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Sunday, February 26, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C45

Chapter 45: Future Chef


The surface of the steak looks very chewy.


But when I cut it, what appears is red flesh that looks like a ruby.


The fat is juicy. Although it is long past dinner time, it glows under the moonlight.


"Beautiful ......"


"So pretty ......"


"It's like a jewel."




Everyone's eyes light up when they see the Mountain Oaks aged steaks on the plate.


"Now, would you like to eat it? Um...."


When I turn around, I see a table, a pure white cloth, and even a candle stand.


A nice outdoor dining room has been prepared in the corner of the courtyard.


Venson-san is bowing elegantly in front of the table.


"I've already made the preparations, sir."


"Well done, Venson!"


"Thank you, sir."


Clavis-san quickly takes a seat and gets a napkin. Sophinie-san, Lilith, and Karim-san follow him and take a seat too.


The waiters place the cut steak plate in front of them.


With knives and forks in hand, they began to eat the meat.




Clavis-san immediately raised his voice.


"It's so soft. I can easily cut it."


"It's hard to believe it's Mountain Oak meat."


Karim-san carefully examines the meat that he has cut.


Since he was born into a family of monster researchers, he must be curious about it.


Eventually, they put it in their mouths and started chewing.






" " "Delicious!" " "


Father and son shouted in unison. Their eyes sparkle like the aged meat they have just eaten.




Sophinie is also surprised.


Lilith is hesitant, but after seeing everyone's reactions, she gathers her courage and speaks up.


"............ Delicious! I've never had such tender, delicious meat before."


Her blue eyes shine like twinkling stars.


"I'm glad you liked it."


Hearing Clavis-san's and Lilith's impressions, I feel my heart warming up. My body felt light, as if I had grown wings.


Everyone loved my cooking.


I am so happy that tears come to my eyes.


Whenever I hear the word "delicious," I feel I am forgiven.


It makes me feel as if those 300 years of my life have not been in vain.


As I listen to their compliments, I also want to thank them.


"What's wrong, Fletty?"


When Karim-san called out to him, everyone's eyes turned to Fletty-san.


He is frozen in place, holding his spoon and fork.


He hasn't touched the steak on his plate.


"Fletty-san, you don't like it?"


I asked timidly. He quickly shakes his head and hands.


"No, that, that, that's not true. I really want to eat it right now."


"Then why haven't you eaten it yet, Fletty?"


Karim-san asked.


".... That's, Even if I say it ---."


"Come on. Just say it. Why are you not eating the food that Luciel-kun prepared?"


Clavis-san also stares at Fletty-san.


I also look at him anxiously, and he looks at me once more with sad eyes and then explains the reason.


"It's nothing serious. It's not because I don't like your cooking, or because it's made from monsters. It's just--I am not sure if it's okay for me to enjoy such luxury while my men are still on the mountain."


I see. That strong sense of duty is typical of Fletty-san.


I can also imagine Mildy-san's face as she sneezes on the mountain while eating her portable meal.


"Fletty-san, don't worry. I still have plenty of meat. I'll cook it again when Mildy-san and the others come back."


"Yes, that's right. Listen to Luciel-kun, Fletty-san."


"Oh, Lady...... Yes, I know. It's a shame for a man to waste his meal."




That's not quite right, but...


I'm surprised that phrase is still in use these days.


"Mildy, Richil, and Garner ....... Sorry. I can't stand the mouthwatering smells drifting into my nose."


Fletty looks up at the night sky before finally putting the steak into his mouth.


"Nuhfufufufufufuuuuuh! Delicious!"


He raised his voice.


Then he vigorously took a second slice into his mouth.


This time, he chews slowly and enjoys the taste.


"The meat is tender, yet chewy and satisfying!"


When Fletty-san praised the meat, Karim-san responded.


"Yup. I love the way the aged flavor comes out from the chewy texture of the meat.

It's as if you're drinking a juice made entirely of flavor."


Clavis-san said as he sipped a glass of wine.


"The flavor is wonderful. It's like drinking an old wine. I can't get enough of the faintly nutty flavor that spreads in my mouth. I can't stop drinking!"


Clavis-san praises my cooking as he raises his glass of wine.


"Luciel-kun, it's very delicious. Maybe if we open a restaurant, we'll have lots of customers."


Lilith also gulps down her steak and compliments my cooking.


"A restaurant ....... Certainly, maybe that is a good idea."


Fletty-san responds to Lilith's words.


But Karim-san seems to have a different idea.


"Then what if I ask you to be Letivia's family chef?"


"Karim, that's a nice idea. I'd like to eat this kind of food every day."


Sophinie claps her hands.


I look at her plate. It is already empty. She finished her food. It seems that she is completely healed.


"Hey, hey. Sophinie too... Have you all forgotten? Luciel is our family. He's not our retainer."


Clavis-san reminded everyone.


But I am sure that this conversation will have a big impact on my future life.


I mutter softly.


"A restaurant...." 


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