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Monday, May 22, 2023

Episode 50: And the Play of the Gods Begins (Part 3) - 1




Go back in time a little.

It was around when the Demon King of Brave Quests was defeated. Finally, a series of chaotic events was ended.

Takuto, who watched the quarrel between Atou and Elfur sisters using the Eternal Nations leader authority, sighs relief that the worst of the worst scenario didn't happen.


"Hmm ... it's over, right?"


Takuto let out a big sigh as he stood in a corner of the city, away from the government buildings where the dark elves had been evacuated and hidden to prepare for the invasion of enemy forces.


"I'm tired."


Takuto let out another big sigh. He realized that Atou and the others had already been ordered to return, and if everything went well, they would return soon with the Elfur sisters. Elder mortar and the Dragon Town reinforcement team had also changed course and were returning to their location.

Despite many things to consider, Takuto had a little time now. How could he make the most of it? As he raised his head, feeling mentally drained, he suddenly noticed some guards around him. They were member of the warrior corps and continued to follow him to protect their lord and save Takuto in case of an emergency.


"Leave me alone for a while."


"Yes! But... but."


He looked at them and noticed some anxiety still on their faces.

The guards were confused.

The king's command is absolute, but in this situation, it is hard to say that the danger has passed. It's natural for them to feel worried and confused.

Takuto understands this, but he gave the same order again.


"Leave me alone."


"Ex, excuse me!"


The guards hurriedly left the room, perhaps feeling embarrassed about their pathetic reaction.

Takuto felt upset with himself when he realized that his tone had been stronger than he intended. After confirming that the guards had left, Takuto suddenly dropped himself onto the floor.


"That wasn't cool."


He had overlooked important details and now the situation had escalated badly.

He realized it was his misjudgment that had led to this, and he had acted foolishly by pushing away the guards. As a leader, he knew that enemies could invade the territory, and he had not considered the morale of his army. He blamed himself for his actions, and it weighed heavily on his heart. He wondered how long he could act like a spoiled kid and let his guilt consume him.

The dream of creating a happy nation had slowly collapsed, and his optimistic hopes had faded away.



Takuto murmured.

He wanted to talk with Isla more. He knew her well through "Eternal Nations", though not as much as Atou. He was planning to get to know her more through actual interactions.

What does she think of him?

But his wish will never come true.


Takuto is wondering if there's anything he can do, while feeling a sense of emptiness that is affecting him more than his physical exhaustion.

However, he knows that it's nearly impossible to re-summon a hero. While it's not entirely impossible, it's considered a last resort.

There are certain conditions that need to be met to re-summon a defeated hero, but if there's already a summoned hero or Atou in the nation, it cannot be done.

This means that the existence of "Isla, the Queen of All Bugs" will never be seen again, no matter how much the "Eternal Nations" system is used.


".........Mearia, Cearia."


The twin girls have lost their mother forever, and that fact became a heavy burden for Takuto.

He knows how much the Elfur sisters loved Isla and how they had already lost their real mother.

He remembers their conversation when they told him with sad eyes that they should have died, and blames himself for betraying their trust over and over again.

He realizes that what is lost will not come back no matter how he struggles.

At this moment, Ira Takuto is undoubtedly a loser.




Is he upset with himself? Or is he simply expressing his rage?

Takuto stood up and banged the floor with his fist as soon as he couldn't take it any longer.

If he experiences some pain, it may help to relieve the ache in his heart.

He has always hated pain, but now he craves it in order to punish himself.





A cracking sound echoes loudly as his fist penetrates the floor.

For a moment, Takuto thinks, "Did the floor melt?" but soon realizes it was a misunderstanding.

The building's brand new wooden floor is cracked and broken from the part that Takuto hit.


"Wait, wait!"


Takuto let out a scream as he saw the destruction caused by his fist, but that wasn't the only surprise. Unfortunately, Takuto's strike had shattered one of the supporting pillars beneath the floor, causing the building to collapse instantly in a chain reaction.


"Uwaa! Wawa! Waaaa!"


The buildings created by the dark elves are located high in the trees, based on their cultural style.

As expected, the building collapsed, and what followed was a dramatic fall from the air to the ground, from a height of several tens of meters.

The human body is not strong enough to withstand such an impact.

For a moment, Takuto felt like floating, his vision blurred, and everything went dark. A shock struck his body, and he prepared for his second death.


"Ouch ouch.... Huh?


However, when he opened his eyes, he realized that the scenery around him had not changed.

"It's doesn't hurt."


He gets out of the pile of wood that made up the collapsed building and looks around.

If he looks up overhead, he can see the dark elves' buildings.

Despite having fallen from a great height, he appears to be uninjured.

Given the current situation, he is forced to come to a conclusion.




Takuto stands up quietly, wearing a puzzled expression on his face. He realizes that the dark elf guards are rushing toward him with their authority as leaders and walks away to avoid the commotion. As he walks, he looks around, taking in his surroundings. Eventually, he reaches a spot a little ways from the city and finds a tree of an appropriate size. He lightly knocks on it a few times, as if checking something.

The tree is an ordinary giant tree, larger than the others, but it looks eerie due to Mynoghra cursed land effect. Takuto waves his hand lightly, and the tree breaks and collapses, causing the earth to shake with a loud sound.


"Oh, I see. So that's what it is."


He glances at the falling trees and the surrounding trees, and then Takuto closes his eyes quietly. His quiet and strange act is a dialogue with himself.

Similar to meditation, he delves deep into his own thoughts. He confirms the infinite possibilities of Ira Takuto's existence and the King of Ruin's power. The power was always within him, calmly waiting for the right moment to be used.


"Haha...... Then I can win right away. Then I can do it from the start. From the start..."


Takuto opens his eyes and lets out a dry laugh as he brings his palm to his face. Everything seemed so ridiculous, including his own stupidity. At the same time, it was the limit of his patience, and something inside Takuto had just broken.





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