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Thursday, October 20, 2022

DeokuTeima ~ C45

Chapter 45: Continuing the chain quest



"Thank you for today! I've had such a very fruitful day!"


"Thanks for everything too."


"I'll finish the beekeeping box as soon as I can. I'll e-mail you when it's ready."


"I'll look forward to it."


"OK. Bye-bye!"


I gave Ashihana some of the green peach wood I got today and also some gray squirrel fur that I got before. Apparently, they can be used to make beekeeping boxes.


After parting ways with Ashihana at the plaza, I walk with Sawyer-kun. We are heading to the flower shop where I got the bookmark.


"Is that the flower shop?"


"Yeah, you see it?"




As I thought, if he has plant knowledge skill, he can enter a flower shop. Sawyer was able to enter the flower shop following me.


"Hello, Scoop-san."


"Yuuto! Welcome. Looks like many visitors today!"


"Hee, that's great!"


Sawyer is looking at various small items with sparkling eyes. Then when he sees the bookmarks, he runs over to pick them.


"I hear you've fulfilled Raiba's request. I appreciate that."


"Well, it's no big deal."


As I am talking to Scoop-san, I see someone coming from the back of the store.


"Are you the adventurer from the other world who solved my nephew's problems?"


He looks quite stern, just like Scoop and his brothers, but his speech is quite gentle.


"I'm Scoop's uncle, and my name is Pisco. Nice to meet you."


"Yes, nice to meet you."


"I know it's not polite to ask such a thing from you when we just met, but would you mind accepting my request?"


Oh, a new request has come in. But why all of a sudden? When I came to greet Scoop-san this morning, nothing happened.


"Actually, I run a wood store. I usually cut the wood myself..."


Pisco pause for a moment then lifts his right arm. There is a bandage on his arm.


"As you can see, I've been injured. I can't go to stock up, so I'm in trouble."


"So you want me to cut down some trees and bring them to you?"


"Yes, that's right."


Apparently, logging skill is the key. The content of the quest is also something that can only be accomplished with logging skills.


Supply Quest

Description: Supply 10 pieces of wood, miscellaneous wood, and sawtooth oak.

Reward: 400G, miscellaneous wood and wood tableware set

Deadline: 4 days


Wow, tableware. We're a big family, so I'm quite happy.


I don't have 10 pieces of sawtooth oak. I only have 8 pieces. But I'm sure I can get them quickly in the western forest, so I'll accept the request.


"I'll accept it."


"Oh, you'll accept! Thank you! So, are you going to supply the goods now?"


"What do you mean? I only have 8 pieces."


"No, you guys have 10 pieces of sawtooth oak, right?"


I wonder what that means, but it seems that Sawyer-kun and I are still in the same party. Maybe we are treated as a party because there are now 6 of us after Ashihana left our team.


"Then I'll give you 2 pieces."


"Are you sure?"


"Yes. I have enough supplies."


After some discussion, we decided that Sawyer-kun would get 200G and I would get 200G and the tableware. As long as I can get the tableware, I don't need the money. But Sawyer-kun said he was satisfied to have been introduced to the flower shop and the wood store.


"Here you go."


"Thank you. I received 10 pieces of sawtooth oak!"


All right, I got the tableware. It's probably for a party, but it's a set of wooden plates, cups, knives, and forks for 6 people. I can't wait to use them.


But I forgot that this is a chain quest.


"And actually, I'd like to ask you guys a favor. Would that be okay?"


What a surprise, another request from Pisco. Apparently, I met the conditions for the next request.


"Thanks to you, I've managed to stock up, but there's one request left. It's a request to make a small wooden item, but I don't think I can make it with this hand."


I see, so the next key is woodcraft skill. That means it's all thanks to Sakura and Sawyer-kun.


Creation and Supply Quest

Description: Supply two pieces of tableware made of wood with a quality of ★8 or higher.

Reward: 500 G, a cherry tree sapling

Deadline: 10 days


The reward is a sapling, and it's a cherry tree! I don't care, even if it's a small tree. Cherry blossom viewing with monsters in this world is like a dream!


However, I'm not sure if this is achievable or not. The deadline is a little long, but I'm not sure that's enough to get an ★8...


"Sawyer-kun, what do you think?"


"Hmmm. I think it's quite difficult. Even if the wood is easier to work with, an ★8 is..."


"I see. How about Ashihana?"


"That's right. She might be able to do it..."


"Then let's ask her."


I check my friend list and see that she is still logged in. I try to make a friend call. This is a kind of phone that allows you to talk with your in-game friends. Shortly after, Ashihana answers my call.


"Hoihooi. Yuuto-san, what's up?"


"Actually, I just received a small request."


"Hee? What's the request?"


It's a request to supply two pieces of tableware made of wood with a quality of ★8 or higher.


I am going to ask her if she can make it, but she interrupts me and says...


"Eh? Then I just made it, you know?"


"Eh? Two pieces of *8 tableware?"


"I just made them! I just wanted to see how the sawtooth oak feels when it's cut. Two plates. The quality seems to be higher because there is no special effect. I was surprised that I could make *8 items so suddenly. Do you want them?"


"Eeh? Well, if I could have them then I happy. But..."


"Then I'll give them to you!"


It seems that I could accomplish the request very soon. I tell her I would pick them up, but she says she is interested in the wood store, so she would bring them to the flower shop.


"I'll accept your request."


"Thank you! I'll counting on you!"


About 10 minutes later.


"Thank you! You helped me!"


I handed over the plates that Ashihana brought to me and accomplished the request straight away.


[Enlist Orto's level has been raised.]


[Enlist Sakura's---.]


Ooh, all my monsters' levels have increased. I guess that's because of the experience they gained in the forest and from completing quests!


What's more, Orto has acquired a new skill. Maybe it's because he's reached level 10. Harvest Increase. This is a very exciting skill.


Harvest Increase: Increases the amount of harvest by 30%. Doubled with a certain probability.


With this, we can slightly increase the harvest from the trees. And if the double effect is activated, the harvest of medicinal herbs might also increase. I don't know the probability, but I hope Orto will be lucky enough to get it.


I gave Ashihana 500 G as a reward for the plates, and I took the cherry tree sapling. Sawyer-kun refused to accept the reward because he hadn't done anything. He said that the experience he got from completing this request is enough. It looks like his level has risen.


"Gahahaha!" You guys are awesome!"


"I love you guys. Come visit my store next time. You're welcome."


"That's right, when the cherry blossoms bloom, let's have a party under the tree!"


A party with NPCs and monsters under the cherry blossom tree I grew in the game. Hmmm, just thinking about it makes me excited. It sounds really fun.




Right after I said that...


Special Quest

Description: Invite Scoop, Raiba, and Pisco to a cherry blossom viewing party under the cherry blossom tree you grew yourself.

Reward: 3 bonus points

Deadline: None


Eh? I got some kind of quest. Was that one of the chain quests? Moreover, it looks like I accepted it. Was that because I nodded? Well, I don't mind doing it, but I can't accomplish it right away. I'll ask Orto and Sakura to do their best. And then it's cherry blossom party time!





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