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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Episode 24: Dialog (1)


 Apart from the tension of a few minutes ago, it is difficult to describe the current atmosphere in words. 

 The two armies that had been staring at each other and taking a warlike stance. Now walking together on the road less path inside the Daijukai.  

Mynoghra Elites and the staff bearers of Fawncaven are heading to the capital of Mynoghra. 

Atou and her groups guiding the leaders of Fawncaven, who wanted to visit Takuto. 

Actually, this is contrary to their important mission. That's why their facial expression looks complicated. 


“So I told him! You miscreant who trolls Fawncaven! Eat my magic! Are you listening, Atou-san!” 


“Yes, I'm listening.” 


"Well, even so, those demi-human really have a hard time! No doubt! Fawncaven would have been dead by this time without me!" 


Atou can't help but frown at the excessive volume of the innocent boy's voice. 

She didn't cover her ears and didn't really listen to him, but even so, Atou is fed up with the heroic story that keeps repeated from a while ago. 


“I, I see ... that's must be hard, isn't it? These uncivilized barbarians sometimes attack people who live in peace. They are a nuisance that can only do harm to others." 


"That's right! That's right, Atou-san! Uwaa! I'm glad you understood it! I don't feel like we just meet for the first time!" 


 "Hahaha!" And Pepe l 

oudly laughs. 

 The two sides made dramatic progress thanks to this strange and eccentric boy's greeting. 

Finally, their encounter ends in peace. 


Both sides are already in critical situations, and Pepe has successfully turned things around. However, it is not clear what he actually thinks. 

Instead, it is no exaggeration to say that both sides had some dismay. 

After his first greeting, he keeps behaving like this. 

Even though he wasn't asked, he keeps talking. 

"That, Tonukapoli-sama? He's too close ..." 


"I'm sorry, Atou-dono. This brat is stupid." 


"Oh, I see ..." 


Atou gives a sloppy reply, which is unusual for her. 

She couldn't predict the actions of this person named Pepe. 

She can't help but lose her own pace. 

Although still in the pre-negotiation stage and need to be careful, 

There is a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere like an ordinary afternoon. 

The cause is clear. 

It was because of that stupid boy who couldn't read the atmosphere. 

Maybe he has some unique ability to soften the atmosphere. 

But it does not mean that this situation is unpleasant. 

 It's an odd turn of events, but the battle crisis has passed for the time being. 

What the situation will be like after that is still unknown. 

Anyway, the current situation is acceptable. 

 Therefore, Atou forcefully convinced herself that there are various kinds of people in the world. 


“But the miasma is very thick. I am feeling a little overwhelmed.” 


"There is nothing I can do about this, Tonukapoli-sama. It's the country nature, so please feel free to tell me if it's too hard. Once again-it's okay to have the meeting in another place. " 


Atou wanted to confirm each other's situation a little more before hold a meeting for both leaders. 

But the other side wants to quickly meet Takuto. 

Atou was a worry for a moment if they are planning something, 

But an explanation from Takuto, who is mentally connected with her, changed her mind. 

 Perhaps they want to seek some kind of assistance to deal with barbarians attacking their city as soon as possible: ....... 

 If so, that's a good thing. 

 Recently the information that their city is in a critical situation has reached Mynoghra's leader ear. 

 Either some kind of material assistance or something else: ....... It's unclear what Fawncaven is going to ask. 

At least that’s mean currently they can’t afford to set up something against Mynoghra. 

And just as Takuto prediction, from Tonukapoli's attitude, there was an impatience that could not be hidden. 


"No, it's better to do everything quickly. This is too overwhelming for the soldiers who accompany us, so I left them behind. I was asked to do an unreasonable thing, so it's only natural that I should bear this much and make a proper visit to greet your King." 

"Thank you for your generous consideration. Our King is happy to welcome you to his kingdom.” 

Is it because of the tight situation that makes Tonukapoli can't hide her impatience, or is she merely not used to conspiring? 

Whichever it is, it is out of the question. 

By the time their opponent leaders came to this area, Mynoghra was already in a favorable position. 

 As for Atou's combat power, it had already risen to the point where it could be called a decisive military force. 

 In the unlikely event that they had some kind of plan, she now had the confidence to crush them. 


"Somehow, I'm getting hungry! Maybe it's just my imagination, but my footsteps getting heavier!" 


"Is he, is he all right?" 


“He slows because he's stupid." 


However, seeing Pepe's condition, her guess didn't seem right... 

Pepe continued to walk happily. 

 He's waving a tree branch he picked up somewhere and humorously talking to every dark elf he saw. 

They don't want to talk with him anymore-but they can't do that because he is a formal guest. 

While sympathizing with the dark elves who look confused by Pepe's behavior, after taking care of that idiot for a while longer, Tonukapoli turned to Atou 


"Oh yeah, Atou-dono. About the King of Mynoghra, Can you tell me a little more about what kind of person the King is? It would feel bad if there was rudeness due to cultural differences." 


"Yes! Of course! Let's talk about the King's greatness, coolness, kindness, and awesomeness!" 


 Atou, who had occasionally shown a look of distress, changed her attitude with those words. 

 Tonukapoli naturally understands how much the girl respects her own King from that situation. 

The girl happily talks about the King's greatness. As far as Tonukapoli judges, Atou is a monster. 

Contrary to her cute appearance, the power hidden inside her is incomparable. 

No wonder the monsters remain in lore and mythology, such a girl adores and serves the King. 

 As the miasma worsens, anxiety that feels like a cold chill attack Tonukapoli. 


(Now, let's see what's waiting for us......) 


Tonukapoli recalls a legend about the King of ruin, who is said to have been sealed in the Daijukai. 

Is their choice correct? They came here because they got swept away by Pepe's momentum, Isn't it ridiculous? 

The old cow-headed woman shook her head to wipe away the anxiety that boiled inside. 




In front of his existence, an old woman named Tonukapoli was reminded of how small her existence was as if it were blown away and disappeared. 

Sitting on the throne during the audience, his presence is far from all life in the world. 

It just imprints darkness on her soul and sucks her in. 


(Oh dear, this is really happening. An unbelievable thing just moved to our neighborhood) 


 At first glance, his shape looks like a human being. 

However, his form was jet black, like the stains made by the children in this world. 

Just by thinking the mere touch makes Tonukapoli feel the fear that it will tear her spirit to pieces. 

A king worshiped by a girl called Atou. 

A King that the monster worships. 

Tonukapoli forgets to breathe because the King's existence is far beyond her expectations, knowledge, and imagination. She scolds her own heart for screaming and devotes all her energy to stay calm. 


(There are darkness presences all over the palace. We can't escape. Is he a high-level demon ... or the demon king who leads the army? Oh, admit it. No matter how I see it, isn't that like an evil god?) 


 Their eyes quietly cross each other. 

 The other party is a being that is supposed to live in a mythical world. However, Tonukapoli can't just carelessly bow. 

 Even though he is a terrifying evil god, he is the head of a country. 

 She is here as a representative of Fawncaven. 

 They are on equal footing. Therefore, Tonukapoli looks at his opponent quietly and waits for his opponent to be introduced while pushing down her fear. 


“This is our great King, Ira Takuto-sama. Takuto-sama, they are the leader of the Fawncaven, the staff-bearer Tonukapoli, and Pepe.” 


“Well done.” 


Her heart was grabbed and crushed casually. 

No--it's just a hallucination. 

Words are a curse technique that has been handed down from ancient times. 

Because old people understood the power of words 

They said that a person should never open his mouth except when he really needed it. What a mess, the young Tonukapoli always laughed at the legend, 

But now she could seriously listen to the story of the former staff bearer who taught the power of words. 

The King's words were so dangerous even though he only said one word. 

She wants to run away, and pretend she didn't see anything, and forget everything. 

A weak heart lifts the sickle and shakes Tonukapoli’s well-trained spirit. 

However, she is one of the Twelve Staff Bearer who rules Fawncaven. 

 In the name of her nation and the gods of nature, she will not be hesitant to speak sharply during the negotiation. 


"Great King. This is my first time having an audience with you. As introduced earlier, I am Tonukapoli, one of the twelve staff bearers. At this occasion--" 




“Nice to meet you! My name is Pepe! I'm from Fawncaven! Let's be friends!” 


“Nooo! Pepeeee!?” 


Unexpected incident at this timing. 

This is precisely what it means to be unable to read the air. 

She spontaneously screamed, but quickly she holds her mouth down. 

Even Tonukapoli, who was several hundred years old, feel scared. Still, Pepe had the courage to casually greet the King of Mynoghra. 

However, she wanted him to stop such a casual greeting if possible. 

For Tonukapoli, it was a big mistake. She thought Pepe would also be frightened and trembling. 


“Friend ......?” 


"No, no, excuse me, Ira Takuto-sama! Pepe just misspoke because he was nervous. 

 I'd be grateful if you could laugh at him and forgive his youthful rudeness." 

Tonukapoli hurriedly tried to fix the situation without waiting for Takuto's words. 

She personally felt that this was not a big deal. However, there was a possibility that the King might feel humiliated. 

 The idea of two leaders of a nation coming face-to-face to be friends is laughable. The dignity of a leader may be questioned. Maybe even worse, the country may not be respected. 

What is about to happen is a desk war in which the nation and the nation collide. 

Although swords and arrows are not crossed, the result is still life-threatening for the people. 

What are you talking about in such an important place? 

While keeping her consciousness to face the blackout situation, Tonukapoli regrets that Pepe ran into such an eccentricity because her education was not enough. 

Somehow she must carefully choose words to get wipe off this big blunder... 


“Friend ...... sure.” 






Apparently, contrary to Tonukapoli's expectations, the answer was really unexpected and truly strange. 

The national leaders are friends? Even foolish words must have a limit. 

What is King planning? What is the purpose? 

While thinking the unanswered questions, Tonukapoli turns away her eyes to Atou, the King's retainer. 

On the way to this place, he had roughly assessed this girl's character. 

Even though some part of her nature is evil, Tonukapoli judged Atou's way of thinking, and manners can be categorized as normal. 

Then it wouldn't be strange for Atou to doubt this situation. 

On the other hand, Tanukapoli hoped that Atou would be as surprised as she was... 


"Oh! What that's mean!" 


"A, Atou, Atou-dono?" 


"Congratulations on your first friend, Takuto-sama!! Hey, what are you all doing, applause!!" 


All the dark elves guard clapping their hands all at once. 

Next, Atou also applauds with emotional expression. 

The blessed King is scratching his head with some embarrassment. 

Tonukapoli does not understand what it means. So she also applauded. 

She was the only one left behind because Pepe was already applauding loudly. 

A cheerful atmosphere flowed over the audience. 

The tension goes away right away. What the fuck is this? 

There was confusion enveloping Tonukapoli's entire body, and she could not let it go. 

(Some, something ridiculously unbelievable just happened) 


 Are they took advantage of Pepe's blunder and trying to relieve the tension? Are they just teasing us? 

Maybe he is seriously just trying to make friends. 

However, Tonukapoli could not see King's expression. He only looks like jet-black darkness in a man's shape, making a gesture as if he feels embarrassed. 

 Aren't they just clapping and celebrating toward an empty void? 

 Such a cold chilling thought hits Tonukapoli. 

The existence of Mynoghra King Ira-Tact is not something that can be measured by her. 

That was the only thing she could understand now.


  1. I thought you stopped the translation coz your group reffered as dead link in novelupdates. Its great you continue

    1. It probably is considered a dead link because the redirect ads prevent the bot that tests the link from reaching the site whenever it checks it.

    2. I already said that I will reduce the frequency of posting in this site and post more often on the private site.
      I didn't aware about the novel update dead link

    3. Just check donation/support page

  2. That granny might get heart attack because of Pepe one day :D

  3. "This brat will be the end of me." - Tonukapoli


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