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Sunday, February 26, 2023

KoushaRyouri ~C44

Chapter 44: Aged Monster Meat



Once I placed the aged meat from the Mountain Oaks on the chopping board, I began to remove the moldy parts.


When they see the meat color, Clavis-san and his men gasp.


"Beautiful red color......"


Lilith muttered softly.


The moldy layer has been removed, and what appears is ruby-red meat.


"I never thought that Rocky Mountain Oaks meat could be aged to become lean meat like high-grade beef....."


Clavis-san gulps.


"I wonder why it turns red like this."


Sophinie-san asked curiously.


"Unfortunately, I don't know the answer yet....."


Hmmm. This seems to be worth studying, father.


Karim-san also seemed impressed.


Clavis-san said that his family is studying monsters. I guess all of them are interested in studying monsters.


After removing the moldy layers, I put them in a pot with a little oil.





A nice crisp sound echoes, and thin white smoke rises.


"Big piece of meat....."


"I put it as it is."


Karim-san and Clavis-san are amazed.


Everyone around me gasped at seeing a mountain of meat in a big pot.


"My Lord and Karim-sama, the method Luciel-kun uses isn't strange at all."


The mansion chief (Venson-san) came out of the house.


Even though a pure white dragon is in front of him, he still looks very calm.


I wonder whether I could act so calmly when I was as old as him.


But Venson-san has been protecting this mansion for a long time.


The pressure must be very heavy.


Maybe his sense of responsibility is what has motivated Venson-san.


Perhaps that is the difference between Venson-san and me.


"Aged meat is good because the water content inside the meat decreases over time. This is what makes it so tasty, because the flavor is enhanced. But if you cut the meat, the flavor will be lost. That's why the meat must be cooked slowly as a whole block."


Venson-san explains.


Yeah. Excellent explanation. He said everything I wanted to say.


Clavis-san strokes his beard and nods his head.


"I see. It certainly makes sense. But doesn't the loss of water cause the flesh to shrink?"


"That's right."


Out of curiosity, Clavis-san asks me a question.


"Luciel-kun, what was the original size of this meat?"


I turn the meat over using the wooden board.


I can't lift it up with ordinary chopsticks or a fork.


"I can't describe it well, but I think it was as big as a mountain."


"A mountain----."


Clavis-san is so surprised that his mouth falls open. The others also have the same reaction. The only one who didn't change his expression is Venson-san.


"How can a mountain size of meat become this small?"


"It's been 50 years. Actually, it's not that surprising, but you can imagine how much flavor has been concentrated in that meat."


Karim-san gulps.


He gulped because a mellow aroma was drifting out of the meat.


"It smells good. ....... It doesn't smell like meat."


"Yes....... The smell is more like almonds."


"I can smell the sweetness in it."


The Letivia family is intoxicated by the aroma drifting through the air.


I carefully wiped off the fat that had leaked from the meat and slowly cooked it.


On one side of the meat and on the other side, up and down, left and right, I cooked the meat until it was lightly burned.


"It's about time."


I take the meat out of the pot.


"Is it done?"


"Not yet. The meat----!"


I was surprised and looked up.


White Dragon's large face is right in front of me.


His mouth is full of saliva.


I guess he couldn't stand the aroma of meat.


"Wait a little longer, White-san. I need to rest the meat for a while."


He finally came to his senses after being warned by me.


White-san quickly looks up.


"I, I don't care. After all, I'm not interested in Mountain Oaks aged meat."


He even remembered the name of the meat.


It seems he had been listening to my explanation while pretending to be uninterested in it.


I put the meat inside a petal about the size of a person, known as a fukurobana, and cover it. This way, the heat in the meat is kept inside the petals. Then rest the meat for 15 minutes.....


Finally, I removed the meat from fukurobana and then carefully cut it.


If the meat is immediately sliced after cooking, the juices will come out easily.


Then the flavor of the aged meat would leak out.


That would ruin the flavor of the meat, which has been carefully preserved.


The key to aged meat is how to bring out the flavor of the meat. When cooking, it is essential to find a way to preserve the flavor.


"It's done!"


The Mountain Oaks Aged Meat Steak is ready.

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