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Friday, August 19, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C30


Chapter 30: Hero



" You mean this is a curse that uses dragon body parts......"


Clavis-san becomes speechless.


The other retainers' faces turned pale as they learned the name of a curse they had never heard of and that a dragon was involved.


The idea that dragons were positioned as the highest of all living creatures had been around for 300 years.


So it is not surprising that everyone here was surprised when they learned that the curse medium was made from a dragon's body part.


Fletty-san has been standing among the retainers for some time. Finally, he speaks out.


"It is a curse, so there must be a shaman somewhere. Why don't we just find that shaman and ask to lift the curse?"


Curses do not happen randomly.


It is something that only happens when a shaman casts the spell.


Richil-san dismisses that suggestion.


"Curses are not something that can be easily lifted. Some high-level curses cannot be broken for a lifetime."


"A lifetime!"


Clavis-san's face turned pale.


It looks as if he has lost so much blood and is about to collapse.


While everyone feels down, Karim is the only one who stays calm.


He puts his hand on his chin and ponders.


"Luciel-kun. You said that you've also suffered the same curse."


Karim asked me.


"How did you overcome it?"


I can feel everyone's eyes looking at me.


I smile.


"Yes, that's right. So, Sophinie-san will be saved."


Lilith's blue eyes are shining brightly.


She hugs Sophinie at her side, expressing her happiness.


Sophinie also looked happy with tears in her eyes.


Clavis-san also nods his head, but Karim-san's expression doesn't change.


"The fact that you didn't tell us at first means the method must be difficult, am I right?"


He's very perceptive.


And he's absolutely right.


"Yes. To break the dragon's curse, one must make a wish to a dragon."


"Make a wish to a dragon. Is that possible?"


"I have an idea."


"The dragon that lifted your curse."


Karim-san pointed out.


That's right. I nodded my head.


"Yes. If you make a wish to that dragon, he can lift the curse. But----."


"Is there a problem?"


"Well... he's a very moody dragon."


"The dragon is... moody..."


"Ahahaha... That sounds like a human being."


Mildy-san laughs in amazement.


Some dragons are more intelligent than humans.


The one I met in the mountains was one of them.


By the way, that dragon was the one who told me that my illness was a curse.


"That dragon is only interested in human beings who are stronger than him. But on the contrary, if one is stronger than the dragon, then the curse will be lifted by itself."


"He is quite a martial dragon, isn't he?"


"Do you think so? Isn't that how dragons are supposed to be?"


"Mildy...... Commander... For now, let's hear Luciel's story."


Richil-san nudges Fletty-san and Mildy-san, who are whispering to each other.


"A dragon or..... But neither of us can defeat a dragon....."


If I could, I would take on that role.


But this time, the wish is to lift Sophinie-san's curse.


I just came to Letivia's house. Even if I meet him, I'm sure that stubborn dragon won't listen to me.


Or worse, he may get extremely angry the moment he sees me.


Actually, I haven't seen that dragon for a long time since our last quarrel.


If he sees me, there is a good chance he will be in a bad mood.


Besides, I didn't explain this to everyone because it is not necessary to tell them, but what that dragon wants to see is not a person's fighting strength.


He wants to see a person's heart strength to make his wish come true.


It is necessary to express his feeling of wanting to save Sophinie-san from the bottom of his heart.


That's why I am not sure if I am the right person for the role.


"What do you say, my Lord? Please give the order. This Knight Commander Fletty will fight the dragon..."


"Me too! I am indebted to Sophinie-san. Above all, I feel sorry for Miss Lilith."


"My feeling is the same with Mildy. Please let us go."




Finally, Garner kneels in front of Clavis-san and silently imploreshim.


But Clavis-san is still silent.


Confronting a dragon is not an easy task.


There is no guarantee that the five of them will return to this mansion safely.


For his wife's sake, he might lose a good knight.


As the head of the family, he probably feels ashamed.


"My Lord...."


One more person spoke up and kneeled down in front of Clavis-san.


It is Karim-san.


"I will go too."




"I should be able to fight the dragon as an equal opponent. Besides, your wife is my mother. I can't watch her suffer to death."


For her sake, Karim-san also bowed his head.


Clavis-san closes his eyes and thinks.


Karim-san is his precious heir. In normal circumstances, he would have denied it right away.


But the fact that he didn't do that means...


As he lightly tilts his head, Venson-san whispers to me.


"Karim-sama earned the title of hero at a young age."


"Eh? Hero?"


The title of [Hero] is a sign of a person who is recognized as the second most powerful person after the [Sword Saint].


If the standard is the same as 300 years ago, Karim-san must be a strong fighter.


I felt the aura of a strong fighter from the first time I met him.


But I never thought he was a hero.






Sophinie-san frowns doubtfully.


He might lose his heir.


It is natural to be worried about that.


"If I don't let him go, Karim will go secretly. Then, as a parent, I must take responsibility."




"Karim, please. Save my beloved wife, save your mother."


"I will risk my life to save her."


Karim-san puts his hand on his right chest.


This is how it was decided that Karim-san and the knights would go. But it would be difficult to capture that dragon.


It can't be helped. Let's do that thing again...

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