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Friday, April 14, 2023

Episode 48: And the game of the Gods begins 1 - Part 1



[Southern Hydragia Continent-Undeveloped Area]


A man is kneeling in the middle of an empty wilderness.


"Sca, scaaaaaarrry!!!"


He screamed.

The face looks scared and seemed to feel terrible stress.

From his attitude, it obvious that he is in an undesired situation.

His age is about 16-18 years old.

He is wearing a black school uniform and has a brightly decorated katana on his waist.


The man is not a human from this world.


He remembers the earlier encounter and screams toward the ground again, "I'm scared!"

He had defeated the Demon King. Now he remembers the interruption drama earlier and cursing God as to why he had to encounter such a situation.


"What he means by 'Pretty little girls in a pinch, I want you to help them right now!'! They wasn't in a pinch at all, on contrary they got angry! That stupid God!"


He is screaming towards the sky while trampling the ground.

He looks so ridiculous, just like a clown.

But his words are inexcusable. His words contain things that would make anyone who was listening roll their eyes in surprise.


Yes, God exists.

God is the one who sent him to this world.

It called himself a God and gave him a second life to amends some mischief he had done.


The memory of the past that man has is

It is temporarily interrupted by the lights of the two lights that shine in front of me.


Maybe I died for some reason―, without understanding, the truth was told by God, and as an apology, I was given tremendous power and a second life.


In that man's past memories, he saw two lights shining in front of him.

He had thought that maybe he had died by some cause --- before he understood what had happened the God told him the reality. As an apology, he was given tremendous power and second life.



After the encounter in the endless white world, he has been reluctantly following God's instructions.

Usually, the instructions are vague things like "Defeat the monsters that appeared in the distance", "Try to dash with all your might".

Like a child playing with a toy that he just got for the first time, it was messed up and without any clear purpose.


Of course, he had free will, so it is easy for him to run away, but he has absolute respect for God's existence. Besides, he was worried about going alone in the wilderness. He couldn't see or feel any signs of people, so reluctantly, he went along with the play.

At that time, he thought that finally, he received meaningful instruction for the first time.


The one who asked him to defeat the Demon King was a being who called himself God.


However, after he followed the instruction, the result is far from his expectation.

Apparently, his participation in the battle was unnecessary, and the three girls he encountered gave him sharp looks and harsh responses.

In the past, he would have just apologized with a cramped smile while his legs were trembling.

He shook his head. He somewhat feels grateful to God for giving him mental strength.

This wouldn't have happened in the first place if the God who like to make joke didn't say an unnecessary thing.

All of his actions had backfired.


No, well, I certainly have my faults, too. Helping a girl maybe......! I would be lying if I said I didn't think of something like that, and that's why I didn't observe it carefully.


He was a reader, and he tried to watch anime, manga, and movies.

One of the most popular genres was reincarnation in another world.

The hero who had to live a second life in a different world for some reason overcame hardships, adventures and get famous while making outstanding achievements.

Many beautiful girls follow the hero and standby his side.

While recalling some of the works that became a hot topic, he thought he might become one of them, but he was out of luck.


"But that useless God also said 'At first sight, the beautiful girl you helped will fell in love with you'!

No, I was completely tricked. Even in my previous life, I've never seen such a cold girl. I'm serious."


Anyway, the reality seems to have been harsh on him.

In the first place, the girls he should help actually didn't need any help. Instead, they got angry and intended to kill him.

Apparently, unlike the story he heard, it seems that the girls were tough persons.

Moreover, one question still remains, did he done a bad thing.


"It's makes me angry!"


He shouts.

It was because he remembered that it was God who causes all of this.


"Oii! Shit God! Come out! Come out now, explain this situation! I really can't accept this!!"


 He shouts louder.

 But there is no reply as if his words did not reach the other party.

 As soon as it becomes inconvenient, this happens. He remembers God, who is always in a good mood, making him more irritated and trampling on the ground.




Suddenly in the middle of the wilderness in the undeveloped area of the Hydragia continent, where no one should be there. Someone appeared and called him out.


"Hmm? Aa--"


"Yes! I'm your slave,--"


 She is the first girl he met when he came to this world.

 This girl, who seems to be a slave that God got from somewhere, obeys him as an absolute lord and follow him like a baby bird walking with its parents.

 Although he was always dissatisfied with God, part of mind forgave God to some extent because of this slave girl.

 After all, he is also a man. He is weak towards a cute girl.


"I was hiding until now. Did you get hurt?"


"It's okay, because I was protected by God's mysterious power?"


"Did that person say something? Did that person did any weird thing to you!?"


"Eeto, I have a message for you. That ...' I'm sorry '."


"Next time I won't forgive him..."


Is her master anger was transmitted, or is she too tired of God's free and uncontrolled acts? The slave girl nodded a little with a bitter smile and agreed with his words.


"Well ... I'm honestly grateful for the cheat ability. But, in reality it doesn't work smoothly like in novel!"


"Chiito ability?" Master, what's that mean? Aah! Danger-- "


A small sound was heard.

The girl recognized that sound. It was the sound of the katana inserted inside the sword sheath …….

A hill giant was peeking from behind the rock and fiercely starring at them. His body was cut into pieces and collapsed to the ground.


"Ah, it's okay.---It's already over."


The attacks are invisible to the eye.

It was all over before the slave girl saw the giant hill behind the rock and tried to warn her master.

The words special move or exquisite skill was not enough to describe it. He casually unleashed a mysterious God speed Slash.


"A, amazing! That's amazing, master! Master Ryuishi!"


"Haha, it's not that impressive. It's was a cheat anyway."


He can't help but rub his cheeks when he hears the girl praises him.

However, the girl, having caught a glimpse of her master's infinite power, couldn't help but jump up and down in excitement.

As he looks at her lovely and innocent behavior, the anger in him naturally calms down, and he feels like, "Well, never mind".

It's true that he has a lot to say to God, but he was happy just to be with this girl.

He quietly turned his gaze beyond the horizon.

There are no signs of people, only huge rocks rolling in the wilderness as far as the eye can see.

However, even if they have no exact destination, they will have to move forward.

Because they have no reason to be here.


"Well ... Where we should go?"


"I think the north is good? Master."


 A God-given slave girl gives a suggestion with a soft smile.

 He didn't have any ideas. The God who knows what's going on is also refusing to have contact with them and run away.

 It could have gone either way, and therefore, he accepts the slave girl's opinion.


"That's right ... I see!"


"Yes! Master, I will accompany you!"


If they keep going, they will reach somewhere.

Even if not the case, there is no doubt that God will contact them if there is a problem.

Because ... God and he had a purpose.


"Aaa, if next time I meet that playful fucking God I will preach him 10,000 hours straight………I can't save the world. Can I do that?"


"If its master I'm sure you can do it! Because you're so strong!"


The girl praises him without any emotion.

Thinking his expectation is a little heavy, he softly patted the beautiful black hair of the slave girl.


"I wanted to be the cheat hero likes in anime and novels, but in reality it's just too troublesome..."


Hearing her master's words, the slave girl only smiled cheerfully.

Surely she did not doubt his will always win and move forward.

She has no base for this belief, but it seemed like limitless power would emerge ... she felt that way.


"Then, let's give it a try. "


 He proceeds.

He goes on.

The promise with God is to fill the world with the light of justice.

Conquer all the sky, all the sea, and all the earth, and drive out evil from this world.


That was what the "playful god" wanted for the man who had reincarnated in another world.


Isekai Apocalypse Mynoghra episode 48 (Full version)


Isekai Apocalypse Mynoghra episode 49 (Full version)


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