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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep11 The Double-spiral connecting sky and ground


Infinite Gacha c5e16~20 (Text & Reading Voice)





The light resembles sunlight, a forest, grassland, and double-spiral buildings that connect sky and ground. The dwarves are stunned and unconsciously let out sounds of admiration.

It seems they are greatly impressed by the scene that unfolds before them.


"My, my Lord...."


Surprised by their voices, Nazuna grabbed my arm again.

It's amazing that they were able to surprise Naraku's strongest fighter. But to be honest, I was also surprised to see the dwarves clinging to the window and screaming in excitement.


(I can understand why these dwarf craftsmen and researchers are so excited when they see this place. Instead of a dungeon, they have found such a space and world under the ruins....)


Even for an amateur like me, it is an interesting sight.


Double-spiral buildings stand as if they are supporting the sky and the ground. They are glowing faintly. Moreover, if we look around, we can see not just one building but 4 dual-spiral buildings. They are far apart but probably evenly spaced.


I wonder how they built such buildings that connect the ground to the ceiling that is so far above the ground.


Light similar to sunlight is pouring down from the ceiling.

Besides that, there are forests, grasslands, hills, etc., as if the world on the ground was transplanted as it is.

Some dungeons also have skies and grasslands and rivers, but these places are probably created by an ancient civilization's technology.


If I look closely, I can see other holes just like the one we descended from, and it seems that a large amount of soil and sand has flowed in from there, forming hills.

Those places must have been buried and became hills after so many years.


"Raito-sama, is it okay to go down to the ground?"


"...... Yes, please. Everyone be careful of monsters or enemy attacks. Dagan-dono and the others, please do not move immediately after getting to the ground, okay? It's dangerous."


"I, I'm sorry. Raito-dono. The scene that spread out before our eyes were so wonderful that we lost our mind for a moment."


I warned Dagan and his men because they seemed eager to get off and run to the forest or to the spiral building.

We are already inside the ruins of an ancient civilization.

There might be traps set up to intercept intruders or unknown monsters.

It will be dangerous if they move recklessly.


The thread cage operated by Mei finally lands on the ground.

The place where we landed is just grassland. There is a forest on our left. There are 4 double-spiral buildings, one in front, one behind, one on the left, and one on the right.


First, Nazuna, Suzu, and Mera get off and check our surroundings.

Since there is no problem, we all get out of the cage.


"It seems there is no sign of anyone but us."




Suzu's sense is the best, and she nods her head in agreement with Rock's words.

Meanwhile, Nazuna looks around with an expression as if she sensed something.


"Suzu, Rock, don't let your guard down. There's something strange about this grassland and forest."


"I guess Nazuna's right. We should stay on guard. Though maybe it's because it's underground... There is not a single sound of insects or birds. It's just too quiet."


"Indeed, this is strange."


I also gave an additional opinion in response to Nazuna's uncomfortable feeling.

Mei agreed and carefully looked around while changing her threads cage to its original form. So far, there is no suspicious movement around this area.

...... Instead.


"What kind of grass is this? Can we eat it? Maybe it has medicinal effects."


"I'm going to dig up the ground and bring the soil home."


"Hey, guys. Try to eat the soil here. It tastes different from the soil on the surface world."


"Hmmm, it's true. I've never tasted anything like this."


Dagan and his men picked grass with its roots and collected soil.

Not only that, they started tasting the grass and soil. Maybe they are checking to see if the soil here is different from the soil on the surface world......

From other people's point of view, they look like a group of crazy people.


They are so enthusiastic that I hesitate to stop them.


I try to ignore them and focus on my party's tasks.


"Mera, I want you to scout our surrounding area. Also, look for stairs or holes that connect to this place, just like that hole."


"Kekekekekeke! Leave it to me, my Lord!"


Mera raises her voice. Perhaps she is glad I am relying on her.

At the same time, several wolves jump out from under her skirt, and dozens of small birds fly out from her sleeves.

It looks like a magic trick, but all of them are detached parts of Mera's body.


She has already introduced herself to Dagan and his men. Still, they are surprised and stop their investigation when they see many animals come out from under her clothes.


This is why I selected Mera instead of Aoyuki for this Large-scale ancient civilization ruins Investigation.


Aoyuki is a genius tamer who can control almost any monster.

However, she cannot show her true strength if she does not bring her monsters with her at all times.


Although her level is lower than Aoyuki, Mera the chimera can transform her body into a monster of her choice.

It's difficult to find someone as capable as she is for this investigation, where anything can happen.


--Although in Aoyuki's case, it is possible to communicate with his followers anytime. In Mera's case, it is impossible to get the information memorized by her separated body unless it is fused back into her own body.

It would be easier if she could get information at any time, as Aoyuki does, but....... there’s no such thing as perfection.


"Raito-sama, I know it will take some time for Mera to grasp this area, but shall we start preparing for the camp?"


"Hmmm... We just entered these Large-scale ancient civilization ruins, but we can't move around without information... As Mei said, let's start preparing for---!!"


Before I could finish my sentence, I turned towards the forest on my left and held up my staff.

Mei, Nazuna, Suzu, and Mera also notice it and are on guard.


Only the dwarves who haven't noticed.

They ask with surprised expressions, which are different from when they see many animals come out from under Mera's clothes.


"What's wrong, Raito-dono?"


"It's the enemy. Dagan-dono and the others gather together and stay where you are. Mei and I will protect you."


"Oh, okay! I'll call the others right away!"


Dagan hurriedly runs to the other dwarves, asking them to gather so that we can easily protect them.

Meanwhile, we keep our eyes on the forest.




After a while, the enemy appears.


"Stone Golem?"


A 2-meter-tall humanoid rock golem came out of the forest.

Not only a humanoid golem but also a wolf, bear, praying mantis, and other forms of stone golems are coming out of the forest.


"They suddenly appeared as if they just teleported here.... where the hell did they come from?"


There was no sign of golems in the forest until a few minutes ago.

In fact, there was not even a sign of a single insect, bird, or small animal.


"My Lord! Is it okay for me to beat them!?"


Nazuna holds up a giant sword bigger than herself with an itching expression on her face and looks at me like a puppy that can't wait to rampage.

Nazuna is too powerful for the Stone Golem. But no matter how strong she is, if she fights alone, she will get tired. If I think about efficiency--.


"Suzu, Rock, defend this place. Nazuna, come with Mei and me to protect Dagan-dono and his men."


"Roger that!"


Nazuna couldn't go on a rampage, but she was happy to receive my instruction. She turns to protect Dagan and his men with a cheerful expression.

At the same time, the stone golems start moving toward us.


The wolf golem runs out ahead of the others.


"Suzu, rock, I'll leave them to you."




"Raito-sama, Leave them to us!"


When Rock shouted out, Suzu fired her musket gun.


The first battle in the Large-scale ancient civilization ruins has begun.




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