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Thursday, July 20, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep17 Cottage





"Suzu, Mera, get rid of the remaining hostile fish because I don't want to be disturbed any further."




"Kekekekekekeke! Please leave it to me, my Lord!"


Suzu and Mera happily continue their attack as they fly.


Suzu fires a magic bullet from the sky.

Mera has already given Orca and Small Swordfish instructions, so the two fish start to rampage.

The Giant White Fin Whale's brain has been taken, and its body seized. The Giant White Fin Whale attacks the other fishes and sinks them into the sea.


Using its gigantic body, the Giant White Fin Whale slammed its body and tail on its own fellow fishes. It doesn't care about its own physical damage.

Because of their numbers, many fishes could not avoid the attacks and die.

Even if they managed to escape, Orca would attack them, or Suzu would shoot them from the sky even when they escaped to near the sea surface.

Once their main force (the Giant White Fin Whale) was taken from them, there was no way for them to win. Suzu and Mera defeat them mercilessly.


About 10 minutes after the battle begins, the hostile fishes have been wiped out.

The sea surface is covered with red blood, flesh, and scales, creating a hideous color.

However, the waves wash away the color after a while, and the sea regains its original beautiful color.


"Now let's move before another group comes. Mera, hurry up get your detached bodies. The Giant White Fin Whale is a hindrance, so dispose of it."


"Kekekekeke! Roger that."


Following my instruction, Mera descends to get Orca and Swordfish.

If the Giant White Fin Whale is clean, riding on its back to our destination may give us a change of pace, but riding it with its entire body covered in blood and wound is a bad idea...


(First of all, even if there are no scratches, it won't be comfortable to ride on its back because of the vibrations. Although Nazuna and Yume would enjoy it.....)


For efficiency and safety, it is better to continue flying like this.


"Wait a minute, Raito-dono! Mera-dono! Did you take control of that Giant White Fin Whale?"


The Dwarf King calls out to me.

Everyone's eyes turn to the dwarves.

Dagan opens his mouth on behalf of his men.


"If that big fish is controlled by Mera-dono, then I would like to take it home and use it as research material, is that possible?"


"I understand your feeling, but that is impossible. The fish is controlled by Mera, so it's calm now. But once Mera takes back its detached body, it will die. First of all, where are you going to keep and study such a big fish?"




The dwarves look at the Giant White Fin Whale with a disappointed expression.

After confirming that there is no objection, I give a hand signal to Mera.

As she begins her descent again, the dwarves mutter.


"What a waste!"

"A fun research subject is......"

"I'm sure there are others, so if they can help us capture them on our way home...."


Dwarves' passion for research gives me a headache.

It really is more troublesome than a strong enemy.


Mera safely retrieves Orca and Small Swordfish.

It suddenly twitches once when Small Swordfish breaks out of the white-finned whale. Then gradually, its giant body sinks into the sea.

Apparently, the body does not float to the surface after death but sinks into the sea.


We see it off and continue flying to our destination.


There is a possibility that the second group of the enemy will arrive, and we don't want to waste any more time.



After flying for a while, an island comes into view.

It is about 1.5 times larger than the small island we first landed on.

At the island's center stands a double-spiral building, which we saw on the upper floor. It extends to the ceiling far above and is connected to the island.

There are only a few trees along the coast, a sandy beach, short grasses, and flowers.


(...... What is the purpose of this double-spiral building....?)


We are curious, but we arrive at this island without knowing the answer.

Suzu first lands on the island to check if there are any traps and finds no problems. After that, everyone lands on the island.


The dwarves were disappointed that they couldn't bring back the Giant White Fin Whale. Still, once they landed on the island, they immediately started surveying & collecting samples without hesitation.

To be honest, I am impressed by how fast their moods change.


This island is free of traps and dangerous monsters. But like before, I asked Suzu and Mera to escort the dwarves.

I took Mei and Nazuna with me and proceeded to the double-spiral building.

Same as the upper floor, there is a broken steel lid and a hole.

It seems that there is another floor underground.


"Raito-sama, are we going down?"


"...... No, let's call it a day. Even if we are fine, Dagan-dono and his men are probably tired."


Dwarves vigorously collect samples and investigate, but they have been attacked by stone golems, the Giant White Fin Whale, and a swarm of hostile fish.

Rather than forcing ourselves to proceed, we should stay overnight to rest our bodies and spirits.


"Then let's decide who will do the night watch."


"You can put me on the night watch, too. I have more experience as an adventurer than Mei and the others."


"Don't make a joke. We will do the night watch. Please rest your body, Raito-sama."


I'm not joking. I don't mind doing the night watch...... But Mei lightly brushed me off and urged me to take a rest.

Even if I insisted further, I would take away their role and motivation, so I backed off quietly.


I did think about returning to Naraku with SSR - Transfer, but...

We're sure we can return to Naraku from this place, but there's a possibility that we won't be able to return to this place with SSR - Transfer. If that happens, we will have to start from the beginning again. That will be very troublesome.

The tension and mood of exploring the ruins would also be diminished.


"We have food in our item box, so the only problem is the shelter."


Usually, I would set up a tent and put a thick cloak inside it as bedding. But I want the Dwarf King and his men to feel more comfortable and safe.

So I took out a card from my pocket.

I move away from the double-spiral building, find a nice spot, and release the card's power.


"SR - Cottage, release!"


A two-story cottage that radiates the warmth of wood has appeared on this ancient civilization's island.

As expected, Dagan and his men quickly gather to see it closely.


"Raito-dono, where did this building come from?"


"I created it with a little special magic. It is equipped with basic furnishings, so we'll stay here today. Please rest in any room you like."


"Is this created with magic? Let me see inside!"


"Me too! Me too!"


"Let me see it too!"


With their curiosity stimulated, the dwarves rushed into the cottage.


(...... Dwarves are really straightforward when they see something interesting.)


I couldn't help but stare at their easy-to-understand behavior patterns.


By the way, SR - Cottage is equipped with a basic furniture set. But N - Prefab used by former human slaves isn't equipped with any furniture.

Therefore, I gave the fairy maids furniture cards, such as beds, chairs, tables, and wardrobes.


I have many N - Prefab cards, and the size is just right, so I gave them to the former human slaves.


--Back to the story.


"Now, let's make a cottage for us to stay in tonight."


I take out another SR - Cottage card and release it.

In an instant, another cottage is completed.

It's easy to clean up because I only need to put it in my item box.


"? Nazuna, you've been peeking in the hole for a while now, what's wrong?"


Usually, Nazuna would have been excitedly rushing to check the inside of the cottage. But since a few minutes ago, she has been peeking into the hole that leads to the next floor.

She did not immediately respond when I spoke to her but tilted her head and turned around.

With her nose twitching, she speaks to me.


"My Lord...... I feel that we should be more cautious when entering this hole. I smell danger."


It seems that something triggered the instinct of Naraku's strongest fighter...


Mei and I looked at each other, and our expressions tensed at her words.




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