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Friday, March 11, 2022

Yuusha no chichi~ C8: The Hero’s father, destroy.


The three first headed to Apuu city to rescue the rabbit tribe members.

A bandit said that the bandit group has 50 members. Half of them are selling the captured Rabbit Tribe to Apuu city.

The other half may be at their hideout in the forest, but their top priority is to rescue those people right now.


It takes two days to reach Apuu city by horse. Most likely, the bandits have already arrived at the town by now. No matter how fast the three of them fly, it will take at least half a day.

Half a day. If they are unlucky, they might be sold, or even worse.


Not knowing the safety of her fellow tribe makes her feel extremely anxious.


"Is everyone okay....?"


"They'll be fine."


Wiel replies to Mion's whispers as she runs.


"..... How do you know that?"


"Slaves are all about quality. Aristocrats and merchants with money will buy them, and if they are badly injured, their price will drop."


Men mainly for heavy manual labor. Women mainly for service works.

Their bodies are important assets for carrying out their duties. Therefore, they will be fed properly and kept under strict control until they are sold.

What happens after that depends on the person who buys them, so their safety is not guaranteed.

But until they are sold, their safety is guaranteed.


"I see, so that's why ....... you know a lot."


"Well, I used to travel all over the world."


Wiel recalls those days and smiles bitterly.

Clore is listening but keeps running in silence.


"More importantly, you need to concentrate on controlling your magic power right now."


"Ye, yes."


Wiel reminds Mion, focusing her concentration on the magic that flows inside her.

Normally, one cannot perceive the magic within him/herself unless one has a great sense.

It is Wiel's job to make that possible.

Wiel channels a little of her magic into Mion's body and makes it run alongside Mion's magic.

By doing so, she can feel her own magic power.

Currently, she can't do this without help, but eventually she will be able to feel her own magic power.


They continued to run for several hours.

Suddenly, Clore's senses detected something.


"... People's presence."




"You're right. A dozen kilometers away... It's heading this way."




Their words made Mion confused.

As a member of the rabbit tribe, Mion is also good at sensing the enemy's presence.

But she could not feel any sign of people until Clore and Wiel mentioned it.

No, even now, she can't feel any presence.


(Can a human being detect a presence a dozen kilometers away? No, no. There is no way......)


No matter how great the two of them are, they are still human beings.

They must be mistaken. That's what she thought.






Certainly, they are there.

More than twenty people in number. They are riding horses and carriages, and all of them are armed.

As they get closer, Mion can sense their presence.

And yet, the two had sensed their presence from a very long distance.

This made Mion a bit disheartened.


"Bandits. They must be on their way back from selling the Rabbit Tribe. We'll crush them first. Wiel."




Wiel jumps up in the air and raises her palm.




Immediately after, a 10-meter-high stone wall appeared in front of the bandits' path and further surrounded them on all sides.

The sudden appearance of the stone wall made the bandits panic and lose control.

Then, Clore jumps over the wall and lands in the center of the bandits.


"Who's pego--."


"What the Kyuu--."






Clore's arm swings lightly, and the bandit's limbs blow off, their head shatters, and their torso explodes.


"...! Hey, guys! What are you guys doing! Kill him! Kill him!"


"Oh, ou!!"


The bandits were stunned by what had happened, but their bodies finally moved when they heard their leader's voice.

But Clore's advance did not stop.

A few minutes passed. All the bandits were turned into pieces of meat. The bandit leader is the only one left.




His comrades were just with him a while ago.

They got quite a lot of money and were excited about how they were going to spend it.

And yet, now he is the only one surviving in this place.


His lower back is shaking so badly that he can't stand up.

Then the big man who brought death stands in front of him. That man cracks (made sound) his own neck joint.


"Just answer my questions."


The bandit leader nods to that indescribable pressure.


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