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Saturday, May 6, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C50


Chapter 50: Magic Lesson



"Luciel-kun. Is there anything else about Yulan's sword that caught your attention?"


Fletty-san asked.


I think about it for a moment, then hold the wooden sword in my hand again.


"I think it's the grip. I think Yulan's grip is too strong."


"If I don't grip it strongly, I can't swing it as hard as I want, right?"


"But then your wrists get stiff and you have to move your body unnecessarily. When you swing a sword, the movement of your wrists is also important."


I hold steady with my arm and swing the wooden sword in a fan shape only by turning my wrist.


"Look. My wrist can move like this. If you can do that, you can use it to prevent my continuous blows, or counterattack ----. Are you listening to me?"


Yulan froze with her mouth wide open.


She looked so stunned that I couldn't help but ask her again.


But what comes out of Yulan's mouth is anger.


"Why didn't you tell me that earlier? If I had known that from the beginning, I would have won the fight!"


Gya, she gets angrier......?


I'm trying to teach her a lesson. I'm the one who should be angry.


Yulan growls, grits her teeth, and stares at me like a guard dog. Although she's a dragon.....


Hearing our conversation, Fletty-san holds his chest and laughs.


"You guys are really funny."




"I don't think there is anything funny here."


Yulan snapped not only at me but also at Fletty-san.


Then Fletty-san taps me on the shoulder.


"I was impressed by the way you taught her."


"Thanks, thank you very much."


Suddenly he praised me.


But was that really okay?


"Yulan-dono understood it well, that's why she's angry."


"Oh..... That's why."


I look at Yulan, who is still staring at me like a watchdragon.


"Teaching methods vary from teacher to teacher and from student to student. Different teachers have different ways of teaching, and different students have different ways of receiving it.

Well, it's difficult to adapt to them, but you have high physical ability, so I think it would be better to learn through real fighting."


A real fight.......


That means I will have a practice match with Yulan again, right?


Well, I can't let Fletty-san and Lilith fight Yulan for real, so I don't have a choice. ......




I glance at Yulan.


"Hmm? What's up, Luciel......?"


Yulan stared at me with half-open eyes.


One of her fangs is shining.


Even though she is a white dragon, Yulan is a girl now.


When I first saw her, she looked like a crude girl, but after borrowing Lilith's clothes, she suddenly became more girly.


I tried not to think about it too much when we were doing the practice match, but... I could see under her skirt when Yulan jumped or when she turned around.


Aah....... My face gets hot when I remember that.


Next time, I'll discuss it with Lilith and ask her to make clothes that won't reveal what's inside.


What's wrong, Luciel? Your face looks red?"


Yulan looks at my face.


After that, I couldn't see Yulan's face until the next lecture.





Today's last lesson is a magic lesson by Richil-san.


Richil-san usually doesn't wear glasses, but for some reason, she wears them only during the lesson.


She says this is a teacher's formal attire, but I couldn't understand it.


By the way, her eyesight is so good that she can even see a wolf running over the mountains in the distance. I'm sorry to say it, but she is like a beast.


"Okay, today we're going to learn fire magic. Then, Luciel-kun. Can you help me?"




I walk forward.


By the way, this class is for Lilith and me.


Yulan is just observing.


When I ask her why not join the lesson, she says...


"Are you stupid? I am a White Dragon, the divine beast---. The divine beast, you know? There is no way I can learn human sorcery."


She seems to hate magic.


Yulan is probably tired from the morning lesson. She lies down on the lawn and falls asleep.


Her navel is still exposed. She is also scratching her navel.


She is free and uncontrolled...... Her face looks happy.


I think Yulan needs to be taught some manners as a lady before swordplay and other things.


I wrap Yulan with a thin blanket, and Mildy carries her to her room.


So this time, it's just me and Lilith attending the lesson.


"Okay, once again. Luciel-kun, can you help me?"


"Oh, okay...."


I switch my mind and concentrate.


I raise one hand and gather magic power at the tip of my hand.




The moment I do that, a huge mass of fire rises into the sky.


It breaks through the clouds and disappears into the sky.


"How is it?"


I turned around.


Richil-san is stunned and then scratches her head.


"As always, you are amazing. To be able to use a beginner level [Fireball] without chanting that powerful..."


She praised me.


What should I do? I've tried to reduce the power.


If I seriously did it, it would be a big problem.


Okay, let's forget about it.


"Thank you, Luciel-kun. Lilith-san next is your turn."




Lilith raises her hands in the air.


She closes her eyes and concentrates.


I clear my throat.


It's more thrilling to watch someone else using magic.


"The spirit of fire! Dwell in my hands and reveal your power!"


A beautiful chant echoed through the air.


I am not familiar with magic chants, but Lilith's chants were very nice and pleasant to listen to.


Beginner's level fire magic is a magic that fuses small invisible spirits in the atmosphere with the user's magic power and then releases it.


It is magic that doesn't require a contract with a spirit.


So anyone can use it. ......


Then a flame appears in front of Lilith.


It's a very small flame. Apparently, this is how beginner-level magic is supposed to look like.


I'd say it myself, but it seems that mine was abnormal.


"It's okay, Miss Lilith. Keep it up...."


"Kuu....... Ugh......."


Lilith looks like she is in pain.


Is she okay?


At that moment.


Suddenly, the flame exploded.




It was only a small fluctuation, but Lilith was startled and lost her focus.


The magic flame disappeared like a candle blown off.


"I thought it was going well..."


"Sorry. I'm just not very good with fire attribute."


That's the reason.


Lilith seems to be able to do well with all the other attributes, but she is not good with fire.


"Lilith-sama, please don't be discouraged. There are many children who are not good with the fire attribute. Let's do our best patiently."


Richil-san encourages her.


But even after that, Lilith could not use fire magic, and the magic lesson ended.


Infinite Gacha c5e11~15 (Text & Reading Voice)


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