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Thursday, April 13, 2023

New Patreon Tier & Ko-fi Membership feature Added

Even a small change can make a difference

1. Ko-fi Membership feature Added

Ko-fi Membership feature has been added. Now readers can contribute to support the novel projects they like.

Visit my Ko-Fi page for the detail benefits for each membership level.

TanboHiro - 1
TanboHiro - 2
TanboHiro - 4                     4 episodes

Even though - 1.1
Even though - 2.2
Even though - 4.4                4 episodes

Infinite Gacha - 1.2
Infinite Gacha - 5               
5 episodes
Infinite Gacha - 10            10 episodes

Mynoghra - 1
Mynoghra - 1.5
Mynoghra - 6                    6 episodes
Mynoghra - 12                  12 episodes 

 *When donating using Ko-Fi please mention from which novel and episode/chapter you wish to read.


2. New Patreon Tier (pax) added 

New tier for the following web novel

Even Though He Said He Won’t Love Me – The Count’s Daughter (Former Demon King) Is Fed by the Sincere Soldier and Becomes Happy

I Found a Female Knight in a Rice Field, in the Countryside They Think She’s My Wife

have been added.

Please visit my Patreon page and select the novel donation pax you want to support.

Become a Patron!




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