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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep23 Hunting the Adventurer Killer 1


"I see, so the Hooded Elf is the Adventurer Killer."


The red-haired Miya, who had given me the burn medicine as a gift, suddenly appeared in the inn suite room where we stayed and fell on the floor.

At the same time, the misanga tied to her left arm was torn off.

The cause of her sudden appearance in the room must be the "SSR, the Praying Misanga" I had given her as a thank you for the burn medicine.

From the dirt on Miya's clothes and the wound on her leg, I immediately realized that something terrible had happened.

After healing her wounds and cleaning the dirt with the "Cleaning" card, I used the "Hypnosis" card to get more information.


"SR, Hypnosis is a card that allows you to hypnotize your opponent, manipulate, and extract information from them. However, it does not work well on someone with a high level. The blank expression on the target face while hypnotized makes it easy for a third party to detect the abnormality at a glance. It's not an all-purpose card."


But I used it because it was very effective in extracting information from a low-level person like Miya.

As she lay on the couch, I finished extracting information from her about what had happened.


The hooded elf that called himself "Boku-sama" had attacked and killed the adventurers.

The girl was also attacked by the hooded elf, her brothers died, and she desperately tried to escape to inform me.

In the end, she was caught and almost killed - that's when "SSR, The Praying Misanga" was activated, and she transferred to this place and saved.

I don't know what happened to her brother and the others after that.


After extracting the necessary information from her, I put her to sleep with the "SR, Sleep" card.

The SR Sleep card is not particularly useful, as it does not work well against high-level opponents.

But it would keep her asleep for 24 hours.


I let out a light sigh as I finished listening to her story.


The only thing that could have caused Miya-chan to show up in our room is the power of the SSR, the Praying Misanga.

I think it's because she strongly wished to tell me the information while her life was in danger.

I didn't expect to find out the effects of the SSR Prayer Misanga in this way.......


The "SSR, the Praying Misanga" was tested in Naraku, but all of the tests were unsuccessful.

The explanation given in the appraisal was very vague: "It is an item that can cause small miracles by wishing strongly.

From what Miya told me, this "strong wish" means that one must wish very strongly. Like a wish when the user's life is in danger.

It's just too difficult to use.......


But its power is very strong.

To tell me the information, she jumped across space and appeared at my inn that I had never told her.

It's no wonder it has SSR gacha rank, and the description says it can make a small miracle.


"So, Lord, what are we going to do now?"


"......Isn't it obvious? We're planning to catch the Adventurer Killer to improve our rank, and now we've got a clue."


We've become the full-fledged adventurer, but it's difficult to raise our rank any further.

It's not that the Adventurer's Guild discriminates against us; it's just that we haven't been active as adventurers long enough to raise our ranks any further.


The only conditions for raising our ranks are that we must have been adventurers for at least a year or have an achievement that are recognized by society.

The "Adventurer Killer" for which a bounty would be offered this time was a perfect opportunity to get such an achievement.


"Beside...... Erio, Gimra and Wardy are not people who deserve this kind of unreasonable treatment. I only met them for a few days and didn't have many conversations with them. But Erio and his friends worked hard as adventurers, trying to save money for his sister in this racist world. Even though they were trying their best to live in this unreasonable world......."


Gimra is a frivolous person who seemed to say everything on his mind. I knew that behind his words and actions, he is actually concerned about his friends.

Wardy is quiet and rarely spoke, but I knew that he always watched out for his friends to avoid any danger in the dungeon.


Erio is the person I feel the closest to.

He is an older brother with a younger sister and has a weak spot for her, just like me.

They cherished Miya and fought together for her future.

And most of all..... I lowered my voice and muttered.


"I thought if we had met in a different way, we could have become friends......."


I had a revenge mission that I had to accomplish and a mission to find out the truth about why people were being killed just because they aren't the Master.

But apart from that, I felt a certain familiarity with them.


If we had met somewhere in peaceful days when we are just commoners, maybe we could have become friends.

However, that wish was nothing but a faint bubble.




Nemumu unintentionally said my real name.

She holds her chest with both hands as if her heart stabbed by a knife, and her tears well up in her eyes.

Nemumu seems to be empathizing with my grief and taking it as her own pain.


The magma-like emotions are rising up from the bottom of my heart. As if to dispel Nemumu's grief, I leak out my voice.


"Catch him, and then turn him to the Adventurer Guild, and giving a chance for the elven royal family to interfere? No, I won't do that. I won't let him get away. I swear in my name."


I clench my fists.

I will never forgive the man who continues to kill humans for his own desires.


"I will definitely kill him. Let's get all the evidence and the testimony, make him taste the pain that Erio and the others experienced. Then I will kill him with my own hands. I'll make sure he pays his crime of killing Erio and the other adventurers!"


I could hear the air in the room squeaking.

My magma-like anger and murderous intent are overflowing from my body, interfering with the air and making it squeak.

If Miya hadn't been asleep and had looked directly at me, it would have stopped her heart.

The hooded elf had irritated me that much.


I call out my subordinates without turning around.


"Gold, Nemumu, do you understand? We're going to find this 'adventurer killer' ourselves before the other adventurers find him."


Gold and Nemumu immediately kneeled down on the spot and bowed to me.

Nemumu wiped her tears. With the cold but beautiful face and voice of a supreme assassin, she speaks as if she offers her soul to God.


"In the name of Raito-sama, the Lord to whom I owe absolute loyalty, Nemumu the Assassin Blade swears to hunt him like a hound from hell!"


Like a knight's role model, Gold is kneeling down and bowing his head, offering his loyalty once again to the "Lord" he had truly trusted in and admired.


"Gold, the Golden Knight. In the spirit of golden chivalry, I will use my shield to protect and my blade to strike down any enemy that stands in my Lord's way! Golden loyalty to the King!"


I looked down at the two kneeling in front of me and put on my "clown mask" again.


"Let's go find a stupid elf that's so arrogant that he thinks he can play with human lives .... Let's kill this Adventurer Killer."


"As you wish, Raito-sama!"


"As you wish, my Lord!"


We immediately prepare to hunt the "Adventurer Killer".

We got our gear ready in a few moments, and Miya, who was sleeping on the sofa, was transferred to Naraku using SSR Transfer.

I told May about the situation and asked her to treat Miya as a guest.

She will not wake up for 24 hours because of the SR Sleep effect, but it is not good to leave her alone in the inn. That's why I left her in Naraku.


After all the preparations, we are heading to the dungeon.


The dungeons are open 24 hours a day. There are only a few adventurers who come and go late at night.


We entered the dungeon as usual.

Tonight the stars are glowing beautifully inside the dungeon as if they are linked to the outside world.

We moved to a secluded place.


"SSR Clairvoyance."


The SSR Clairvoyance is a card that allows the user to find and see a distant object. However, it can't find things that the user doesn't know about or is too far away.


Thinking of the information Miya had given me, I am using the SSR Clairvoyance to find the hooded elf that had attacked them.


"There he is. He seems to have gone back to the place where Erio and the others felled, looking for something. Maybe he thinks Miya-chan might be back to that place."


Once I found him, I don't have to worry about missing him.

Once again, I declare.


"I've found our prey. Now, let start hunting the Adventurer Killer."


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