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Friday, August 19, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C31




Chapter 31: Lilith



As the Knights raise their battle cries to save Sophinie-san, Miss Lilith's face is gloomy.


She didn't join the crowd. She looks sad for a moment and then suddenly leaves the room.


Only Sophinie-san noticed the change in her attitude. He asked, "Where are you going?". But her voice was swallowed by the crowd in that room.


"I'll go after her."




Sophinie is still confused by the unexpected turn of events.


"Please leave it to me."


When I puff out my chest, Sophinie-san breaks her worried expression and smiles at me.


"Then, please take care of her, Luciel-kun."




"Also, please share more of your story with me later. I'd like to know more about you."


"I'll look forward to it. Thank you very much."


I bow my head and follow Miss Lilith. I go downstairs.


I ended up in the mansion's basement.


No sunlight shines in, so it is a bit dark.


Thanks to the candlelight, I can only see the cold stone pavement.


"What is Miss Lillis doing here ----?"


I went downstairs and looked around the basement.


Miss Lilith is standing in front of a table. Instead of checking her condition, I am first surprised by the scene around me.


There are many medicinal herbs and magic plants.


I wonder how many kinds of them there are. The wildflowers and grasses were planted along the walls, and some of them were hydroponically cultivated.


It seems that groundwater is pumped directly into this room, and I can hear flowing water.




Miss Lilith shook her shoulders and turned around.


I don't pay attention to her, and I look at the medicinal herbs and magic plants around me.


The plants look disorganized at first glance, but they are all cultivated using logical methods.


Plants are just like people. Each plant has its own preferences.


Grasses that are incompatible with each other are kept away from each other. While those that have a positive correlation are planted in the same pot.


Even the fertilizer is selected carefully depending on plant kind.


"Wow! The Lurara herb is so difficult to be cultivated artificially, yet it's blooming!"


It is a type of magic herb that is so difficult to be cultivated.


It is sensitive to even the slightest change in the environment and withers quickly.


Because it has many conditions, it is called a phantom magic herb.


"You know a lot about it, don't you?"


Somehow Miss Lilith's voice sounded trembling.


I wonder if she is still afraid of me.


I try to talk to her without scaring her.


"Because I was growing up in the mountains."


"I see."


"Did you grow all the flowers and plants here?"


When I ask the question, Miss Lilith nods her head.




I can't believe she grows all the medicinal herbs here by herself.


Even when I was her age, I couldn't do such a thing.


She must have put in a lot of effort.


".... But it's all become useless now."




"It turned out that my mother's illness is a curse. The medicinal herbs and magic plants here are useless."


She looked sad. Just looking at her face, my heart almost burst.


Because I understand Miss Lilith's feelings.


My father was very strict, but my mother was very kind to me.


However, my father didn't forgive her kindness to me and often hit her.


At that time, I was just a little boy. I couldn't do anything.


Miss Lilith is tormented by a sense of helplessness.


"Adults are always looking down on us. They say, 'you're only a child'...."


Miss Lilith raises her face as if she noticed something.


She looks at me, and she nods silently.


"But even a child really wants to do something when someone is suffering, especially if it's his mother."


I kneel down in front of Miss Lilith.


I look straight into her blue sapphire eyes, and she looks a bit scared.


"What you did is not in vain. I am sure someone is watching over you. So please don't say sad words with such a face."


I take the young lady's hand.


"I'm sure your feelings will be conveyed. No. If you don't mind, let me... Let me help you to convey your feelings."




"Yes. Your effort... I will prove that your effort is not in vain."


I made a promise, and Miss Lillis nodded her head.





It looks like there is a hope that we can persuade the dragon.


But the dragon is very moody, and he also looks down on humans a little bit.


We need to be careful.


For that reason, I need to show Karim-san and Fletty-san what the dragon is capable of.




I came to the kitchen in the Letivia family mansion.


Some chefs are preparing breakfast.


It is still early morning. The sun is just beginning to rise, and the dazzling sunlight envelops the Letivia mansion.


"You are..."


An old chef widens his eyes.


"If I remember correctly, you're... The guest of Letivia's family."


He looks like a professional chef.


He is peeling potatoes while he is talking to me.


"Excuse me. May I borrow the kitchen?"


"The kitchen? For what? Are you going to cook?"


"That's right."


He asked me a little teasingly, but I honestly answered him.


The chef is surprised and freezes.


"No, I can't do that, boy. You are a guest of the Letivia family. If I let you act like a servant, I'll get scolded."




Miss Lilith called out to the old chef, and she appeared beside me.


"Young, young lady!"


"I'm sorry to surprise you. But please... Do as Luciel-san asks."


"That, that’s... Even if the young lady asks me to do ----."


The old chef puts his hand on his face.


He glances at the young lady through the gaps between his fingers.


He must have seen the young lady's blue eyes at that moment.


Seeing her innocent eyes, the old chef could not contain himself and shouted.


"I give up! Please don't tell my Lord, okay?"




Miss Lilith replied with a big smile on her face.



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