto-sama! It's a good idea!" 


If she thought about it usually, the King's followers would have disagreed and suggested him to reconsider, but the opposite happened. 

The mystery of why the King can take such a bold move is only deepening, but they have to negotiate casually. 

This is a great opportunity. Tonukapoli quickly thinks of items that her country could export if she had to conclude the negotiations on the best possible terms. 


I can't hide my joy at this good news. What does your kingdom want?  

Just to let you know, we don't have any speciality product like this. 

I can't think of anything that's worth as much as all this great food. 


"We don't need anything special, metal equipment, daily necessities, consumables such as entertainment items, cloth, and paper. You can pay with those kinds of things. The food we provide will be reasonably priced.” 


Expendable goods. 

Tonukapoli unconsciously frowned. Where is that need? 

There is no problem with exporting miscellaneous goods and consumables. It's not confidential things. 

However, she didn't understand why Mynoghra needed them. 


"Hmm, then we can afford to export it. But, from what I see, I don't think your country really need it. 

For example the items like this beautiful tableware, I've never seen high-quality goods like this. Even the most advanced country like Qualia wouldn't be able to produce this good. Of course, that’s just my guess. " 


Plates and candlesticks lined up on the table. While staring at the prepared equipment such as spoons and forks. Tonukapoli said her doubt. 

However, Atou smiles and tilts his head to the question, and simply answers,  


"Because there is a demand for products from other countries." 


Tonukapoli stared at her expression to see what kind of intention was hidden behind that smile, but she couldn't understand anything. 

An old magician who has lived for hundreds of years have an opponent who is not a human being at all. 

Tonukapoli sighed, she gave up and raised her hands. 

It's not a bad deal. In Fawncaven, farmland has been destroyed by barbarian attacks. 

In fact, there was a problem with the food supply because it was necessary to allocate more personnel for the defence force. 

 If they could fill their bellies just by trading miscellaneous items, it's like a granted wish. Miscellaneous items that were not important and could be produced as many as they wanted. 


"Well, that's OK. It's a good deal that both parties can agree on." 


In the end, some rough arrangements were made on the spot, which was an unexpected harvest for Tonukapoli. 

 To be honest, importing food from a nation she just met has its own dangers, such as poisoning. 

She decided that it would be better to examine that area and resolve it soon. 

 Anyway, they don't have enough food. There was a lot of benefits, and it was a small price to pay. 

 Soon the meal was over, and the food was taken off the table. 

 The drinks are served, and everyone takes a break. Atou slowly opens the main topic of discussion. 


"So I couldn't go into too much detail earlier, but I would like to ask why you came to our territory this time." 


"Oh, of course. I'll tell you about that because it's a little too difficult for Pepe to understand." 


Now, let me get to the main subject. 

A phenomenon that currently bothers Fawncaven. 

It’s good if Mynoghra can participate to solve it. Also, it would be best if some kind of cooperation could be obtained through negotiations. 

From the conversations so far, Tonukapoli thinks that the possibility that Mynoghra involved with the sudden outbreak of barbarians is very low. 

Mynoghra seem to be concerned about the barbarians attack problem, 

She didn't think they enjoy tricking people and watching people fight among themself from a safe distance. 

If that’s true, Mynoghra and Fawncaven should be able to cooperate. Even if the other party is demons. 

And that negotiation can only be done by themselves. 

It's really a crucial moment. 


Tonukapoli would like to thank Pepe and King Ira Takuto for making it a peaceful encounter. 

Fortunately, this place wasn't very formal. 

She is also an amateur when it comes to national negotiations. 

She totally understands that she may get nervous and make a mistake. 

However, if she feels too relaxed, it is also a problem. 

 To focus on the conversation they about to have, she swallows the drink in her glass. 

 Of course, that drink is also a drink that she never known or tasted before. Strangely enough, this was the only time she couldn't enjoy the taste of it clearly. 


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  3. I dont know why but i somehow like this story? I thought that would be another Overlord where the author is in Love whith the MC. But it sounds that this one will go in a another direction.

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  5. Thanks for the chapter!

  6. I do wonder why they treat metal tools and clothes as consumables. Over years they would need to be replaced but it has been months and they talk about it like every time they use a hammer they throw it away. Also would trading so food be bad as the fruit could be grown by the other country after one shipment.


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