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Thursday, July 20, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C58


Chapter 58: Rattle crocodile dumplings.



The training continued for three days until noon.


As a result, one-third of the Knights succeeded in de-crystallizing slime.


The first to master it on the first day was Lilith and Karim. Surprisingly, the first one among the knights to master it was Richil-san.


My suggestion to her seemed to have paid off.


I told her...


"If you do it while applying recovery magic to the slime, you will have a higher success rate."


The key is to heal the slime and pull out a part of it while healing it. Doing so allows a part of the slime to be pulled out before it turns into a magic crystal.


This is an easy way for someone who can use magic.


As a result, Richil-san was the third fastest to master the de-crystallization technique.


On the first day, those three were the only participants who succeeded.


But on the second day, everyone seemed to have come up with their own tricks.


The number of successful participants suddenly increased.


The people I knew well who succeeded in de-crystallizing were Mildy-san and Garner-san.


Mildy-san used her fingernails while Garner-san used a knife to inflict damage and succeeded in de-crystallizing.


At that point, nearly one-third of the Knights succeeded in de-crystallizing, and Clavis-san also ----.


“That's enough for now."


He strokes his beard with satisfaction and smiles.


However, one person among the Knights insisted on continuing the training.


It was Fletty-san.


The plan was to return home on the third morning, but the return was postponed to noon.


But it was worth it, and Fletty-san also mastered the de-crystallization.




I was happy to see Fletty-san raising his hand joyfully at his accomplishment.



During the training, I was in charge of cooking.


On the first day, I used a rattlesnake crocodile that lived in the swamp.


Rattlesnake crocodile meat is like ordinary crocodile meat. The meat is light and healthy. The texture is similar to chicken, but some parts feel like pork.


It can be made into steak or deep-fried. It is a great ingredient for a wide variety of dishes.


I mince it and mix it with chopped Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, spices, and bean paste.


I rolled out a dough made of only flour, salt, and water. Then I wrapped the bean paste made earlier.


Of course, I alone could not make enough for all the Knights. So I asked the Knights to help me out.


Lilith also helped me, and the preparations were complete.


Then, I used my secret weapon.


I opened the lid of the large pot that had been boiled in advance.


People gathered, lured by a rich aroma that directly stimulated their appetites.


Those who looked into the pot were surprised.


" Luciel-kun, what's this?"


"These are the bones of a rattlesnake crocodile."


"Rattlesnake crocodile bones!"


What appeared with steam was the rattle of a rattlesnake crocodile.


The meat of the rattlesnake is delicious, but the rattle is the best part.


The flavor is a bit strong, but the flavor is rich like pork but has a clean aftertaste like chicken.


It can be made into a thick soup or a refreshing taste broth.


Like meat, it is a versatile ingredient.


"That's a fantastic ingredient."


Clavis-san is impressed, but Karim-san beside him smiles bitterly.


"Father, rattlesnake crocodiles are powerful enemies. Unlike slimes, not many people can knock them out with their bare hands like Luciel-kun."


"Hmmm! Indeed! That means I am a lucky man if I can eat that rattlesnake."


Clavis-san laughs with satisfaction.


While listening to his voice, I continued cooking.


Using the broth from the rattlesnake crocodile as the base, I added dried vegetables, fish sauce, and salt.


I put the dumplings into the pot when they float to the surface. The rattlesnake dumplings are ready.


"Thank you for your patience, the rattlesnake crocodile dumplings are ready."




Everyone gasped.


"Nice smell!"


Mildy-san is intoxicated by the aroma that drifts through the air.


"Then, let's eat it right away."


Clavis-san was the first to taste the food.


He took a spoonful of the food without any hesitation. Usually, when a duke eats something, the food must be checked to avoid food poisoning.


He must have been starving.


"Please be careful, it's very hot."


"Um. Now, let's----."


After letting it cool down, Clavis-san carefully put it in his mouth.




He immediately raised his voice.


"The minced meat is so juicy that it is hard to believe it is crocodile meat. Plus, I love the crunchy Chinese cabbage!"


Seeing Clavis-san's reaction, Karim-san and Lilith also put it into their mouths.


“Yeah, it's delicious. As father said, the minced meat and the Chinese cabbage go well together.”


"Yes, it is. But what is this tangy taste?"


"I'm surprised you noticed that, Lilith. I was wondering the same thing."


Karim nodded in agreement with Lilith's words.


I am happy with their reaction, and I answer the question.


I use ginger to reduce the rattlesnake crocodile's strong flavor.

That's why it's a little spicy.


"Mm-hmm. You're right, Luciel. It doesn't give off a strong smell or flavor. But more importantly--."


"Yes, Father. That's not the best part of these dumplings."


"Yup. This dish is----."





"Considering the first strong taste, the after taste is......"


"The aftertaste is very refreshing and rich...."


"It's so full of flavor, I couldn't help but feel my cheeks drop."


In the end, Lilith looks at the soup intently. The father and son let out a sigh.


"I'm glad you like it."


"My Lord, I can't wait to eat it."


Mildy-san raised her hand. She was waiting for her Lord to finish eating,


The Knights also can't wait to eat it.


They are waiting for their turn with itchy lips.


Garner-san is usually very quiet, but drool drips from his lips.


"What the hell are you guys doing!"


Suddenly, Clavis-san scolded the knights.


For a moment, the air is tense. Then Clavis laughs like a child who has successfully pulled off a prank.


"Hurry up and eat, or it will get cold."


The knights are excited to hear Clavis-san permission. With that permission, they start to eat their food.


"Thank you, Luciel-kun. Don't you feel tired?"


The training for the Knights ended, but a big problem was waiting for me when I returned to the mansion.




After two and a half days of training, we were back at the mansion. ......




A maid stands in the hallway, blocking my way.


"I need to discuss something with you!"


With her piercing gaze and shining glasses, the maid approaches me.


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