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Thursday, October 27, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C35

Chapter 35: Do you...?



The knights climb on their horses and are about to depart.


Karim is among them.


Karim-san holds the title of Hero. I don't know how strong he is, but he is very calm.


The one who isn't calm is Miss Lilith, who sees him off.


"Brother, take this...."


Miss Lilith is already in tears. She extends her hand to give nicely wrapped Lurara herbs to him.


It is a phantom magic plant that Miss Lilith has been growing in the basement.


"Thank you, Lilith."


Karim gets down from his horse and gently holds the wrapped Lurara herb in his arms.


"It's going to be okay, Lilith. I'll definitely break our mother's curse."


".... Yes."


Miss Lilith nods, but something is still bothering her.


"Don't do anything reckless... Do you understand, Karim?"


Sophinie-san's voice was trembling as well.


"I won't die until I see my mother's healthy face."


After hugging Sophinie-san, he climbs onto his horse again.


After gripping the bridle and calming the horse, he looks at Miss Lilith.


"Lilith, be a good girl. Get along with your knight."


After saying this, Karim-san looks at me.


When Lilith sees me, she blushes and shakes her head.


"It, it, it, it's not like that!"


"Oh, really? I think the two of you are a good match."


Karim-san looks at me.


I have no idea what they were talking about.


He lightly kicks his horse's belly, and the horse starts to run slowly.


Karim-san is leading the knights to the northern mountain where the dragon resides.




Well, what should I do......?


I cannot accompany Clavis-san or Karim-san.


There are 2 reasons. First, Clavis-san strictly forbids me to go outside.


He is still worried about the Tristan family.


He thinks that once the Tristan family finds out about my power, they will come and take me back.


The other reason is the dragon's personality.


To be frank, that dragon and I do not get along well.


That dragon may get angry just by smelling my scent or seeing me.


If that dragon gets angry, there will be no trials.


For these reasons, I decided not to accompany them. Instead, I fed Karim-san a lot of my cooking. Now he should be able to exert more power than before.


All I have to do now is wait for the good news.


It seems that I was not the only one thinking of accompanying them.




Dinner on the 2nd day after the Knights left -.


The Letivia family members are gathered, but Miss Lilith is not present.


"Is Lilith still in her room?"


Clavis-san frowns.


"I called her through the door, but she said she has no appetite."


Miss Lilith's caretaker bowed her head apologetically.


"I see. I know she's worried about Karim and the others, but she shouldn't think about them too much."


"Lilith is a gentle and sensitive girl....."


Sophinie-san closed her eyelids and looked worried.


"But we can't just leave her alone. Even if Sophinie's curse is lifted, it will be troublesome if Lilith collapses."


"I see..."


"Aah. Is there someone who can accompany Lilith? If possible, someone close to her age and good at treating women."


Clavis-san glances a few times and finally stares at me.


Eh?.... Are you asking me to do that?


I'm physically close in age to Miss Lilith, but I've lived more than 300 years. To begin with, I'm not good at treating women.


But it is true that I'm also worried about Miss Lilith.


"Um, ....... May I go get the young lady?"


「「「「 Alright! 」」」」




"Ahem. No, it's nothing.


You shouldn't say it's nothing, right?


Because not only Clavis-san, but even Sophinie-san and the other retainers said, "Alright!".......


"Then I'm counting on you, Luciel-kun."


"Ye, yes..."


I don't feel satisfied, but I leave the dining room.


I first check Miss Lilith's room, but she doesn't seem to be there.


"Where did she go?"


I was about to use [presence detection], but suddenly I got an idea where she might be.


I peek into the basement, and I see Miss Lilith sitting on a chair with a gloomy expression.


The medicinal herbs in this basement are fewer than before, but probably because Miss Lilith had given Karim-san most of the medicinal and magic herbs.




Miss Lilith's shoulders trembled like a squirrel's when I called out to her.


Her eyes are red. Maybe she is crying again.


"Luciel...... sa, san...."


While the other residents of this mansion have become friendly with me, Miss Lilith still uses honorifics when she speaks to me. It is as if to distance herself from me.


Not just the way she speaks to me. Sometimes she would run away just before she could say something to me.


This is a good opportunity.


Let's clear this up.


While looking into the young lady's blue eyes, I made up my mind.


"Miss Lilith, can I ask you one question?"


"Eh?...Oh, okay."


"That...... Miss, do--."


Do you hate me?




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  1. Los 300 años solo le han aumentado la habilidad física y la densidad del Mc, es más denso que el diamante


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