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Episode 45: Witch of Regret - part 1

              The outside of the Daijukai, in the wilderness that leads south. The territory occupied by the Demon King Army troops led by Lady Wind one of the Shitennou. A little girl appears there. The little girl has burn-like scars on one side of her body, and she is dressed as if she purposely wanted to exposed the scar. Her expression looks depressed but something like a magic square floats in one of her eyes. Above all, the dense evil aura that she wears clearly tells that she is not ordinary girl.   Although the area was lit by moonlight, it was already midnight. A little girl suddenly appeared at that place like a ghost . The Shitennou Lady Wind, who were the defending that area, were startled as she saw her terrifying expression. The Wind Shitennou, Lady Wind. She is the only woman in the Shitennous, dressed in light green dancer costume and having pale skin. However, of course, she has a intelectuality that sets her apart from ordinary monsters. Th

KoushaRyouri ~C42

          Chapter 42: 3-second rule     "Human child..."   Clavis-san, Sophinie-san, Karim-san, and Lilith.   As I hugged my new family, voice descended from the sky again.   White Dragon is staring at me.   "I told you long ago, human child. You should grow up among humans....."   "Yes."   I turn to White Dragon.   I remember what White Dragon said when I first met him, and he broke my curse.   I also remember exactly what I said.   "You said 'I'm scared'. Do you still have that fear?"   I shake my head and deny it.   "No."   And I look back once again.   "Now there are people who welcome me as a family. So I'm not scared anymore. "   I felt like White Dragon laughed a little when I said that.   "It looks like you've met good people."   "Yes, it's the best family."   "Hmm. Then ----"   "Plea