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Friday, April 28, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep8 Preparation for Large-scale ancient civilization ruins investigation



 Infinite Gacha - chapter 5 ep 6~10

 I held a secret meeting with the Dwarf King at night to recruit the Dwarf Kingdom. We decided to investigate the 'Large-scale ancient civilization ruins' hidden by the Dwarf Kingdom.


The dragonmen and the demons are hiding secrets about why accelerating technology would destroy the world? And about another dangerous existence besides the Master. I may be able to find answers to these questions without attacking the two countries by investigating the Large-scale ancient civilization ruins.


The Dwarf Kingdom is dissatisfied with the suppression of technological development. I can also bring the Dwarf kingdom to my side and obtain information hidden by the dragonmen and the demons. Besides, if there is a chance to get various things from the ruins of ancient civilization ruins, it is impossible for me not to take it.


"The Dwarf King Dagan also signed a contract that he would cooperate with us if we successfully conquered the Large-scale ancient civilization ruins. Now, I can proceed with my revenge against Nano and promote Princess Lilith to be Queen of the Human Kingdom."


"As expected of Raito-sama. It's a wonderful result."


In my office at Naraku, Mei and I are reviewing last night's secret meeting with the Dwarf King.

Just as Lilith said, with just a single fantasy-class item, the Dwarf King Dagan was easily lured to the Giant Tower.

The meeting was successful because Dagan was also dissatisfied with the world's technology suppressed by the other four races.


The only problem is...


"I have no idea how big the Large-scale ancient civilization ruins that we will conquer... Well, we have to see it ourselves."


"King Dagan only said, 'At a glance, you can tell these are Large-scale ancient civilization ruins..."


After discussing the terms and conditions in detail, signing two contracts and keeping them, he told me about the Large-scale ancient civilization's ruin.

It was one of the exploration sites southwest of the capital of the Dwarf Kingdom. Apparently, they discovered it during the exploration.

After the discovery, they identified them as Large-scale ancient civilization ruins. Since then, they have kept it hidden from other races.


More than 1,000 years have passed since the discovery. Although the best adventurers equipped with the best weapons made by dwarves had been sent out several times, no one has ever returned.

Therefore there is no other information.


"I know what he means, but ...... It sounds tricky."


"We can only go and see the site ourselves."


Mei also remembers Dagan's words and sighs lightly.

I asked him if he had any other information, but he only said, 'I can't explain it to you unless you see the site.'

As a result, I don't have the ruins map or information about the enemy's characteristics.


'Well, Dwarves are not good at trickery, so I think it's not a trap... Anyway, we should assume the ruin is more dangerous than Naraku and do our best. On that day, the Dwarf King Dagan and some other Dwarves will go there with us."


"If it is just us, it would be easier for me as a maid because I don't have to take care of them... But he insisted on going with us."


Mei sighs lightly again.


When Dagan learned that we have many long-distance transfer magic items, he asked me to take him to the ruins.


According to Dagan, long-distance transfer magic items are very rare. In the past, the skilled adventurers he sent out to the ruins were forced to carry magic items that could transfer several hundred meters, but none of them ever returned.

That means that several hundred meters are not enough to avoid danger.

But this time, he learned that I have long-distance transfer magic items that allow us to travel across the country easily.

Dagan said, "Since we can escape if we are in danger, isn't our safety guaranteed? I want to see the inside of the ruins of the ancient civilization with my own eyes."


I could have refused his request. But considering that it is the ruin of the ancient civilization that the Dwarves have kept secret for generations, I accepted his request. If it turns out to be too difficult, they can go back, and we can explore the ruins on our own.

Therefore, the Dwarf King and some dwarves will accompany us as investigators.


"I also feel intrigued about Large-scale ancient civilization ruins, so I understand his feelings..."


As long as they don't slow us down and we are careful, we will be fine... We will intercept the enemies, but I have told them they are at their own risk inside the ruins. I am sure they understand that.


"Elly is helping develop the town around the Giant Tower. Aoyuki is busy watching over Naraku and the Giant Tower, isn't she? Then maybe I will explore the ruins with Mei, Nazuna, Mera, and Suzu."


Too bad Elly and Aoyuki can't go with me, but Mera and Suzu would be more suitable for this mission.


... As long as Nazuna is with me, most problems can be solved by force.


"I understand. Then I will give instructions to the participants. May I appoint those who will take over the participants' work?"


"Yes, you may. I can leave it to you with peace of mind."


"Thank you very much. In the name of my maid way, I will do my best!"


She looks very happy and enthusiastic when she hears me say, "I can leave it to you with peace of mind."

She bowed and left my office.

I look at her back with a faint smile.


Now I am left alone in the office. I can't help but smile as I think about the Large-scale ancient civilization ruins. What is inside the ruins? What kind of place would it be?





--Ten days later, the Dwarf King Dagan made up a fake inspection trip to the west so that he could accompany us to explore the Large-scale ancient civilization ruins.


The fake inspection team will travel to a dwarf port city in the west and return after spending some time there.

In the meantime, he will explore the Large-scale ancient civilization ruins.


When the expert dwarves heard that they could explore the Large-scale ancient civilization ruins, they agreed to participate in this mission. They are aware of the risks, but they still want to go.

Even though their ranks are high and they are very important Dwarf experts, they are very carefree...


To be honest, I am worried about the Dwarf Kingdom's condition.


After preparing everything, we met up with the Dwarf King and his party along the western highway. Then we will part ways with the fake inspection party and head to the Large-scale ancient civilization ruins.


"What on earth is inside the ruins? What will come out of the ruins? Snakes or dragons?"


I muttered lines full of expectations while looking at the clear sky.




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