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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Episode 9: Technology (1)


The new state's founding has been completed, Takuto and Atou have already taken their first steps in the new world.

Far from the dark elves village where their citizens lived, they have returned to the stone pedestals they were used to use. Their expressions were very dark and gloomy.


"It's piled up."


"Yes, it's already piled up."


Takuto, who was sitting on a stone pedestal, whispered. Atou, who was beside him, replied in a low voice. They sighed together, Giegiegie screeching of a long-legged bug could be heard from some distance away.


"Rather, I love spending time with you."


"Yes, I am also very happy to be with Takuto-sama."


They exchange glances, and Takuto speaks his parting words with a tired smile.

In return, Atou took her position, gently held his hand, and smiled.




A little silence. Next was an unspoken expression.

The two of them suddenly felt very impressed. They didn't worry that their clothes would get dirty and rolled onto the ground, covered in the grass carpet. 


How is it possible that on this one continent, there are two big countries with goodness attributes?

"Moreover, the human nation that believes in a good god and an elf nation who worship nature! ‥Isn't this an instant kill pattern? ‥Farewell, we have died! This is it!"


So here's a problem that demotivates both of them immediately.

They had listened to Mortar Elder's story after founding the country. The situation of the surrounding nations was very unfavorable for Mynoghra.

Humans and elves.

Even though there are two races with a terrible impression of evil beings, they are both great nations. Moreover, they are a hegemonic country with an advanced civilization and vast land. 

They conclude that there are unknown countries and unknown continents—the unknown world, the unknown land, and then the unknown potential enemy.

This situation was not just a high level of difficulty; this was a critical situation.


"I hate this map! The location is so fucked up!"


"Let's reset it! Let's reset it, my King! ‥ I don't like this either!!! ‥Its resources also break my motivation! ‥As it turns out, this forest has no food, minerals, or magical power, its production potential is zero!!! "


Compared to the two countries that might become their enemies, the Daijukai (Great Cursed World) settled in had zero productivity and no resources. 

Usually, The forest can still produce food and minerals even if the land is not developed.

Even in the game, this was displayed as a resource icon. Players were able to obtain natural resources and food.

Usually, they will use that as a foothold to proceed with development.

That's in normal situation… but there is no such resource in this land.

No wonder people called this place the Daijukai (Great Cursed World).

It was natural for Dark Elves to starve. It also natural for Takuto and Atou to cry and flutter on the ground.


"AARGH, I want to die right now, but we have no choice but to continue.

After all, the dark elves were already citizens of our country. Being able to have a different race from the start, in a sense, could mean a great bonus.


"Yes, there are also things we haven't heard yet... Ah? Apparently, they came."


After the dark elves became his citizens, Takuto could find out about their individual activities.

He ordered them to provide him with all kinds of information. He has been listening to various stories over the past few days, including the neighboring countries' situation.

This time too, Elder Mortar came to continue his story.

He came a little later after the sunrise.

The two of them, lying on the grass and bathing in the sun, they look at each other while observing the moving Elder mortar.


"Are you awake?"


"Yes, yes, my King. I will clean you up, so please stay there."


While cleaning the dirt from the patient clothes he always wore, Takuto thought of many things that had to be done, including the clothes procurement.

◇ ◇ ◇


"Oh! Greetings, Your Majesty the King, and Atou-dono. This time, I came to explain about this world that I couldn't talk about last time!"

Elder Mortar greeted him as he approached the throne of the King. The expression on his face had returned to normal.

Whether his worries have cleared up or the food situation has recovered, he still has a dead-branch-like body, but he has lost the death expressions he had before.


"Your Majesty! I'm here too! This time, I also brought my subordinate, Emul!"


It was with the warrior chief's Gia and his aide, Emul. Emul, who has a slender body and wears eyeglasses, was also in charge of intelligence, so he is also familiar with information and lore from other countries. Since Takuto and Atou requested a lot of information, he was the most suitable person.

Atou nodded in satisfaction at their respectful attitude. Such a proper manner is as if their pathetic appearance never existed before.

Atou takes the place of the King, who can't communicate well. 


"Yes, The King is very pleased with your dedication. He is looking forward to today.

You don't have to be so afraid. The King hates being stiff, and he is also not interested in ritual interactions.

And you are already a citizen of our country."


Their loyalty was high; no need to question it.

But the loyalty born out of fear made Takuto feel a little uncomfortable.

First of all, he is an ordinary person. As someone who grew up in an average family, the elder Mortar and his underling's attitude made him uncomfortable.


"But then... how should we show our loyalty ..."


Takuto was thinking of telling Atou to change their attitude.

For the dark elves, it was a surprising suggestion. It was such a shock that their common sense collapsed.......


"Loyalty is not attitude, it's an emotion. How much you follow the King, the King can certainly understand it. Hence, there was no problem. " 


"Yeah, I understand."


"Oh, great Ira-sama! What a compassionate word! ‥If the King says so, we will refrain from ceremonial speeches! "


Old Mortar was wondering what to do, but he is grateful if the King already said so.

For them, the King is always right if Takuto said that, then the wrong one is common sense that they had believed until now. And just like Atou said, no matter how much his words changed, there was no influence in his loyalty.

On the contrary, the King's consideration gave them the highest joy.


The Elder Mortar sure this story will be more fruitful than the last time,

He was so convinced, and now he wonders how he should start the explanation. 


"Ah, before that, today I would like to explain a little about the future policy.

It's convenient because of Elder Mortar and warrior chief's Gia present here."


They understood, and they nodded together.

Although there is already a village and a throne, Mynoghra is a country, not an association of ordinary people. 

Under a strong leader, it will be natural to decide the nation's policy if they want to claim glory. 

Old Mortar and Gia are the leaders of the Dark Elves.

Of course, they have a lot to do. They were determined to devote all their strength to improve his residence in honor of the life that the King had saved.


"You as Mynoghra State management personnel must carry out your respective obligations. That is a decree from the King.

Elder Mortar's primary duties are state management. He can also use magic, so we are looking forward to it.

As the warrior, Gia should lead the warriors of Mynoghra. I will leave the personnel etc.

If there is no particular problem, you can use your subordinate as your wish."


They all nodded.


▽The content was almost as Elder Mortar expected. Of course, just because they expected it doesn't mean they take it lightly. They determined to return the great favor.


With resolution in his eyes, Warrior Chief Gia struck his chest.


"I accept this task. For the King, directly give this soldier orders, I will kill all enemies' even babies with pleasure!"


Gia's declaration echoes in the woods and its spirit reach beyond.


Atou nodded and looked very satisfied to hear Gia's resolution. Gia is sure that everything will start here. In his dream, on the King's orders, he would go to the battlefield and slaughter many enemies. However,


"That's scary!"




Gia was shocked and unconsciously made a loud voice. The King's response was opposite to his expectations. Gia's eyes widened, and his body stiffened.

Perhaps he said something rude?

He looks back on his own words and attitudes, but he can't find any suspicious points.


"War or barbarism."


"The King loves peace."


Indeed it should be. The foundation is different. Takuto, who unconsciously commented in a low voice, then Atou followed up his comment.

For a moment, "Why is the King of ruin such a pacifist?!"

He was sure that the King had deep thoughts that could not be understood by himself,

Fearfully he uttered the question from his mouth.


"tha, that's----not directly, are you thinking of bringing destruction to this world indirectly?"




"King prefers domestic affairs. Keep that in mind."


"Ye, yes, consider it done..."


Another misfire, King sternly denied. Gia is getting confused. 

Looking glanced at the side, Elder Mortar joyfully strokes his white beard.

Mortar blinked to tease his stupidity. Gia, who was usually calm, became irritated. Still, since he was in front of the King, he remained silent without raising his voice.

After all, if the King says so, it should be correct.

Even though Gia already broke his nose. Although Gia has become an evil being, he doesn't have the strong will to kill all living things.

For a long time, they had a hard life.

If the King wants peace, that is the best. Everything is in the will of the King.

Gia convinced that way.


"Take immediate action, First, have a good rest, I want your thin bodies to look more appropriate. Next ... maybe properly build residence architecture."


While Gia was convincing himself of the big questions inside his mind, Atou gave the instruction.

The suggestion to rest their body for a while is like a boat. A boat that suddenly appears when they have to cross.

Elder Mortar and his underlings might be fine, but the others were still exhausted.

The King is giving them time to rest as if it was a natural thing to do. They secretly vowed their loyalty once more.


"Ha-ha! Truly infinite compassion. We are very grateful. But apart from the others, maybe we can still work. Unlike Gia, who only relied on strength, I can be of use in many ways! "

Mortar smirked while facing Gia so as not to be seen by the others.


(This bastard old man! After his stomach swollen, suddenly now he is full of vigor)

In his heart, Gia endured her annoyance of being bullied. This place is not right and vows to slice off the dishonor one day.


"I think you guys can relax too, Takuto-sama, apparently they are workaholics.

Do you want to give orders for collecting materials and selecting a construction site? "


It might have been an unexpected offer. Atou looks a little troubled but happy seeking an opinion from the King.

While thinking that Takuto didn't want them to be overly motivated, since they were already motivated to ask for jobs, Takuto was thinking about the Dark Elves' abilities as a race.

Race characteristics vary. Operating the facilities that match those characteristics and assigning them to the right position is crucial to advance the game.

While assembling various elements in his mind while remembering them, suddenly, a flash of an idea came down to him.




Atou immediately responds to Takuto's voice. She almost said, "Is there something wrong?"

She leans his small neck, turns her eyes to him, and waits quietly for his words.


"How to improve the land without destroying the forest?"


Atou claps his hands with the words of the King. 

Tell one and know ten. 

She is a good subordinate.


"AA! … Aren't you dark elf by the way? Mortar Elder, I want to be sure. Is it possible for you to build various facilities without clearing the entire forest?"


Elves are forests, and forests are elves.


It is common knowledge not only in "Eternal Nations" but also in the general fantasy world.

And in the game, the elf race had the characteristic of building various structures without cutting down the forest.

Forests produce various things. To build a standard structure, you must cut through a forest and secure land.

Of course, once felled, the various bonuses created by the forest disappear.


In that situation, elf characters who can build buildings while protecting the forest are a famous race used in the game.

It was a question to confirm those characteristics, but it seemed like Takuto's expectations were correct.


"Not as much as the Elves of the Light Race, but we also consider the forest our home.

The aerial structure using a huge tree is the environment we prefer over the land."




"King likes improvement that doesn't destroy the environment."


Joy comes to Takuto's face.

The bonus of the forest is so big. In particular, improving hygiene will significantly contribute to population growth and maintenance in the future.

The moment someone knows he will obtain the benefits in the future, it's natural that he will start smiling.


"It seems that the abilities of our races are what the King likes. That makes us proud."




Isn't the forest should be destroyed at once because the King of ruin? Gia grumbled accidentally.

However, for a while, his face looked troubled, he tried to reconfirm whether his common sense was wrong, and listen to the King's words spoken by Atou.

Maybe it was because Gia is still young that he couldn't accept that his common sense was wrong.


"Then collect wood and other materials without destroying the forest. Of course, only to the extent that is possible".


"A forest affected by <osmosis intention> is sure to be a great thing, I'm looking forward to seeing it."


"Yes, that's right, my King."


The conversation with the King is over.

In the middle of the dark elf's conversation with Atou, Takuto was thinking of several things then he accidentally speaks,

The old Mortar held back from asking because the words weren't directed at themselves.

They don't forget their position.

From now on, they will revive the clan under the King. There are still clan members who fled to other distant places.

To welcome them to their kingdom in the future, they need to show the King how useful they are now.

Mortar and his followers will devote everything to the King. For that purpose, they will try their best without any regrets.


"Do your best. Don't forget {afforestation}."


Finally, the King faced them with encouraging words. With just a brief, casual talk.

While they feel like ascending to heaven, Gia did not miss the opportunity to ask the King directly.


"Pardon me, Great King! I have one question to ask! "


Atou quickly intervened. Gia wanted to hear more of the King's words, and he is sure the King listens to him, so that's fine.




More important than that, It's a shame to reveal himself to be stupid, But pretending to understand and not admitting his stupidity is the most embarrassing thing.

He, therefore, timidly asked that question.


"Sorry, what is that afforestation...What kind of activity is it?"


*ARE!? …. That expression appeared on Atou's face.

This time it is warrior chief Gia who pour cold water on the serious and vigorous atmosphere.



*translation note :




 The above words are Japanese expression words. It's hard to find an expression word in English that can replace it.

Those words are unique and quite funny, so I prefer to leave it as it is.

If you like to understand more, you can open the youtube link below:









 The video does not belong to me. I also have no intention of promoting them.  



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