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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Episode 48: And the game of the Gods begins 1 - Part 2


[Northern Kingdom of Qualia-Witch Incident Occurrence Area]


The world is completely filled with snow.

The earth, the city, and everything that was once humans is frozen.

There is almost no living being in this city ruin, which is the center of the witch incident and is designated a first-class disaster area by the Holy Kingdom Qualia.




One is the Flower Saintess Soarena.

She is dressed in a unique sacred garment with gold thread-like hair and flower accessories that extend to her feet. She is a decisive weapon that has been given the miracle to burns the whole area with a single cane swing.

And one more. A person who is standing maliciously in a cold place.


"Tic Tac Tic Tac God does not roll dice there is no dream or hope "


She heard a singing voice from a distance.

It is strange and full of malice. Soarena listens with her superhuman hearing and tries to recognize it, but the lyrics are different from anything she knows.

‥……Eventually, the singing voice is approaching Soarena.


"Life is a time-killing game a board game made by God Death, death, death, have a nice death again!"


A shadow peeping and looked at her face from the gap between rubbles. That place was once a cathedral buried in snow and ice.


"Runtatta, Runtatta Elacino-chan doesn't roll the dice. All the results are in the God palm."


To describe the girl in one word, she like a weird being that appeared in reality.

Dressed in a peach-colored costume unlike any other tribe or tribe Soarena had ever known, she wore makeup that resembled a garish clown.

She was wearing something like a bell all over her body, and it played a dull and strange tone every time she moves.




The saintess does not move. On the other hand, the girl walks forward, approaching Soarena as if it were natural to do so.

Eventually ... the strange tone and strange song ended, and the girl stopped in front of the saintess.


"Hi, nice to meet you. It's been a long time. Saintess-chan, how are you doing?"


"Witch Elacino ..."


This girl is the witch Elacino.

She is the great disaster that raged in the snow-covered area north of Qualia and destroyed many cities and people.

A countless number of people lost their lives, including holy knights. Because of that, new memorial churches and cemeteries have to be built.

The damage they suffer is too unrealistic and too fantastic for the holy kingdom Qualia, who was always boasting their prosperity.


"Today, I will reveal your secret."


Holding the holy cane in his hand, Soarena quietly speaks to her.

If she speaks more words will be inelegant.

No--it will be dangerous.


Saintess Soarena has a huge advantage over the witch Elacino.

Soarena is aware of Elacino's ability calledSipping. Basically, this ability allows her to transforms people into a doll.

It resembles a zombie where the dead can move and more powerful than when it was alive. Other than destroying the head, a half-hearted attack cannot stop the doll movement.


On the other hand, Soarena's ability is a technique called "Flower Funeral" that can summons a large-scale flame around the area.

People who were bewitched into dolls could be turned to ashes in just one miracle.

If the heartache that Soarena suffered is ignored, then she is the saintess with the most efficient skill to counter the witch techniques.


That is why Elacino can never beat Soarena.

Because her opponent can't win, Saintess Soarena confronts the witch Elacino with the utmost caution.


Because Elacino has already been killed 21 times...


"Well, it's the 22nd round to commemorate, Saintess-chan! It's about time. Elacino-chan wants to beat Saintess-chan!"


 Soarena has killed her for sure.

 She has completely incinerated her corpse, and she has also applied sacred sealing techniques to her corpse.

 Recently, she even purposely brings back her corpse, cut it into pieces, and salted it.......


 After all that, Elacino was resurrected again. With an expression likes nothing ever happen, she appeared again in front of Soarena.


 It is not a different person. It's not some kind of duplicate dark magic.

 Of course, having 22 twin sisters is even out of the question.

 In other words,.....All the Elacino she has killed so far are the same person.

 That fact makes Soarena keep her guard on.


 Above all,.......


"The previous Saintess was lost---that's makes you wary?"


 Witch Elacino has defeated the "face down saintess".

 Soarena managed to save her life, but the saintess is currently on absolute bed rest.

 Soarena heard that another saintess is hurriedly coming to treat her, but the power struggle inside Qualia is dragging her feet, and the details info is still not coming in.

 Soarena don't know why the face down Saintess was defeated when she should have had the upper hand.

 Everything is still behind the mist.

 The people's lives that are being lost and that fact are eating away Soarena's mind.

 But .......


"No matter what technique you use, in the name of God I will destroy evil."


 She is a Saintess.

 Even if there is only one person left, would she hesitate to suffer to save that person?

 Because......, she has to save all people.


"Kah! Like usual you are too serious, Saintess-chan! That's no good, should be more relax?"


Elacino slowly raises her hand, accompanied by a crushed tone.

The battle was about to begin.

It always ends in an instant.

Elacino activates something, the effect is canceled by God's blessing, and Soarena sacred cane hit the witch's heart.

The flow is similar to the last few battles.

However, on the 22nd day, something is a little different.


"No, Elacino-chan is going to be pissed off if she doesn't win soon. --So."


 Elacino expression looks more serious than ever.

 It is somewhat determined, and at the same time, the expression of impatience floating on her face showed that she also has some circumstances.

 However, Soarena makes a fatal mistake here.


He overconfident that God's blessing would protect her no matter what.

In fact, God's blessing has prevented all the invisible malice emitted by Elacino.

Although exposed to some kind of attack, the power was erased before it hurt Soarena.


That's why.


"-- I'll roll the dice again today."


 Maybe that's why she missed the signs.


"It's that thing again. The result will be the same. Whatever your evil plan is--"


 Something is dropped and rolling.


= Message =============

Elacino's Sipping judgment

1d100 = [100] Judgment: Critical





 The 22nd fight was over in a flash.

 Soarena let out a small word of surprise. That's the end of it.

 The next thing she knows, the Holy Kingdom Qualia's decisive weapon power has been drained from its body, and the light of will from its eyes has been extinguished.

 It is proof that Elacino's ability had captured her soul.


"E, eeto... maybe you got it?"


Elacino was stunned for a while for some reason.

She showed an expression as if she couldn't believe it. She approaches Soarena and flutters her hands in front of Soarena's face, who is standing still there with a blank expression.

Eventually, she got convinced and trembling…….




"Yoshaaaa! Elacino-chan did it!"


Her loud voice echoed, and she pushed up her fist toward the sky.


"Well, unswerving determination 22 character experience.

Elacino-chan, who keeps changing the settings, finally able to reign as the strongest character!"


Elacino spins and dancing around Soarena.

Her excited expression is like a girl. It's hard to believe that she is the one that plunged many people into the depths of misery.

The snowstorm gets stronger.

But for some reason, this place is filled with spring season-like cheerfulness, emanating from the witch Elacino alone.


"Master! Master! Master are you watching!? I did it, Elacino-chan did it! Compliment, compliment me!"


A mysterious thing happened.

Elacino started calling out to something.

She gazes toward the sky. Of course, there was nothing in that line of sight, and it seemed that she was talking to someone who wasn't here by some technique.

The other party was ... called the master.


"Yeah, I see, I see. That's true! Maybe verification is needed? As expected master!

Eh? Eeeh! ?? Wa, wait! It's a slamming project to get rid of the Saintess while there is a cute PC called Elacino-chan!"


"While you already have cute PC called Elacino-chan, to be hooked with the saintess is no good"


Elacino screams into the sky.

Her face was flushed with excitement, and although she was complaining something.

The other party seems to be Elacino's close friend and has a higher position than Elacino.

The content seems to be discussing future operations, indicating that Elacino belongs to some kind of organization.


"So ... what are we going to do now, Master?"


Consultation continues.

The witch receives a command from someone, leaving the Saintess Soarena standing silently.

She is purposely nodding while responding to the other person. Eventually, she snapped her hand as if she had noticed something.


"Oh? That's right, that's right, master! There was a request from God! Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!"


"Yes, Sir! My, Game Master ."


Then Elacino bowed like a girl to respond to the existence that she trusts the most.


"Fufufu, Mynoghra ...? its makes I excited!"


When Elacino looked up, the one standing there is the witch.

She has already received life.

The start is going well, and this time luck is on her side.

That is why we have to decide here. Otherwise, she has no future.


"Come on, come on, Elacino-chan. It's time to step up!! As the "God of Dice" wants! As the dice roll shows! Elacino-chan is pushing forward!"


Elacino spreads her arms and jumps happily.

As if responding to her determination, those who were swallowed and lost their hearts appearing in a row, then following witch Elacino and Saintess Soarena like a parade.


She has a wish. An absolute dream that she wants to fulfill no matter what she has to sacrifice.

For that reason, she cannot lose.


"It's time to conquer the world! Hyahooo!!"


Elacino turns to the south.

For the one, she calls the master, for her promise with "the God of dice".

To conquer the world …….


Isekai Apocalypse Mynoghra episode 48 (Full version)

  Isekai Apocalypse Mynoghra episode 49 (Full version)



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The web version of the novel may differ from the manga and light novel editions.


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  1. so.. basically there's a God, and He create a real-life game in certain world. He put many real and fictional characters from other world to that world, and each of them got a role either as hero or villain? is the plot something like that?


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