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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Episode 10: Technology (2)


 What kind of technology is Afforestation?


Ignorance is a shame. Covering up and ignoring ignorance will eventually bring failure.

That's why Gia asked the question honestly, but the words shook Takuto's hearts more than expected.




The King gasped.

Even one word made already Gia anxious, but it turned out that the King wasn't disappointed but just shocked. The jet black body is swaying as he crossed his arms, seemingly starting to think of something.


"Don't you know "afforestation"?"


"……I beg your forgiveness."


"No, that's fine. Old Mortar, you know what? Then the lady behind - Emul, do you know? "


In response to Atou's question, Elder Mortar and aide Emul shook their heads.

If one of them understood what "afforestation" meant, maybe Gia would be very frustrated.

Gia has even prayed to the spirits of the ancestors.


"Hmm. Isn't their skill level roughly Refining Fishery Aquaculture Fort Architecture? That's weird."


Takuto rarely spoke for a long time.

Gia was a little surprised because Takuto always left everything to Atou and rarely spoke as far as Gia could remember.


"Do you know the words Takuto-sama said?"


Nod and confirm.

That’s a technical concept with which they are familiar.

Before they fled to this forest and became Mynoghra citizens, they had certain positions.

Of course, every country has technology as long as natural conditions matched their knowledge.

Gia was thinking about explaining it in words, but Atou's talks continued.


"In addition to these?

Four major elements Military magic Six major elements Special magic power source Strategic attack magic Army grant magic Floating weapons Geological operation Dimension summon》《Mage doll Genetic improvement magic.

It's all magical technology.''


It was beyond their comprehension.

Even though it was called a magic system, there was nothing they had ever heard of and contained words they never knew.

They can only vaguely guess the meaning of the word because the concept is like a fantasy that only exists in children's storybooks.


Elder Mortar trembled that the words left Atou's mouth, only herself knows, the answer to the magic’s of this world.


"I… I know the" Four Great Elements, "but all the other things I've never heard or seen ...”


"What kind of perception do you have about magic? Tell us in general about combat and the military. Do you have a magical unit or something similar?"


“For military purposes, we usually had recovery magic users in the rear support unit, but due to guard, flight distance, and battle stamina, magicians didn't have a definite unit composition for the magic they used. But they predicted it ...”

"So that's the level ..."


Hearing Aide Emul's explanation, Atou fell silent.

This was because the technological power of this world was too distorted.

Usually, science and technology are studied in parallel.

Takuto heard from Elder Mortar at the previous meeting the fact that the castle architecture and iron equipment had been developed,

I hope that the "military magic" and "six main elements" levels, which are roughly the same level in terms of magic technology, have also been developed.

If Takuto opens the menu, Takuto has the same technological power as a rookie in terms of magic.


In that case, it makes sense to wonder about "Afforestation."

In "Eternal Nations," Afforestation is a land improvement technology that is lifted by the development of "agricultural" and "six elements" technology. Unlike reality, it uses magic, so it is possible to grow forests faster than in the real world. There is no doubt that it is a slightly superior technology.

However, even if you are not very good at magic technology, you should still be able to use the concept of "afforestation" and techniques that do not use magic.

Even so, they said they didn't know. Atou saw the strange connection between this world and the "Eternal Nation" and turned her gaze to report to his Master.

The silent nod response was proof that Takuto had reached the same conclusion.


"So in conclusion, is the magic technology in our world much inferior to what the King expected?"

"… Yes, that's right. It's lower than expected. However, it's also a fascinating story. It is unclear why magical technology is lagging. Still, if we accelerate the development of magical technology, it can give us a huge advantage against other countries. ''


Takuto seems to agree with Atou, he nodded with satisfaction.

He seems to be excited because he shakes his head a little faster than usual.

Gia observed the situation and found that the meeting was proceeding moderately. When the topic stopped, Gia threw back the previous question.


"Then, Atou-dono. I would like to ask in detail about the purpose of planting trees..."


"Oops, we've deviated from the original topic. --Afforestation means planting trees on cleared land to maintain vegetation. Apart from securing timber resources, there are various other benefits as well. ''


"Hmm. I see. I see. As far as I know, some trees take hundreds to thousands of years to grow into a mature tree.


"Yes, we can accelerate growth by using magical elements that you do not yet know."


Elder Mortar understood everything in the explanation.

In the first place, the growing period of trees in this world is long, but it tends to be huge. And forests are so rotten that they need to cut them down to clear farmlands.

Elves' job is to protect the forest, but their concept is only to live with the forest, and there is no concept of controlling the trees.


But if they can nurture with magic, and it's a different story if the King considers the nation's rule for hundreds of years.

Forests are finite and will eventually run out. And trees are essential resources necessary for construction.

Focusing on the growth of trees from an early stage is an investment for the future. Above all, if magic can accelerate growth, it will be a powerful weapon for increasing the national power to generate vast resources.

Takuto prowess as a king and also a human, even elf who should live a long life admire his way of thinking that transcends time.

But they also wondered. Why is the King so knowledgeable, including the magic techniques presented earlier?


"But the magic technology that we were not aware of, and the nature of "afforestation." Where on earth did that knowledge come from...?”


"Everything is the knowledge and truth of the world created by Ira Takuto, the great God, the King of Mynoghra."






Atou answered Mortar's question with a proud expression as if she was talking about herself.

Takuto, who was late in responding, shockingly shouted in his heart.

All because Takuto let her taking care of everything.


"Your women have been exposed to the mercy of the King and have been honored to become their people. I think she starts to understand how great the King.''


The Dark Elves nodded.

Takuto tried to stop the story by waving his hand silently. Still, since everyone focus on Atou, his efforts were in vain.


"Still not enough. Actually the King was 100 times more amazing!! "


In her loudest voice, Atou pushed through lies from one to ten. Of course, Takuto should stop her quickly, but unfortunately, the words do not come out only at such times.

Hence, Takuto could only see Atou boasting about him with worried eyes.


Sure, Atou has 100% good intentions.

Maybe she thought that Takuto created everything.

However, it's okay to assume that Takuto created the origin of technology.

At any rate, there was no doubt that she was now playing with a giant time bomb.


Atou fiddled with a finger and pointed at him. As if to say, "Ask anything you don't understand."


Stop it! Takuto shouted in his heart, but of course, his conscience couldn't reach Atou at times like that.

While doing so, Deputy Secretary Emul, who got a signal from Atou, started asking questions with sparkling eyes.


"In the past, the human kingdom, The Holy Kingdom of Qualia, a plague had occurred and countless people died. The priests in these countries say that it is the curse of the devil, do you know about that story, is the King the cause? "


"Isn't that just because of the hunting of cats living in the city?

It caused the number of mice to multiply ... Rats are the carriers of the plague. People killed by the plague became corpses. The mice eating the corpses became fat and continued to reproduce.

And finally, the plague spreads. It's a devil circle. The King has found the cause. ''


It seems the King has found that out.

Of course not, Takuto didn't find it. A great man in the past discovered it.

In his heart, Takuto apologized to the great figures from the past who had struggled to find that fact.


"... A carrier of the plague? Will the presence of mice kill people?"


"It's not the mice, but the bacteria that the mice carry. Invisible creatures exist in this world. This is another achievement that the King found.''


(WAAA! again on her own...)


Takuto was unconsciously fascinated by the anecdotes in his head that kept piling up.

However, Takuto didn't force himself to interrupt Atou, just kept watching him.

It is true that he does not have sufficient communication skills and is always too careful. Regardless, it’s true that he is always soft on Atou.


"Hmm. If you imagine, it looks like a tiny little worm.

You have to think about getting rid of the evil worms that enter and do evil in your body. ''


"There are several things we can do. Maybe you think about phlebotomy, but here is the conclusion.

It is wrong to try to drain your blood to clean bacteria. That is not effective because it reduces your physical strength. Prayer - meant a lot in this magical world, but couldn't be applied to tens of thousands of people. So said the King. "


Takuto didn't say that.

But the story turned out like that.

After that, she generously explained the most effective medical practices and prevention methods against epidemics, techniques related to early response and treatment processes, etc. Takuto's merits continued to increase even though he did nothing.

The dark elves were amazed by the technology and concepts they never knew about, and their admiration continued to accumulate.

To Takuto, their admiration and praise were like a body blow that keep hitting his stomach.


"*Fufufu, if my king wants it he only needs to wave one hand."


Takuto can no longer do anything but only quietly nods.


"King created knowledge. There is much knowledge in the kingdom of God, where the King originally lived. Because of its outstanding technology,

Most of them are currently unavailable, but it will bring various benefits like previous knowledge.

Did you understand how lucky we are? "


Atou's words were not wrong, except for the greatness of the King.

In general, technology is only useful if they are based on prerequisite technology, the research leading to it, and cultural maturity.


"Then the apple produced by the king, its food made by the king in the kingdom of God!”


The topic then moved on to another.

Emul raised a topic about the fruit that Takuto had created.

There are several modern products Takuto used to eat, also have been created.

They don't know how miracles happen, but the only answer is that advances in technology can produce so much food.


"Yes, yes, that's right. Isn't that good? There are many other delicious things. I love grape. ''...


However, Atou was a little overboard.

Takuto intended to punish her by banning grape for a while. 


Even though Takuto thought of such things, Atou was already overly excited, and she didn't notice Takuto's feelings. Her mouth kept talking about this and that.


Maybe Emu will be annoyed by Atou's annoying attitude.

If there are people in a much higher position who want to step down and talk to her, maybe she also feels happy.

She smiled happily with a smile and responded to Atou's words as if she were talking to a good friend of the same sex.


"Those purple fruit! By the way, there are seeds, so I planted them.

 Moreover, the sprout has appeared! I look forward to its growth!

One day the fruit could be harvested without bothering the King! "


"That! Did you do that kind of thing!?" Without telling me, what’s more, without the permission of the King! "


"Yes, Emul. That's not good. Why did you do that kind of thing? "


Then, there is an inelegant boy who joins in the middle of a conversation between women.

Takuto didn't want to bother the girls, something made him interested and focused on thinking about it.

Yes, there was something in that conversation that touched his heart.


"I, I can't hold back my curiosity, it tastes really good so I guess it might be okay ... "


"Did you plant the seed in this land?"


Finally, Atou realized what Takuto had learned beforehand.


Her shocked eyes pierced Emul, and her shoulders trembled.

Emul, scolded and her pace turns pale like a child, she looked so sorry that Elder Mortar and Gia wanted to step in and intervene.

But their opponent was Atou, then Takuto was also thinking about something completely different, so he didn't care.


Food produced in urgent production is a modern item. And that seed, different from other seeds in this world. What Takuto was thinking about were modern items.

In other words, it is nothing more than the fact that the products produced by outstanding technology in the modern age can be used directly in this low-developing world.

So the answer to the future, the results, it’s there.

Food production directly links to the national population.

Biotechnology is carrying out genetic engineering to produce high-quality modern food. Takuto doesn't know how much profit a country can get by doing it. Just thinking about it made him dizzy.

Not only that.


The fact that he can create food means he can also generate resources.

Wasn't emergency production unable to generate strategic resources?

――No, it is the strategic resources that exist in the game that cannot be created. It seems that it has just become clear that Takuto can produce any existing materials that exist in the modern-day.

He opened his palm and tried to create something. Something appeared and fell on his palm, a metal object that seemed heavy but was very light.

An aluminum can.


Takuto smiled broadly.

Base metals such as aluminum and steel. These materials are rare metals—fertilizer nutrients such as Phosphate rock and calcium.

If he could make black gunpowder or even gunpowder smokeless, they could prepare a mighty army earlier.

Moreover, by mastering magical technology and various resources from modern technology, there will be countless possibilities.

Of course, they require industrial, technological capabilities for mass production, and human populations.

Even so, he felt the appeal of a system that could prepare resources without worrying about the reserve if a large amount of magical power was involved.

There is even a world where they are fighting for the resource of oil and killing each other worldwide.

Being able to secure resources would make Mynoghra more powerful than anything else.

Then, what was needed was magical power, in an infinite number...

He used a large amount of magical power to create scarce resources forcibly.

A strategy that would not be possible without him as a king, but in the first place, the nation is the King, and the King is the nation. There is no problem.

Takuto organizes future strategies while managing the information that rushes around in his brain.


His mouth corner rise naturally, and a small laughter leaks. Takuto had an unusual smile on his face.

At the same time, Atou also understood what Takuto had found. She smiled and giggled.


"E, Excuse me ... is that forbidden?"


"No, it was a blind spot. Woman, you did a really good job."


Atou smiled gently at Emul, who had been scared for a while.

Unexpectedly, maybe everything can run smoothly in this world.

While holding back his overflowing enthusiasm, Takuto revised the national management policy in the future.




The following national orientation has been granted to Mynoghra.


God Privilege Orientation





[God Privilege Orientation] National orientation


Map name "Eath-AC215" Known foods, resources, strategic objects, etc.

It is now possible to produce.


※■■ Things that have not been acquired will increase their magic power.

This orientation is the world ■■■■■■■■■■



< ! >Error number 447 (Abnormal operation was performed)


< ! > Non-existent orientation data was selected


< ! > There is a conflict between the world profile and the technical profile


< ! > The game balance on the original map is at “Fatal” Level




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  2. Thanks for the update.

    His cheat upgrade from a cheat to a CHEAT with the newest discovery. Stuff is made off his modern knowledge rather than the base tech of the world. Modern vegetables are drastically different than they were even from 50 years ago let alone a few hundred.

    I wonder when he's going to graduate from hospital cloths to the nice crop top, or if the dark elves will be able to see him as other than a ball of darkness any time soon.

    1. at least his CHEAT so far is not RIDICULOUSLY UNLIMITED CHEAT.
      About his hospital cloth....hmmm literally two of them are homeless, they don't even have bed or roof cover from weather hahaha.
      If i am the MC i will be more worry about those two things before anything else

  3. OMG just how many advs on this site ????

  4. What's the limit on this? I mean, mana aside, if he can summon fruit and even aluminum, that means he can summon platinum - sure. But what about adamantium? Can he summon that too? Can he imagine, say, Excalibur and summon it? Fruit is living - he can summon living objects. Can he summon a creature that grows stronger by eating dirt, rock, and magma, like a super-golem? (Whoops, my super-golem ate the planet, sorry guys.)

    1. Sorry... no spoiler, but.....
      Since when fruit is living thing?! If fruit is living thing then vegan & vegie people should ban it from their food list....

    2. Well, hate to breake it to you fren. Plants are living things as well, vegans are hypocrites

    3. Fruits are baby plants at that. Hehe. Vegetarians have a problem eating things with brains. Its an ethical thing. They still eat eggs and cheese. Vegans have a problem with animal products ... for some reason.

    4. I think he can only summon things from our world, and only with enough magic power. So, he could summon a caterpillar backhoe but not a plate of adamantium because one exists now in our world and the other doesn't. He could also theoretically summon a caterpillar if he felt like it.


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