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Episode 10: Technology (2)

   What kind of technology is Afforestation?   Ignorance is a shame. Covering up and ignoring ignorance will eventually bring failure. That's why Gia asked the question honestly, but the words shook Takuto's hearts more than expected.   “EH?”   The King gasped. Even one word made already Gia anxious, but it turned out that the King wasn't disappointed but just shocked. The jet black body is swaying as he crossed his arms, seemingly starting to think of something.   "Don't you know "afforestation"?"   "……I beg your forgiveness."   "No, that's fine. Old Mortar, you know what? Then the lady behind - Emul, do you know? "   In response to Atou's question, Elder Mortar and aide Emul shook their heads. If one of them understood what "afforestation" meant, maybe Gia would be very frustrated. Gia has even prayed to the spirits of the ancestors.   "Hmm. Isn't their skill

Episode 9: Technology (1)

    The new state's founding has been completed, Takuto and Atou have already taken their first steps in the new world. Far from the dark elves village where their citizens lived, they have returned to the stone pedestals they were used to use. Their expressions were very dark and gloomy.   "It's piled up."   "Yes, it's already piled up."   Takuto, who was sitting on a stone pedestal, whispered. Atou, who was beside him, replied in a low voice. They sighed together, Giegiegie screeching of a long-legged bug could be heard from some distance away.   "Rather, I love spending time with you."   "Yes, I am also very happy to be with Takuto-sama."   They exchange glances, and Takuto speaks his parting words with a tired smile. In return, Atou took her position, gently held his hand, and smiled.   "……………………"   A little silence. Next was an unspoken expression. The two of them suddenly felt ve