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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Episode 42: Things That Never Return - part 1

"I’m serious…. you don't have to follow me."


Her legs force is enough to break the ground, and she can passed through a huge distance with one step.

Although the dark elves received the blessing of Mynoghra and became evil, their base is still human beings.

Nonetheless, they were able to march with Atou in a straightforward manner because she was murdering the Brave Quests demons everywhere she went.

Her tentacles have a wider attack range than they look.

In addition, the tentacles can strike multiple targets at the same time...Many monsters were dismembered with one swing. Many monsters had their heads skewered with one thrust.


He slaughtered all the monsters she encountered as if she was taking out her frustration. Even though those monsters were enemies, Elder Mortar felt a little sorry for them.


"--Are you still there?"


It was obvious that she was upset.

The gaze that looked back seemed to want to shoot all the creatures she saw. Everyone was intimidated, as if they did the slightest mistake they would be hit with the tentacles swaying behind their backs.

A heavy pressure that exceeds an ordinary human, a hero.

While breaking out in a cold sweat, Old Mortar politely answered those words so as not to offend the other party.


"I have been ordered by the king to advance together with you. Even if I can't help, I can't go against the king's orders."


"Hmm, then keep up with me."




Did Atou lose her interest to talk with him? Or perhaps she found a new prey. She turned away and began to follow the instructions she received again.

The screaming of monsters was faintly flowing, apparently there is still no shortage of opponents to hit her anger.


"Also, Mortar-sama......”


“Don't say it. I know.”


A magician's apprentice under Mortar calls out his name in a whisper.

Mortar knew what he was going to say, but he just interrupted him to make sure he didn't say anything else.

No matter how much he try to whisper, she can hear him.

There is no need to risk their life for unnecessary anger.


(But ... what an anger.It seems that it will burn everyone around her...)


It was surprising news for everyone there, and at the same time triggered a strong sense of crisis.

Mynoghra is still not strong enough. In addition to that, the dispatch of troops to Dragon Town this time is reducing their strength.


Although the defense of the capital is in the hands of Isla, who is also a hero, there is no guarantee no bad things will happen.

In addition, there are also a large number of civilians in this land.

If they are outnumbered and the defense is breached, not only the civilian maybe harmed, but in the worst case, even the king, Ira Takuto, will be in danger.


The events that seemed to mock him turned his loyalty and concern for Takuto into anger.


"Even though I have to go to Takuto-sama's place as soon as possible ... you trash!"


Probably realized that he could not escape. With a sad expression a Hill Giant came towards her and casually she chopped it up.

Her fighting strength had reached such a high level, even the hill giants were nothing to her.

The monsters continue to give their power to her in the form of experience numbers.


The reason she gets so angry is the monsters that front of her eye that she have to deal with.


When Atou contacted Takuto and she heard the news of an enemy attack on Mynoghra headquarters.

She immediately offered to return to Mynoghra and to defend the city and destroy the enemy together with Isla, but Tact's rejected.


The command conveyed to her was to continue the chase and move southward from Dragon Town, overrunning the retreating enemy forces, advancing to the area where the Demon King's army is believed to have originated and defeating the Demon King.

The reason for this is that Tact, who has played Brave Quests, thought that it was possible to completely defeat the Demon King's army due to the strength difference between the Four Heavenly Kings and Atou.

In other words, he want to quickly solve the situation rather than wasting time to avoid unforeseen problems.

Leave Mynoghra city defense to Isla.


What was her feeling when she was told that……?


Of course Atou had no right to argue.

After receiving this explanation, in terms of Isla's strength as a hero, there is no problem.

However, even though Atou had understood Takuto intention, whether that explanation convinced her was another story.


First of all, as a hero Atou was very obedient to Ira Takuto.

Even though Takuto was the most important person to him, she was forbidden to take action in situations where her Lord safety was at stake.

Even if it was decided and ordered by Takuto …….


Right now she want to return to her beloved king, protect him, and crush the enemy forces with her own hands.

She want to fulfill my role as a hero with her comrade Isla.

The conflict and frustration are manifested as pure anger. She mercilessly slaughter the poor demons, they have become an outlet for her anger.

However, the reality was different. The chosen strategy was different.


--There is no 'IF' in history.

The game can be redone, but in reality there is no such function.


Therefore, it would be meaningless to say such a thing.

That moment. If Takuto had decided to let Atou return to Mynoghra, he would say that this result could not have happened...


"Uh, impossible..."


Suddenly, it was really sudden.

Atou, who had been angry until earlier, stopped her steps and started to tremble strongly.


"... Mm? Atou-dono. What happen?"


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