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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Yuusha no chichi~ C7: Demi-human little girl, Begging for teachings.



"How, how is it....!?"


"... Eh? Ah, yes. I can feel a little magic power. If you train it, you might be able to use magic."


"Re, really!?"


Mion's face lights up as she hears Wiel's words.

Those who can use magic can feel potential magic power by channeling magic power to others.

As Wiel said, Mion feels a small amount of magic potential inside her.

Mion clasps her hands and opens them in disbelief.

Seeing Mion like that, Wiel makes an indescribable expression on her face.


"Wiel, are you okay?"


"Dear... yes, I'm okay."


Wiel smiles bitterly and looks at Mion.


"Mion-chan. Do you really want to be able to use magic? "


"Eh? Ye, yes, I want. If I were strong, I might have been able to help my fellow tribe ... I want to do everything I can."


The depths of her eyes waver mysteriously.

Her eyes are not looking at Wiel, who is right in front of her. They seem to be looking at something much darker.

These eyes. Both Clore and Wiel have seen it before.

They are the eyes of an avenger, filled with despair and rage.

Wiel gently closes her eyes, smiles as gently as possible, and pats Mion's head.


"Unyu......? Wiel-sama?"


"I understand. I will teach you magic."




"But I have some conditions. If you cannot keep these conditions, I cannot teach you magic."


"Uh...... What, what is it?"


Wiel thought it would be unfair for her to ask for conditions after she agreed to it, but Mion asked without complaining.


"One. Magic isn't learned in a day. If you want to learn magic, you must become my student and train as hard as you can."


"I, I'm ready for that."


"Two. Even if you already can use magic, you are not allowed to use it without my permission until you are a full-fledged magician."




"Three. This is the most important thing."


Wiel's eyes become serious, and she looks into Mion's eyes.

Mion's eyes are filled with pressure, but she nods her head.


"Magic is meant to help people. To protect people and makes people smile..... Never use it as a tool of revenge."


"Oh... tha, that's..."


"Do you get it?"




Mion nodded reluctantly, but she didn't seem satisfied.

No wonder. There is a way to avenge her fellow tribe, but she is forbidden to do so.

Wiel pats Mion's head and speaks to advise her.


"It's okay. My husband will avenge your fellow tribe. And we will definitely save your fellow tribes who have been captured. Please believe us."




Clore is doing a masculine pose behind Wiel.

Mion was a little taken back by his overwhelming physical beauty and firm muscles.

But it is true that it might be better to ask a strong person like Clore to do it than a weak rabbit tribe like herself.

It is better to take a reliable way than do it by herself...


"....I understand. I'll rely on you, but please let me help too."


"Th, that's..."


"This is Rabbit Tribe's problem. I can't leave everything to Clore-sama and Wiel-sama."


Her eyes are not filled with darkness as they earlier but filled with fighting spirit and sincerity.

Seeing those eyes, Clore put his hand on Wiel's shoulder.


"Well, Wiel. You don't have to be so strict about that."




"If she's going to be Wiel's student, there's a chance she's going to get into some trouble. If she considers it part of her training, there's nothing wrong with that, am I right?"


"...... Yeah. You're right."


"Oh, thank you!"


Seeing Mion bowing deeply, Wiel sighed softly.


"Geez. You are too kind."


"From my point of view, Wiel is kinder. It may sound cruel, but a teacher must be able to push her students into a lion’s den."


"Some people are good at it. Some people aren't."




Clore looked away from Wiel's stare.

He understands her point, but he was raised in that way too. Even if people think it's old-fashioned, he doesn't know any other way.


"......Well, that's fine. I'm not going to cut corners in my training either."


"Of course. If you don't train well, then the death will come."


(The death will come...?)


Mion inwardly tilted her head at Clore's words.

Clore notices her reaction and explains it to Mion.


"When you build up your power improperly, you will misunderstand how much power you have. You will misjudge your own strength and your opponent's strength. That's why you must not cut corners in your training."


"I see. ...... I understand. I'll be in your care from now on."


Mion bows deeply again.


──Because of that, they didn't notice the dark flames in Mion's eyes.

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