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Friday, April 21, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 5 – Ep6 If accelerating technology will destroy the world, how will that destruction happen?


 Infinite Gacha - chapter 5 ep 6~10


"Welcome, Dwarf King Dagan-dono. Thank you for meeting me and traveling such a long distance to see me. My name is Raito."


"It didn't feel like a long-distance, because I transferred here from my bedroom with a long-distance transfer magic item! It didn't take any effort to get here. But where the hell did you get that transfer magic item? Ruins? Dungeon? If you still have some leftovers, would you be willing to sell them to me for research? If you can't sell them, can you show them to me and let me touch them? Just let me see, touch, and smell them for a minute!"




Nemumu leads the Dwarf King to the reception room on the 4th floor of the Giant Tower.

Like Elly, Raito put on the SSR - Recognition Blocking Hooded Mantle and met the Dwarf King.

Mei follows behind him, and she doesn't hide her face.

Two fairy maids are waiting for them in the reception room.

They are there as waiters and escorts.


The moment he meets Raito, he rains Raito with questions about SSR - Transfer Infinite Gacha card.


(I heard that he devotes himself to research and to develop magic items, but I didn't expect him to go this far....)


Although Raito is inwardly astonished and a bit disgusted, he doesn't speak it out and leads his guest to their seat.


"--Long-distance transfer items are not items for outsiders, so please forgive me because I can't share them with you."


'Well, you're right... It's a magic item that can travel such great distances... I'm sorry for asking so much. Whenever I see a useful magic item, I lose my mind."


When Raito rejects his request, he withdraws surprisingly easily.

Instead of talking with a King, Raito feels like talking with a craftsman. It was just like what he had heard from Lilith. Dagan did not want to be the King of the Dwarf Kingdom but was forced into it by other craftsmen. Imposing the throne on each other is a thing that is hard to imagine in other countries.


After Dagan calms down, Raito offers him to sit down.


The fairy maid pulls up the chair for them, and they sit facing each other with the table in between.

Mei puts cups of tea in front of us and steps back.

Once she steps back, I start to talk.


"...... First of all, I would like to thank you for coming all the way here to meet with me, even though I invited you in a very impolite way. I have some questions I really wanted to ask the Dwarf King. Dagan-dono, please excuse my rudeness."


Since he is invited as a guest, Raito treats him normally without intimidating or behaving like a superior.

Dagan lightly raises his hand to show his appreciation to Mei, then holds the teacup and drinks it.

... His attitude is more like an old uncle's visiting his relative's house than a King's.


"As I said before, the long-distance transfer item makes the trip quick and easy. By meeting you and answering your questions, I will receive a fantasy class magic item comparable to the national treasure. You don't have to worry about that at all. In fact, I would accept any meeting that gives me a fantasy class magic item! Gahahahahahahaha!"


He laughs happily.

Raito's image of the Dwarf races was fixed on the grumpy Nano, but....... He is too easy-going and makes it slightly difficult for Raito to grasp the distance between them.

Dagan did not care about Raito's confusion and continued to talk.


"The assassin said that you want to know about the Master... I don't know much either. Are you okay with that?"


"... Yes, that's fine. Dagan-dono, may I ask what you know about the Master?"


"No problem. First of all, what is the Master?"


Dagan began to talk, but most of what he said was already known, and no new information was included.

However, during his speech, interesting information came out of his mouth.


It seems that the King of the Dragonmen and the King of the Demons decided to kill the Master suspects, who turned out not the Master.

The two proposed it, and no one objected, so it was decided to do so.

He doesn't know why they purposely decided to kill the Master suspect.


When asked in more detail-- The Dwarf King was not interested, the Elves agreed because they hate humans, and the beastmen agreed so they wouldn't go against the other races.


(That means the Dragonmen Empire and the Demon Kingdom know why the former Master suspects must be killed. So those two countries hold the key...)


This valuable information was not in the Elf Queen's memory.

Next, Raito proceeds to the main topic.

Raito tries to find out if there is any dissatisfaction to make a deal behind the scenes and work with him.


"Thank you for the information about the Master. By the way, about the fact that the current world technology is being suppressed... Dagan-dono, what do you think?"


"At this time, I'll say it clearly... I don't like it! I really don't like it! What do they mean with Accelerating technology will destroy the world? Especially the prohibition to research and restoring technology from the ancient civilization! It is too weird that the most important thing is the first thing on the Forbidden Matters... I've thought about breaking the prohibition and doing research so many times!"


It seems that his dissatisfaction has accumulated more than Raito expected, and he talks of it like an erupting volcano.


By the way, what are Forbidden Matters?

It seems that the five countries (excluding the Human kingdoms) have made a secret international treaty behind the scenes called the 'Forbidden Matters'.

In short, it is an agreement on what everyone is not allowed to do.


Apart from investigating the causes of the destruction of the ancient civilizations and historical research, the research and restoration of ancient technology are strictly prohibited.

The reason is that it is believed that accelerating technology will destroy the world.


Aside from daily necessities, military weapons are prohibited. There are even rumors that a punishment team will be sent to kill those who break the rule.


"Actually, a few of my acquaintances have been doing forbidden research secretly. They've been found dead or missing."


"Why on earth would they research something that's forbidden.....?"


"Isn't it obvious? Because there are some interesting research subjects there!"


Dagan's eyes remind Raito of Elly. Once before they went to the surface world, he asked Elly a question, Why study useless and dangerous magic spells?

With sparkling eyes, she gave him exactly the same answer.


Dagan does not stop and continues to talk excitedly.


"Do you know? One theory says that past civilizations can create fantasy class weapons. And even mythical weapons! Currently, we can barely produce a relic class, no matter how much money, effort, and years we spent! I wonder how advanced the ancient civilizations were! I get excited just imagining it! Don't you think so, Raito-dono?"


"Interesting story... By the way, it is forbidden because it is believed that accelerating technology will destroy the world, right? Does Dagan-dono have any idea how the ancient civilization was destroyed?"




Dagan takes his teacup and sips it.

Unlike before, he pauses for a moment.

He turns his sharp gaze towards Raito.


"I don't know the answer. Of course, I know some of the theories that historians have presented as general knowledge. That's not what you're looking for, right?"




"I have thought about it just like Raito-dono, but..."


Dagan looks at Raito after another strange pause.


"Raito-dono... If accelerating technology will destroy the world, how do you think it will be destroyed?"


"....I honestly can't imagine it. If I have to guess, maybe there was a war that destroyed the world."


"I see... I'm a technical expert, so I imagine something like a large-scale magic explosion. When making magic items, a newbie can accidentally explode and blow off their fingers. I imagined the explosion was so big that it destroyed the whole civilization.

But then I realized something... If such a massive explosion happened, could it wipe out the whole civilization?"




"It is a civilization that may have even created mythical class magic items. It may be able to create very destructive weapons. But why no one ever tells the story about the destruction of the ancient civilization? Some races can live for a thousand years, yet not a single story is left behind. Even if there is no single story left behind because all races were wiped out in that massive explosion... Why are we alive in this world? Isn't it strange that we aren't extinct?"




Dagan's question makes Raito's spine shiver.

Raito had considered this possibility ourselves, but when a third party (Dagan) mentioned it, he became more convinced of it.

Dagan also realizes my suspicions, and he grins.


"There is a god-like existence that does not care about us, the six races or the people of the ancient civilization. Otherwise, it does not make sense."



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