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Friday, April 21, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep7 Large-scale ancient civilization ruins


 Infinite Gacha - chapter 5 ep 6~10

"There is a god-like existence that does not care about us, the six races or the people of the ancient civilization. Otherwise, it does not make sense."




Dagan described the existence that destroyed the ancient civilization as God.

Raito folds his hands and thinks about the meaning of that word.


(God, I see..... That is just like an existence that appears in fairy tale stories. If God is a metaphor, would you say that an existence other than the Master corresponds to it? Or is it something entirely different, or evolution or enhancement of The Master?......)


Raito continues to listen to Dagan's theory while thinking about it.


"...... I am interested in the Master's technology, but I honestly don't care about anything else. The reason why the ancient civilization was destroyed, and whether there is a higher existence than us, is for scholars to investigate. There is no answer to that question now, and there is nothing we can do about it. If you still want to know more information, you have to ask the dragon race and the demon race."


Dagan plays with his beard and explains the reason.


"The quantity and quality of information differ greatly depending on the race. We Dwarves are technical, and the Elves are concerned with the blood and lineage of the Master. Humans and beastmen are not given much information. However, the dragonmen and the demons have more information than the other four races. I would not be surprised if those two races knew the existence of the God that destroyed civilization. The only problem is... Their countries are much bigger, and their military power is greater than ours. I think it's impossible to discuss with them as we did in this secret meeting."


In fact, the secret meetings with the human kingdom and Dwarf kingdom are exceptions.

The only way to extract information is by forcing them to bow down like the Elf Queen Nation. As Dagan pointed out, the dragonmen and demons are literally bigger and more powerful than the other nations.


Before building their strength underground and advancing to the surface world, Raito knew the dragonmen and the demons would be the two most troublesome enemies.

Currently, he controls the Elf Queen Nation from behind the scenes. He successfully communicates with the Human Kingdom and the Dwarf kingdom to gather information. But this is only the early round. The threat level of the other two countries is much higher than the others.


(But as Dagan pointed out if I want to get more information, I need to deal with the two nations...)


"...... Well, I've said a lot of things. But actually, there is another way. Another way to know the truth about the destruction of the ancient civilization... That is, excavating the ruin of the ancient civilization."


"...... Eh?"


As Raito is thinking about how to bring down the two countries, Dagan casually speaks.

He smiles and looks at Raito.


"Between you and me, there is actually a large-scale ancient civilization ruin that has been secretly secured by the dwarves for generations. Moreover, the ruins are still in good condition and in underground. If we explore these ruins, I think there is a high possibility that we will discover the truth about the cause of the destruction of the ancient civilization. Anyway, there is a theory that the ancient civilization has created mythological class magic items. There is a high possibility that clues in the ruin will lead us to the truth."


"Isn't it the job of the scholars to investigate the ruins?"


"What Raito-dono wants is the truth. I want the technology of the ancient civilization. Since we want different things, I think we can share the same goal, am I right?"


"... I see. So what do you want?"


"I want to work together to conquer the ruins."


Dagan leans forward.


"We have sent out many investigation teams to that ruin of the ancient civilization for years, but...... No one has returned yet. Even the best adventurers with the best Dwarf weapons. I can't guess how high the levels of your men are. But if you have an assassin who can break into my bedroom undetected, you must have other skillful men under your command. Am I right? I want them to conquer the ruin of the ancient civilization that the Dwarves have kept secret for generations!"


"...... That is an interesting story. But isn't there is no guarantee we can find what we want there?"


"That's true, but the possibility is high. Just by looking at it, you can tell that it is the ruins of the ancient civilization that was built using unparalleled technology. That is why the Dwarf kings have kept them secret for generations. I don't want this leaked to the outside world, sabotaged, or confiscated by the dragonmen, elves, and demons! I'm sure Raito-dono would agree if you have seen it. Something is definitely there! Of course, I want the technology and artifacts as many as possible. Still, if there is something you want, you have the priority to choose. Raito-dono can have all the gold, silver, and other treasures. I will also provide everything you need! So what do you think? Will you cooperate with us?"




The Dwarf King is approaching Raito with an overwhelming spirit he had never seen before.

As a technical expert, Dagan's eyes are sparkling with excitement and expectation.


(When Elly found an interesting magic subject, she has similar eye color...)


He ended up suggesting an alternative idea.


When Raito meets with the Dwarf King to get information and plan for revenge, he finds that the other party wants to cooperate with him to investigate the ruins of the ancient civilization...

It was beyond his expectations.


( However, it would be a lie to say that I am not interested in the large-scale ancient civilization ruins. As Dagan said, if it is really an extraordinary large-scale ancient civilization ruin, then most likely there are clues about the ancient civilization destruction....)


Maybe they can find all information kept by the dragonmen and demons without attacking the two countries.


No one has ever returned, but they should be able to conquer the large-scale ancient civilization ruins.

...... Beside, Raito is interested in the large-scale ancient civilization ruins. Even if they don't get the information they are looking for, they should be able to discover something useful. Even if the results are zero, any adventurer would want to explore these mysterious ancient civilization ruins.


After considering many factors, Raito makes a decision.


"... I understand. I'll accept your offer. Shall we discuss the details?"


"Ooooh! Thank you, Raito-dono! Of course, let's start discussing the details right away! If there is something you want to take or something you want to give, feel free to tell me! I will give you everything within my power as the Dwarf King!"


He declared to give everything within his power as the Dwarf King, even though they haven't discussed it yet.


It seems that the large-scale ancient civilization ruins that have been kept secret by the dwarves are a long-cherished dream. The technology that lies in those ruins is something that he wants so badly that he can't wait to get it.

Raito wonders how large the ancient civilization ruins really are...


With some anxiety, Raito started discussing the conditions for conquering the large-scale ancient civilization ruins.



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