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DeokuTeima ~ C49

            Chapter 49: Unattended shop     I go to the Farming Guild to buy some logs to grow the white variant. I buy 3 logs and some high-grade fertilizer.   While I'm here, I might as well check the requests. When I look at the board, there are several requests that I can complete.   The first one is a request to supply 3 kinds of mushrooms. I have several pieces of each mushroom kind, so I can complete this request now.           Besides that, there is a special quest to show a mutated variant. It's similar to the Beastmaster Guild's request to show Barbara-san a unique monster.   For now, I showed the white variant of the Red Tengu Mushroom. There is also a request to show a mutated plant on my farm. Unfortunately, I've already converted my microflame grass into seeds.   That was a mistake. I'll come back to show the mutated plant next time.   Apparently, I've fulfilled the requirement to raise my guild rank by completing tw

DeokuTeima ~ C48

                  Chapter 48: Underground Exploration     After leaving the altar, we explore the underground corridor leading to the guild.   As a dwarf with night vision, Ruin leads the way. Alyssa-san is a scout and a merchant, so she is right behind him...   The production workers (me and Maple) are in the middle. Sakura is on the rear. I let Rick roam as he pleases.   As we turn the corner for the 2nd time, Alyssa-san whispers to me.   "It's a little different from the beta version."   "What was it like in the beta version?"   "It was a straight path."   Alyssa-san told me that it was a straight path in the beta version, no monsters appeared, and there were no items to collect. However, we had already turned the corner twice. And there's one more difference from the beta version.   "Kyu."   "Rick, did you find something?"   That's right. Rick has been gathering materia