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Sunday, March 6, 2022

Yuusha no chichi~ C3: Demi-human little girl, begging for help.


"Mion, run away!"


The last thing she saw in the burning village was her father surrounded by humans with weapons.

The peace was destroyed.

Her fellow tribes were being captured or killed.

Her father, who is her only family, is also wounded by humans.

She can't fight. All she can do is run away.

Even though they are Rabbit Tribe, they look just like human beings.

It is easy to imagine what they would do to her if they caught her.




"No, no way. I can't run away and leave Papa......!"


"Do what I say, Mion!"




For the first time in her life, she heard her father's angry voice.

Mion froze for a moment but then turned around and started to run.



"She's running away!"


"Don't let that woman escape!"


"We're going to sell her for a lot of money!"


She can hear the humans' vulgar laughter.

The Rabbit tribe has better ears than humans.

The disgusting voices could be heard all the way, even after she had run so far away from her village.


"Sobs ...... Wait, Papa, everyone ......! I'll, I'll definitely get help....!"


The rabbit tribe's leg speed is one of the fastest among Demi-humans.

Mion spent half a day on her way to the royal capital, where the humans live.

The knights of the capital city will help them if they are in trouble.

Her father had taught her that. So Mion approached the knight guarding the gate.


"Ex, excuse me! He, help me, please help me. ......!


"Mm? ...... Rabbit tribe? What do you want?"


"Mm, my village, my village was attacked by bandits ......! My village was burned, they killed and captured my people......!"


The knight stayed silent throughout Mion's words.

He just stared at her in silence, her voice gradually getting quieter.


"Ex, excuse me ......?"


"Rabbit girl. How long did it take you to run from that village to the capital?"


"It's about half a day."


"If it takes half a day with the legs of a rabbit tribe, even if we go with a carriage, it will take 3 days at the slowest, 2 days at the fastest... It would take at least 4 days to gather the knights, make preparations, and set out. In the meantime, I don't think those bandits who attacked your village will stay there forever."


"......What are you trying to say......?"


She did not want to hear it.

But she had to hear it.

The knight tells her the cruel words with a blank expression on his face.


"I'm sorry, but we can't afford to waste our precious resources on this."




Mion's blood rushed to her head, and she angrily grabbed the knight.

But two knights standing nearby held Mion down.


"Why? Papa told me! The knights here will help us if we are in trouble!"


"Our knight order is on an important mission to destroy the Demon King's army together with the Hero. Please leave."


But Mion's voice doesn't move the knight.


"That, that's right...! If, if you are a knight, there must be someone in charge here! Let me talk, let me talk to him!



The knight scratches his head and sighs troublesomely.


"I am the head gatekeepers of the Nirveld capital, Albert Kingdom Knight."


After that, she doesn't remember what happened.

She rampaged, got attacked, and ran away.

She doesn't know how far she went. But she kept running after dark and after dawn.

Eventually, she got tired and sat down in the forest.

She was too tired to move, and all she could think about was all the bad things that had happened to her.

While she is doing this, her companions are being killed, captured, and sold.

When she thought of that, she couldn't stop crying.


"Sobs... Papa... Everyone..."


Until yesterday, it was a peaceful day.

Her father, who raised her with his own hands. Her close friends. Children who love her. Her fellow tribe who treated her well.

All of them were destroyed in the blink of an eye.

How long had she been sitting here?

Unable to do anything, the word 'death' slips through her mind.



".... If I die, will I be able to see everyone ......?"


She puts her hand on her self-defense knife.

The knife is made of monster fang and shines in the sunlight.

If she thrust it into his throat, her life would be ended.

That's what she thought at that moment.




A deafening roar came above her head.


It is a dragon.

It stared at Mion, its eyes as beautiful and fierce as a glass ball as if it had recognized her as its prey.

She was so distracted that she didn't notice the dragon's presence until it got this close.


"D, dra... gon...!"


She reflexively pointed the knife at it.

But immediately, she realized.

It is impossible to run away from a dragon. This knife is useless.

Besides, she was about to take her own life.

There is no difference between slitting her throat with the knife or being eaten by a dragon.

Then, let's just let nature's cycle take its course...


Mion closes her eyes and prepares to accept death.

She is ready to accept her death...


"Aah... I don't want to die..."


A drop of tears flows down her cheek. ── Immediately after.







"... Eh...?"


Something came out of the bushes and smashed the dragon's head to pieces.

It was a human. But big. Quite.... no, very big.

But strangely, she doesn't feel any fear. She doesn't know why, but she was relieved to see that big human being.

While she was stunned, that man turned his straight and unwavering eyes on Mion.


"Are you okay?"


Such warm words as she hasn't heard in a long time.

Mion clung to the man for no clear reason and squeezed her voice out from the bottom of her heart.


"Please...... help us...my village ...... Please save everyone......!"


Mion's soul screams.

As if in response to her screams, the man immediately grabbed Mion's hand.


“Sure. Leave it to me.”


"'......Thank ...... yo ......."


After hearing these words, Mion's consciousness was lost.


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