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Monday, October 5, 2020

Episode 23: Encounter

Fawncaven is a multi-ethnic nation with the human race as the majority. It has a unique custom. 

It is unclear when it was founded, but it has the second-largest land area among the nations scattered on the southern continent of Hydragia. 

In terms of civilization level, it was about one level below the northern province of Qualia. 

They have started producing iron and other equipment, but the country's system is still not perfect. 

Their religion is a belief in ancient spirits passed down from generation to generation, in contrast to the elemental spirits that the elves believed. 

They believe in the spirits of animals and insects, trees and plants, and even rocks and lands, and fortune-telling with bones and skins. 

The civilization level is not so high, and the peaceful atmosphere spreads throughout the country. Even though it is a multi-ethnic country, there was no conflict, and they enjoy a relaxed and prospering life. 

 Until that moment. 


The Mountain Man! The mountain man has appeared! 


 Crescent Moon, the capital of Fawncaven, has suffered great damage because of the demi-human race daily raids. 

To begin with, they had never been involved in the war. Although they possess a certain amount of military strength, their skill level is far from sufficient. 

Their weapons were also poorly prepared. 

The outer walls were also just clay walls because they never expected any enemy invasion. The inside of the city was just fragile buildings. 

Their opponents were demi-humans who were hostile to civilizations, commonly known as barbarians. 

Goblins, orcs, kobolds, and sometimes even rare and dangerous creatures are attacking and threatening their life. 

Today's attack was the most dangerous of all-Hill Giant. 


Anybody! Tell the staff-bearing priest-sama! The mountain man has shown up! 


"Send Archers! Don't let them invade the city! 


The Giant is tall enough to look down on the residents' homes. The giant monster is called Mountain Man. 

The skin is rough and creepy, the body is muscular, his eyes were bloodshot with sharp and pointed fangs spilling out of his mouth. 

 His intelligence is extremely low, but his strength is more than enough to make up for it. 

 A blow from his club would turn a half-hearted soldier into a chunk of meat in an instant. 

Although not as powerful as Cyclops, the Giants' superior race, he is still a powerful demi-human. 


 Why do they raid cities? Normally they only live in deep, remote mountainous areas and never come out of their territory. 

 Of course, there are no answers to the questions, though there is no choice but to deal with them. 


"Shit! The earthen wall destroyed by the previous attack still hasn't been repaired yet! At this rate, they will enter the city!!" 


A beastman, who was placed as a guard because of his sharp nose, keep cursing with a dull face like biting a bitter worm. 

Even though the archers keep attacking with all their might from the observation tower, it was still not enough to stop this Giant. 

 The distance between them and the city is surprisingly close. 

 The Giant appeared out of nowhere, and even with the detection ability of the beastman, it is difficult to predict the attack, which is why the guards have to fight so hard. 

 It has already been a week since the last attack. 

The Earthen wall, previously destroyed by three hill giants, has not yet been repaired because they too busy with sporadic goblin attacks. 

The spearmen are bravely assaulting to repel, but the difference in body size is directly linked to the difference in strength. 

The guards had been fighting with all their might but were still unable to stop them. 

The aim of the Giant Hill was a crack in the wall that had not been repaired. The crescent city can be seen from there. 

The attacks carried out by the Hill Giants were as if they were purposely aiming for that opportunity, 

And at that moment when the guards already desperate and start to imagine the damage that will occur. 


Grass-arm magic! Now, how about this: ......! 


 A young boy's voice could be heard in the area, followed by a strange thing happen with the Giant-Hill’s feet. 




This! The staff bearer magic! Reinforcements?! 


The hill giant began to struggle, then stopped moving. 

Finally, he fell on the ground as if he had tripped on something. When the beastman saw the countless grass growing on the Giant's body, joy appeared on his face. 

It was as if it had a will of grass growing from his feet tightly wrapped around the Giant, and stopped his movements. 


"Don’t worry, brave Fawncaven soldiers! The amazing staff bearer is here!" 


"Oh! Pepe-sama!!” 


A boy appeared through the gaps in the collapsed clay wall and came under the soldiers. He climbed up the hill giant, who could not move due to the magical grass. 


"Fufufu! As expected! I'm amazing! Woo!!” 


The boy's high pitched voice echoed across the battlefield. 

 He wore a robe with the hem dangling down to the ground. The boy is wearing a messy shirt and shorts. 

This is the Priest they've been waiting for. 

The Priests manages rituals and exercises miracles in Fawncaven. 

Staff bearer is the highest rank. 

Which means he is a leader with absolute power in Fawncaven. 


Twelve of them are loved by the spirits of the earth and the beasts. They can use the God miracle. 

They possess powerful magic and using a long staff that is only allowed to them and have a religious meaning. 

With respect and faith, they are called the "Staff bearers." 

Pepe is the youngest and most promising boy. 

He rushed to the scene of this incident, assisted the struggling army, and defeated the Hill Giant. 

His scream and victories increase to the enthusiasm and joy of the soldiers. 

They enthusiastically cheered around Pepe, who was screaming while standing on top of the Hill Giant. 


"Priest! Priest!" 


"Woooo! Come on, Louder!" 


But unfortunately, there was only one problem. 

All the soldiers who were here had forgotten. 

The second nickname given to him by the other staff bearers were "stupid" ……. 






"Prieessttt !!" 


The Hill Giant, bound by grass arm magic, tore through the restraints with all his might. 

Of course, Pepe, who was standing on the top of the Giant, was thrown away. 


 He has paid the price for getting too confident and not quickly killed the enemy. 

 The giant eyes glared at Pepe as he rolled on the ground and was about to trample his little body. 

 But finally, the real reinforcements had arrived. 


"—Earth swamp magic." 


"Gu? Guoo ..." 


The timing is perfect. 

The magic activation is as fast as a falcon. 

The moment the hill giant lifted his foot, the mud suddenly formed under his foot and caused the Giant to experience the ground's coldness again. 


"--Grass arms magic." 


And the next attack is the restraint, the Giant with entwined grass. 

The Staff bearer who came later was not stupid enough to miss the chance. 


What the hell are you waiting for? Do it now! Aim his eyes! 


"Yes, sir!" 




One Death agony. 

 The arrow and the spear shot into his eye, pierced the brain of the huge monster and bring its life stop. 

 The soldiers' eyes turn to the new staff bearer. 

 While walking crisply, she has a somehow grumpy look on her face. 

 This person has a reputation for being strict and persistent. 

 It's an old beastman lady with a cow's head. 


 The old cow-headed lady checks on the hill giant from a distance. 

 Eventually, she asked a fast-footed young soldier to confirm that the Giant dead. 

Finally, she told all soldiers that the attack was over, and she said a few words of thanks. 


 However, this is not the end for them. 

 They have a lot of work to do, such as treating the wounded soldiers, retrieving the arrows they fired, and disposing of the corpses of the hill giant. 

 And as the biggest contributor to the battle, the cow-headed old lady has a very important job that only she can do. 

 She has to scold the young and stupid staff bearer. 




My God, Pepe! You are a pathetic staff bearer! 


Nng! Ah! Grandma Tonukapoli! 


Pepe was poked in the head with an ancient wooden staff. 

After hearing the rebuke, Pepe finally realized that he had just been swept away by the Hill Giant, and then he looked around. 

The one reflected in his eyes is Tonukapoli, a master who has the same staff and has been taking care of him since he was little. 

From that attitude, he knows that he may receive some harsh words from now on. 

However, he replied cheerfully with a smile on his face. 


“You just got the mountain man entangled in a grass-arm spell. But what the hell was that?  

You let your guard down because you thought you have already won.  

I've always told you that since the giant race has a mighty force, you should aim for the vital point and quickly kill them!" 


"Hmm ...? Hmm! That's right! I forgot what I did!" 




"This idiot! If you die, you will lose everything! Why do you forget such an important thing!?" 


She gave the second poke, but this time a big hump is made. 

Tonukapoli was frustrated by this boy who didn't understand at all, no matter how many times she scolds him. 

 He's as old as her grandchild, and she has liked him since he was a baby. 

Of course, she has affection for him, but her worry is even stronger than that. 

 Everyone knows Pepe is an idiot. 

The only person in Fawncaven who doesn't admit it is Pepe himself. 

This troublesome boy is a source of worry for Tonukapoli. 


“Ugh, but Grandma ......” 


“Stop calling me grandma! You're a priest with staff now! You can't be pathetic like that forever! 


“Err ....... But oh ...” 



“And I'm only 240 years old!” 


 If you live that long, you’d be a great-grandma. 

 These were Pepe's last words, as he about to be poked and scolded for the third time today. 




The Hill Giant attack was over, and Tonukapoli and Pepe had come to report what had happened to the rest of the staff bearers. 


 A thatched building in the center of town. 

 The building more look like an old ritual hall than a residence or institution. 

 In that place, only the candlelight is quietly lit. Some old men praised Tonukapoli and Pepe for their efforts. 


“Good job. Oh, Tonukapoli, Pepe. Sorry. If we were younger... ......” 


It's okay! Elders, you don't have much time left, so take it easy! Do you want me to take a look at your shoulder? 


 He has no manners and noisy. 

He is extremely rude and also a terrible shoulder rubber. 

 Stupid Pepe's true nature was immediately on display. 

 Even though he is a staff bearer that is respected by all the people of the country. 

Even if they have the same rank, the elders are actually quite disgusted with him for being able to do whatever he wants to do. 


"This child is still terrible in many ways... Oh, Tonukapoli. What's going on with your education?" 


"Huh! I was troubled, too, thanks to this idiot!" 


"But. Pepe is the successor we expected. Other than this child, no one could become staff bearer ...” 


 Staff bearers have a special meaning in Fawncaven. 

 A person who can listen to the words of nature spirits, the gods they believe in, is actually very valuable. 

The fact that the elders have not retired from their role as the staff bearer despite their old age is proof that no one has succeeded them for a long time. 

 Therefore, Pepe's appearance, who was described as a rare genius because of his talent, was an unexpected joy. 

 But the genius who went too far seemed to have turned into an idiot. ...... 


"Hmm! our country has no luck!!" 


"I agree with you..." 


"Ufufu, everyone is good at joking!" 


"I'm serious, Pepe!" 


As they see. 

Even though he had talent, his thoughtless act was the source of their worry. 

However, Fawncaven's situation wasn't good, and they couldn't waste time on such details. 

The fact is, in this attack, if they take a wrong step, many people will become victims. 


That's why. The conversation about Pepe is going to end, and they continue to the main topic. 

An old man with staff talk with Tonukapoli. The old man's eyes are cloudy and only half visible. 


"I want you to go to the Dragon Town." 


"Oh? You're finally raising your heavy hips. I have a request for reinforcements many times. I thought they would let all of us killed. " 


"You don't say that, Tonukapoli. We're also on edge......" 


 The city of Dragon Town 

 is located near the Daijukai. 

 They've long feared that the city was lacking in defense capabilities. 

However, the staff bearers have their hands full with the defense of other cities. 

 Fortunately, the barbarian attackers are relatively weak, so they manage to hold on. Still, eventually, they are going to reach their limit. 


Hmm! Because people get greedy and trying to take over the dragon vein hole! 


Tonukapoli is complaining, but she understands the importance of the dragon vein hole. 

They are currently researching Tactical Magic. 

When the technology is completed, they expect it to refine the powerful "Earth Mana" from the dragon vein hole to fertilize the nation. 

Therefore, although it was a little far away, they forcibly built the city. 

But now that decision puts their peers in a pinch. 


"How about this place? We can't even get reinforcements from the other cities, they're all too busy." 


"Somehow, we will hold it on our own. Even if it looks like this, I also a staff bearer." 


"Those lines, it sounds like you're going to die on the battlefield! --Ouch!” 


 Another poke hit his head. 


 Isn't the old people's repeated pokes like this what makes Pepe so stupid?  

Then they turn their focus to more important issues. 

 They've already thought about the next move. But it's painful for them to convey it. 


“And while you're at it, I have a favor to ask you......” 


“......, go ahead and say it, don’t act weird.” 


Tonukapoli frowned at the attitude of the old man. 

She has a cheerful personality, and she likes clear words. 

She prepared to be forced into ridiculous trouble and listen to him. 


"A divination told us there is a disaster in the daijukai. Please check it out with Pepe." 


 Realizing what the word meant, Tonukapoli closed her eyes and took a deep breath in and let it out slowly. 

 Tonukapoli and Pepe were the first and second-best Priest in Fawncaven right now. 

 In other words, the country of Fawncaven had decided to take a big gamble here. 


Well, it depends on who's attacking the barbarians, right? 


It's not as deadly as I thought. 


So at the same time, we have to look for the cause of the barbarian attacks. Unexpectedly we must put our lives on the line too. 


“Sorry. I have to put you in a bad position. 


"Well, we don't know for sure if the worst will happen! I pray that the beasts and the gods of the earth will protect you!" 


"Stay well. Tonukapoli" 


"You too, don't you dare to die!" 


As usual, Tonukapoli spoke with stern words. 

But she also had no intention of dying. 

 She wants to complete her duties. 

He was even thinking of making the old men owe her a debt that he couldn't payback for the rest of his life. 


"Then I'll prepare it right away! It's been a while, even my staff get excited! " 


"Please be careful, Grandma Tonukapoli!" 


"Didn't you hear the story? You're going with me, idiot!!! " 







 That amusing conversation took place about a week ago. 

 And Tonukapoli regretted her decision the other day. 

 They say the dumber the kid, the cuter he is. 

 For Tonukapoli, Pepe is no exception. 

 She had prepared for a dangerous mission, but she was too naive. 

 She hadn't expected it to be a dead place. 

 She was probably overconfident in her own strength. 

    She had some optimism that the worst thing that could happen is the accompanying soldiers get hurt. 

    The religious nature of the Fawncaven people, 

It can be said that the bad side came out in this expedition. 


Tonukapoli from Fawncaven made contact with Mynoghra for the first time on this day. 


"Dark elf? But this atmosphere is a little unpleasant ..." 


"Ara? You guys are ..." 


Dragon town is a city built to surround the dragon vein hole.  

They took a short break in that city. The encounter happens not long after they depart to the Daijukai. 

The other party is a girl with a strange atmosphere. And the dark elf warriors who follow behind her. 

Unlike in the northern continent, the dark elves are not discriminated against in the multi-ethnic Fawncaven. 

However, that is the story of the dark elf they know... 

The group in front of them have darkness atmosphere that was so thick that she could tell at a glance. 


 Especially the girl who leads the dark elves 

, that's what makes her stand out from the rest. 

 Tonukapoli's instincts give her a warning as if the hill giants she saw the other day are just babies compared to that girl. 


The Daijukai can be seen behind the girls. The cow-headed Priest realized the situation was already out of her hands. 

It seemed that their existence is well hidden. 

But a master like her can see clearly from the fire that the demons have already polluted the Daijukai. 

The deep wickedness that is too terrifying to talk about 

They came from the forest to them. 


"You are not a person ..." 


"... You are right." 


The girl softly answered Tonukapoli's question. 

The words alone sent a chilling fear. Despite the girl's lovely voice, it only contains horror. 


"Tonukapoli-sama! These people!?" 


"I also want to ask! Listen, don't you dare to start a fight!" 


In a hurry, Tonukapoli gives instructions to the soldiers. 

It's too bad that they only bring the beastman race as their bodyguards. 

The beastman can't use elementary magic and can't communicate with natural spirits, 

Their beast's instinct senses the devil, and they get impatient. 

Everyone was frightened by the signs of darkness, 

It seems that they will run out of control soon due to their instinct. 

 It is said that the dark ones hate people and want to destroy all life. 

 The living beings also feel an instinctive repulsion to the darkness existence. 

 Whether they are the ones who were inciting the barbarians is unknown. 

 The dark elves' ability is unknown. But Tonukapoli instinct tells her that they should not fight. 

The enemy is not an opponent they could defeat. They should run away. 

Tonukapoli desperately thinks about dealing with this situation, and the flow of time felt very slow. 


Gia, keep everyone on standby until I'm dead. 


As you wish. 


... Atou also gave instructions to Gia in a low voice. 

Basically, Atou does not trust anything other than Mynoghra. 

Besides, this encounter reminds her of the Holy Kingdom investigation team. 

The expected development is clear, but the mission ordered by the king Takuto is different. 

They planned some strategy to go to the city. However, this encounter is unexpected. 

She wants to somehow get rid of the tense atmosphere. Still, their opponents, especially the beastman soldiers, are already so wary that the battle will definitely start if they act poorly. 

 That must be avoided. 

 The tension that Atou and her friends had in mind is the same. 


Tension provokes tension. Both parties held back for fear of an unwanted future. 

They can't even speak any words. The feeling anxiety that words could lead to such an outrageous mistake has left both parties feeling cornered. 

That moment they had thought that the tension would reach its limit, and the battle would begin. 


“Please, wait a moment.” 


 It's like stepping through thin ice as fast as possible. An unexpected voice rises. 

 Their eyes quickly focused on a point. 

 A shadow leaps in front of Atou and the others while raising his hand. 

 He would be the shortest man in this place. 

A big smile on his face as he moves to a more stand out position, and that makes him happy. 


 ...... That's the Stupid Pepe. 

 Even Tonukapoli, who plays the role of his overseer, is left open-mouthed at his outrageous behavior. 

Eventually, everyone's brain caught up with the sudden change in the situation, 

In a hurry, the two groups tried to respond to his actions. 


"Hi! My name is Pepe! Let's be friends!" 


A cheerful greeting echoed by a boy who never could read the situation. 


= Eterpedia ============ 


[Stupid Pepe] Leader 



-Because he's stupid, he doesn't discriminate, and because he's stupid, doesn't feel scared. 

And because he's a fool, he can get along with anyone. 

We should learn more from him ~ 



The impression of all leaders + 2 points 

Impression increase rate is given to all leaders + 50% 


Equality Principle Oriented 

No change in impressions by race or attribute 


Trade Oriented 

The total profit obtained from trade + 20% 



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